Orfordville June Days / Delavan Concert in the Park / Boundaries

Busy, busy. Working full-time, playing all weekend and no computer at home makes it hard to find time. I thought about discontinuing the blog for a while – we’ll see.

Friday had us at June Days in Orfordville. It was a good night but I was hoping for a better response. Rain was on and off which did force the bulk of the crowd in the pavilion. Bob worked his magic on the PA and the band sounded good. I didn’t have my best playing night and forgot a few things that I thought were auto-pilot. I’ve said it before: People ask how you remember all those songs. Sometimes you don’t!

Cyndi and Gary played the Dairy Breakfast on Saturday morning and started around 6:30 AM!!

With a Saturday afternoon free, I did song reviewing for a few hours. We played at the Phoenix park in Delavan that night which was to be a 2-hour show. We started at 7 and quit at 8:15 due to rain. It was a shame as Bob had an outdoor sound mixed to perfection and the band played well. Even though we quit early, I was feeling much better than last night. Dawn Richter put a couple of videos on Facebook, taken with a cell phone, and people commented on the sound. It was a very appreciative crowd, complete with dancers, and applause after songs and even solos.

The GMB finished off the weekend at Boundaries on Father’s Day Sunday and had a good crowd. “Manberry” guitarist and owner of Bazingas, Brian Hughes, sat-in for couple. I enjoy this gig as it’s a change of pace and I get to tap a different side of my playing. Plus Steve and Shawna are great musicians and fun to play with. Thanks to all who stopped out this weekend.

I’m playing with the Outlaw Legends on Friday in Belgium, Wi. It’s a trio that plays classic country and some rock –a real challenge for me musically. And I get to go home when we’re done.

Cyndi has solo gigs: Thursday at Hammys and Friday at On the Roof at Riley’s.

RB is at Yetti’s on Saturday afternoon from 2 – 6 for a grand opening. Steve Doiel filled in for me on the band’s debut so this will be the first time for me.
RB finishes up the weekend on Sunday at Hammys from 3 – 7.

I’m co-hosting the Monday night jam at the Dundee Roadhouse – again with a trio. Busy weekend!

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