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are traveling please call venue before hand!

1st Janesville VFW 8-12
14th Janesville Moose 7-10
16th Hammy's, Janesville 3-7
29th Hammy's Janesville 8-12
31st Wedding
January 2019
12th Benefit, TBA
18th Hammy's, Janesville 8-12
19th Off The Hook, Iindianford 7-11
25th Janesville Moose 7-10
26th Countryview, Milton 6-10
3rd Hammy's, Janesville 3-7
22nd Janesville Moose 7-10
23&24 OFF
8th Grande Ave Pub, Beloit 8-12
10th Hammy's, Janesville 3-7
23rd Lucy's Hideaway, Milton 8-12
31st Countryview, Milton
12th Hammy's, Janesville 8-12
26th Janesville Moose 7-10