Countryside,Crazy Horse and Birthdays

Another weekend for the books….Tim is now 40 and all is well. Friday at the Countryside was a pretty good night. People were still finishing their supper while we were loading in so we didn’t have time to set up the complete show. But we had more lights than usual. Rich says the bar is doing well and he’s happy with the turnouts – so thanks to everyone for supporting the band. Chris Johnson (Kath’s older sister) and husband, who live in New Jersey, were in town for her class reunion and stopped out. They would win the “farthest distance traveled to see the band” award – if we had such a thing. And Tim…..a couple of birthday nods but left before the night was over. We acknowledged him at Crazy Horse too, but I still think he needs to hear it some more. He’s taking the 40 thing way too easy….
Crazy Horse was fun too but a little disappointing when a large group of band friends were asked to leave over some site dispute. I don’t know the whole story but it was a misunderstanding. Cyndi talked to the management after they left and tried to straighten things out – she made a few phone calls but no one returned. We had a fun crowd and the weather cooperated but it wasn’t quite the same. Not really our business but I hope things get resolved. Anyway, on a prankster note – I have a hard plastic cover for my floor pedals and have “spanked” everyone in the band with it – except Tim. So….. Tim was packing up his sound board and happened to be “in position” so I felt a birthday spank was needed. I went easy on him – everyone else has horror stories of welts and swelling – he’s 40 now and I didn’t want to hurt him….
Cyndi’s Bday is next Friday (17th) at Tremors. Stop out and wish a good one to Cyndi and a belated 40th to Tim. (Did I mention Tim is 40?)
It’s not polite to divulge a woman’s age and she’s younger than I am so we’ll just say happy birthday Cyndi. (Hint: fill in the football team – San Francisco ___ers.) We’ll see you at Tremors!

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