The band was a lot happier with the new set-up location at Bazingas. It’s always better to be part of the crowd, and near the bar, rather than be tucked away in a different room. We used our “medium set-up” for this job, being it was a one-nighter. Last time, we used everything and it was just too time consuming for set-up and tear-down. Bob debuted another snare drum and I’m guessing he was happy with it.
It was a good crowd and a good night for the band. A lot of familiar faces and thanks to all who stopped out. Dancers found some room and we had a good time.
And a special thanks to owner Brian Hughes for the nice posters in honor of my accident with Holly’s car. Amazing how fast word travels, and how quick and clever Brian is.
Gary heads back to Texas this week, so it’ll be Jason returning for our Tremors gig this coming weekend. Speaking of Gary, he and Cyndi were judges at the Tremors karaoke contest, hosted by Jason.
I stopped at Ken Fraser’s place on the way back to Milwaukee. We watched a few videos of the Beatles tribute band, “Rain”, Elvis TA Rick Saucedo, and even some Bee Gee clips. It was a nice visit.
Stop out to Tremors this weekend and say hi to Jason – should be fun. I’ll be at the Sand Trap jam in Edgerton on Sunday with Cary, Scotty, and Kirk from 3 – 7. See you there!

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