Outlaw Legends / Yetti’s / Hammys

Another busy weekend for me, but more for Cyndi with her Thursday and Friday night solo gigs! I started out on Friday playing with the Outlaw Legends, a 3-piece band, at lake Church in Belgium, Wi. It was a little less than an hour’s drive for me, and this was a return gig. I spent quite a few nights relearning the songs, as being just one guitar, you hear everything! It went well with a better crowd than last time. The leader and bassist, Pete, joined another band, so this may have been our last gig unless we can find a date where we’re all open. I do enjoy playing trio and the challenge of filling the sound, plus all the songs are standards.

Rainbow Bridge played at Yetti’s on Saturday afternoon for their grand opening. This was the first time for me as Steve Doiel filled in before. We played outside with a partial covering. The weather was good while we played but the wind was lifting the tents up and eventually they took the covering off the tents. It started a little slow but all the tables were filled later in the afternoon. I mentioned I learned “Don’t Rock the Jukebox” in the OL band and RB played one time before and again that day. The rain was setting in just as we were about finished tearing down. Bob had a few more drums to load but we made it in time. We had a bachelorette party out, which included a blow-up “male anatomy feature” and we were making (bad) puns throughout the day.
Funny note of the day: There was a crossbeam directly above my amp and sure enough, I hit my head on it more than once – and even after Bob warned me! I’ve got a small gash on my upper forehead as a reminder. Gary was not feeling well and had a little trouble vocally, but we made it through just fine.

Cyndi – Bryan, Gary and I all stopped out to the Countryview afterwards to hear KJ and friends. Cyndi and I both played with “Ken” before Rainbow Bridge started. We got up and played a couple of Cyndi songs that sounded great with a “real” steel guitar!

We finished up on Sunday at Hammys and played outside. I’m sure most people have heard about the sound issue with a complaining neighbor and Sunday was no exception. We were asked to turn down and even a police officer showed up mid-way through the show. I don’t get this as it’s afternoon and I don’t think there are afternoon business decibel laws on the books. Imagine “one” person telling the Anchor Inn they couldn’t have outdoor music! All said, we had a great crowd, a fun afternoon and thanks to all who stopped out this weekend.

Another busy one coming up with the Moose on Friday, Yetti’s on Saturday night and Crazyhorse Campground in Brodhead on Sunday.
Cyndi is playing solo at Conroy’s on Thursday.
We’re back for Milton’s 4th of July on Tuesday.

Personal note: Cyndi’s and my son, Corey, turns 30 on July 2nd. Doesn’t seem possible but time flies!

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