Owl’s Club 4/25 4/26

Two good nights at the Owl’s with Saturday being the better turn out. See Matt’s pics on our Myspace site. We had Rebecca (former Miltonite) coming from Texas – that and few birthdays (like Sharon) made for a fun time. Of course, thanks to all the regulars who stopped out. We had quite a few dancers right up until quitting time on Saturday. Saturday afternoon was fun for me – I stopped down to Voight music to buy more guitar pics and ran into Mike Theile, the guitarist  from Frank & Co. We wound up hanging out a most of the afternoon talking guitars, music, and life in general. He even gave me a guitar strap that I did use Saturday night. It might have been no big deal to him, but gestures like that mean a lot to me and I thank him for it. People sometimes ask who you see on nights off. I’m usually in Milwaukee these days, but I like to see old friends that are playing. Some musicians go for a style of music, or some artistic experience, but for me, it’s the people that matter. If I like the people, I’ll listen to the music. I’d like to believe it’s that way with us as most regulars know what we play. I’m often asked how’s Holly doing or even my parents. I like that aspect as a band job is entertainment but also a social event. I think we’re all “approachable people” who value break time to talk to friends – and make new ones. Anyway, late Saturday afternoon was a band practice where we added “Workin’ for a Livin’.” It became popular again when Garth Brooks did it as duet with Huey Lewis. It got a good response and will  get more solid as time goes on and we play it more. Next Friday we’re back at Knutes in Orfordville. Saturday has us back at the Pitcher’s Mound in Beloit. We haven’t played there in years, but are hoping for a good time. Stop out and say hello – we’ll see you there!