Tremors – Cyndi’s Bday / Gettin’ Cheeky

It’s a rainy night at Tremors…Friday was Cyndi’s birthday and she had quite a few friends out. Deb Smith (former member) even drove from Indiana just to be there. We had a better than usual crowd for a Friday…musta been the Cyndi Meyer fan club. Cyndi also has a new keyboard which she debuted on Saturday. Both Tim and Trevor stopped at her house to help her with the programming which was nice of them. Speaking of events – Jason and Hannah celebrated their first year of marriage on Sunday. Hard to believe it’s been a year. They were married up in Rice Lake and the band played the reception. Congrats to them. Saturday was busy night even with the rain. We were ready to play and the dance floor was busy right up to quitting time. Keith Zweiful of the State Line Playboys was out Saturday night after they finished at the Moose club. I mention them because Keith has had that band since 1965 – 42 years now. They, not us, are probably the longest running band in the area. On a funny and embarrassing moment (I’m bare-assed in this case, and I’ll probably get in trouble for mentioning it…) but Jason split his pants while we were loading up Saturday night. Fortunately, the night was over and it was just the band who saw the show. But as Cyndi put it…the boxers or briefs question has been answered. I’m not going to tell as we guys don’t care and were just happy to see that there was something underneath…I wouldn’t want Jason to be the “butt” of any controversy…insert your own puns here.
Next week it’s back to the Owls Club followed by the “Rock Around the Block” in downtown Janesville. I’m not sure of the time on Sunday but this will be a first for us. Stop out and say hello if you’re heading that way. We’ll see you at the Owls club!

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