Jason Leaving / Elks Club / Rock County Fair

I’ll be right up front on the biggest news – Jason has decided to leave the band. The bottom line is that Jason can do better financially doing D.J., karaoke, and running sound than playing in the band. The financial strain due his son’s illness has been tremendous and this is something he has to do. There are no problems or bad feelings – it’s just the way it is. We were informed Saturday night, and have no plan at the moment, but we’ll be looking and deciding what to do next.
With that said, we had a good weekend. Friday has us at the Elks Club for “Country Night.” Thanks to Laura and Dave for stopping out and a big happy birthday to Laura. We didn’t wind up playing all that much as they had a lot of programs to go through.
Saturday was a return to the Rock County Fair. I thought the new pavilion was great and enjoyed it. I think a good portion of the crowd was looking for some shade, but all the better for us.
Cyndi and the Sensations played Wednesday at Cafe Belwah and had a good time. We’re there the 4th Wednesday of every month, 6 – 10. I played with the Gary McAdams Band on Thursday for a private party in Milton. Good time and good food. Sunday was the Castaway Jam and thanks to Kelly from the Ritual, Steve Peck and Phil Trumpy for stopping out.
RB will be in Monroe for “Concerts on the Square” on Thursday from 6:30 – 8:30. Denny Wayne will be filling in on bass as Matt is out of town. We’ll be at Wiggies on Friday from 8 – 12, and then a new place, “Convoy’s” in Edgerton on Saturday from 8 – 12. See you there.

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