Countryside / Country Corners / Gary McAdams Band at Hammys

Back at the Countryside for another Friday night. It wasn’t real busy, but we had a lot of dancers and thanks to all who stopped out. Thanks also to webmaster Greg VanBlairicom for stopping out.
Dan Smith, the guitarist for the Jerry Dabson jam at Hammys, asked me to cover for him the last set on Saturday afternoon. I went down a little early and met up with Gary. We finished up at Hammys, stopped at Culvers for a bite, and then headed up to McFarland for the gig at the Country Corners. Again, not a busy night, but we received a good response from the crowd there. Thanks to Nina, Bonnie, Dawn, Stacy, and Kami for your support at a new place. There were a couple of musicians from the band Country Storm that were out for a party night. We enjoyed meeting and chatting with them. When we were setting up, my guitar amp didn’t come on – major problem as I didn’t have a spare. Thanks to Bob for rewiring the plug and getting things working again. After the gig, I was on the road heading home when I received a cell call from Matt. Seems I left my guitar at the club. Fortunately, Gary took it with him and brought it to Hammys on Sunday.
The Gary McAdams band played Sunday afternoon at Hammys with Gary, Cyndi, Shawna Schultz, myself, and Steve Dougherty. Steve plays with the Dave Potter Trio, and has played with all of the well-known blues artists in southern Wisconsin. It was a pleasure to finally meet and play a gig with him, and I thank Gary for the opportunity. Jerry Dabson and Steve Peck came up towards the end of the gig and played a few. All said, it was a good weekend.
We’re at a wedding in Oregon next Friday, and a private party at the Moose Club on Saturday – no gig on Sunday. We’re also at a private party in Delavan on Saturday, the 18th. Our next “public” gig will be back at the Anchor Inn on Friday, the 24th. See you there!

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