Monroe “Concerts on the Square” / Wiggies / Convoys

Quite the drive to Monroe on Thursday for “Concerts on the Square”. Denny Wayne was filling in for Matt and it was good thing he was there. We had long way to reach power and were short on extension cords. Fortunately, Denny carried extras and we were able to plug in. It was a good time, and really had us on display on the steps of the court house. An elderly gentleman took a fall as we were setting up and I wound up calling 911. Turns out he suffered a few scrapes, but did stay for the band.

Back at Wiggies on Friday and a good time. Not a real busy night, but from what we heard, it wasn’t busy anywhere else. Matt was back and the night went well. Playing Thursday had me all mixed up as I was thinking it was Saturday. Pitfalls of getting old…

A new bar for us in Edgerton, “Convoys” which was right downtown. We had a great time playing there and hope to be back. It was a long, narrow bar and we set up in a line with Bob in the back. Different for us, but it worked and there was room to dance. And as always, thanks to all who stopped out this weekend.

We’ll be at the Anchor Inn this Friday, back on the barge, from 6 -10. We’re off on Saturday as the Owl’s Club is closed. Sunday has Cyndi and I back at the Castaway jam in Indianford on Sunday from 3 – 7. We’ll see you this weekend.

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