Fab 4 Strikes Again / Castaway Jam

First time at Hammys for the band. I didn’t know until we arrived that this was a 4-piece job. But it went well and we had a good time. I was glad the start time was changed to 7:00 instead of 6:00 as that meant not using as much vacation time from work.

 Saturday afternoon was a benefit at Wiggies for Lexie Seaver, and again a 4-piece job. It was good turnout and another good time. Tim Pogorelski sang and played a few with us. I really enjoyed the whole day. There were drawings after we were finished, so we tore down everything except the PA and hung out until everything was finished. This left us with us Saturday night on the town, so we headed out to Bazingas to hear Knee Deep. It was my first time in the bar and I had a chance to say hi to owner Brian Hughes. We stayed about a set and a half, and then headed over to Tremors to hear UR Mom. A younger rock band, a little on the loud side, but they sounded good and had a good crowd. It was just nice to be out and be able to say hello to friends.

 Sunday was the Castaway jam with Cyndi and another nice time. Thanks to jammers: Paul Roberts, Kaj Anderson, Dusty Schindler, Gary McAdams, Dan Whitt, Cary and Crud, Matt and Corey Arnold. Junior Moore was out but left before we could get him up. Cary Farmer was recently given a Jack Daniels guitar, identical to mine, and we played a set together with our matching guitars. It was also nice to see Scotty (bass) and Kirk (drums) again. I enjoy playing with both of them.

 Next weekend at Tremors will be the last for Jason, so stop out and wish him well. Again, it’s a business move for him, and no hard feelings. We appreciate his 7 years with the band and have no complaints. It’s just life that things change and we’re looking forward to developing the band with Gary McAdams. Gary has quite a vocal range and we’re excited about the material that is possible.

 On another note, my home computer is fried and Bob is taking a look at it. I doubt it’s fixable, but we’ll see.

 Also, Holly started a full-time job and is excited about working, although there’s not much to do right now and the time passes slowly. But getting paid these days is a good thing. Hopefully, there will be more for her to do down the road. The job meant new clothes shopping and something tells me that was okay.

 Again, stop out to Tremors to see Jason on his last weekend. We’ll see you there.

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