Hammys / Earl Young & Nina Spenle Bdays

Just the one night at Hammys, but it was worth the drive. We had a fun night and celebrated both Earl Young’s and Nina Spenle’s birthdays. Thanks to Nina for bringing out the cupcakes! Johnny Payne from the Blue Olives was out and we asked him to sit in but he was having vocal trouble and had to say thanks, but some other time. Kaj Anderson and Chuck Anderson (not brothers) from the Ruffcutz band sat-in on the last song. Kaj eventually passed off the guitar to Matt, as I was playing bass. It was a fun way to cap off the night. Matt got a new camera phone and put pics up on Facebook – check them out. Our Saturday at the Dockside (the old Finns) was cancelled, and no Sunday gig so this was it for the weekend.

We’re right back at Hammys next Saturday night for their anniversary party – should be fun. We’re playing 8 – 12.
On Sunday, Gary, Cyndi and will be at the Marine Corp League from 3 – 7. Special guest, Joel Patterson, will be joining us. We played with Joel once before and it went really well, so he was invited back. I believe it’s also Bill’s 90th birthday party. The Packers have an afternoon game, which is why the Sandtrap jam was cancelled, but the game will be on at the Marine Corp League.

Hammys will be wild on Saturday so stop out, and then spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon at the Marine Corp League. Should be a fun weekend. And once again, happy birthday to both Nina and Earl!

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