Tremors/Sneakers/Nina & Earl

A last minute cancellation by another band got us a fill-in call at Tremors Friday night. I’m still surprised that none of us had any unbreakable plans and were able to play. Matt was on call from work, but still had Denny Wayne to cover. We had a decent crowd thanks to the website, Facebook, texting, and word of mouth. Thanks to all who stopped out on short notice. We had a practice Saturday afternoon and brought back a few oldies: “Wild Night” and “Fire” (Pointer Sisters). Both went well at Sneakers. We tried “Lights” but I was leery about calling it. Maybe next time.
Sneakers turned out to be a good time. We had a little trouble setting up as there were two doors behind the band that the bar needed access to, but we made it work. Again, thanks to all that stopped out to help us at a new place. A couple of birthday parties also helped as they stuck around to do some dancing. We don’t play anywhere in central Janesville; not since Slicks was torn down. I think it’s a good location and a place to see the band for those who don’t head to the southside for Tremors or north to Milton. Speaking of Milton, we’re once again back at the Varsity Lanes this Saturday. Another 8 -12 job so stop out early! I’ll be at the Castaway jam in Indianford on Sunday, 3-7, this time featuring Cary Farmer instead of Cyndi. Cyndi and Cary are going to alternate Sundays for a while.
A couple of special birthdays this month that I’d like to mention: Nina Spenle and Earl Young. It’s even a coincidence that their Bdays are close. Nina and Earl are the band’s longest running followers. Next year will be 35 years of Rainbow Bridge and Nina and Earl have been there for just about all of it. They know the history as well as anybody, and even through the member changes, have always supported the band. A big happy birthday and thank you from all of us to you both. We’ll see you at the Varsity Lanes on Saturday.

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