Tim’s Birthday / Wedding / Moose Club / New Toys

Let me start in reverse. Our soundman, Tim Waggoner, had a birthday on Sunday. Our next job with Tim will be at the Anchor Inn on Friday, August 24th. Tim’s not on Facebook, but feel free to sign the band’s guestbook. Stop out on the 24th and wish him a good one.
Speaking of birthdays – Cyndi will have completed another trip around the sun this Friday, the 17th, at Tremors. The 17th is her actual birthday, and we’re there just the one night, so it’ll have to be a good one!
All private parties this past weekend that started at a wedding in Oregon. The bride, Heather, was in Holly’s and my wedding. Odd to have a reception on Friday, but it was a nice time and we were well fed! Matt tried out a new bass amp that sounded good, but might not be enough power. It’s always fun to try new toys. A little trouble with the sound equipment as my mixer wasn’t functioning right. Fortunately, Gary has a spare and we used that all weekend. All said, it was a nice time and we got through everything fine.
Saturday was a double birthday party at the Moose Club. Diana Lucero was celebrating her 50th and her and Nannette Gurney’s mom was celebrating turning 70. It was a nice time and we were fed again! Diana’s daughter, Rachel, (hope that’s right) got up and sang a song on our break – did a nice job. Matt also purchased a 5-string bass that he played for the 1st set. The extra string sounded good, but it’ll take a little getting used to. He went back to his 4-string the rest of the night. We were packed up by midnight so I headed over to Deano’s to see Jamie Cox and his new version of 2 Left Feet. Matt stopped over a little later and we caught the last set.
Again, we’re at Tremors for a one-nighter on Friday, and will be celebrating Cyndi’s birthday. We were booked for a private party on Saturday, but it got double-booked and we were cancelled. I’ve been in the basement working on tunes, and we hope to be adding more soon. On a side note – I was called to host a jam this Tuesday in Milwaukee and am excited about that.
Just added – I’ll be playing Saturday afternoon at the Hammys jam w/ Jerry Dabson from 2 – 6.
Stop out to Tremors on Friday and wish Cyndi a good one. See you there!

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