Gary’s BD @ Hammys / Birthday Party / GMB Concert in the Park

Quite the busy weekend. It all started on Friday with the GMB band at Hammys for Gary’s birthday celebration. The coolest thing was Gary’s sister and brother-in law driving all the way up from Texas just to be there. There was an invite – to all players who had done a paying gig with Gary – to sit in. I brought an extra amp and there was a vocal mic setup off to the side. There’s a list on Facebook of all the musicians that stopped out and played. It was quite the variety. “Chainsaw” Curtis recorded the night and our very own, Bob Hamann, ran sound. It was a good turnout with a lot of local musicians. “Fifty four damn years old!

On Saturday afternoon, we played a private for Heather Massey-Jones mother, Lynn, who was celebrating her 70th. It was a surprise party and she was surprised! Lynn is quite the character. Seems she likes Stevie Ray Vaughan, Fleetwood Mac and tequila! I guess my thoughts on age need to be rechecked. She’s only 10 years older than I am! It was a fun, well-organized party with plenty of food and drink. The only bummer was the wind blowing dust from the gravel driveway on our equipment. We wiped off what we could while tearing down. I went back to dad’s and re-cleaned all my gear, including my guitar. Small price to pay for a fun afternoon and an evening off. She wants to book us again in ten years for her 80th!

The GMB band finished up the weekend on Sunday afternoon in Delevan at the Phoenix Park Bandshell. We played a 2-hour show from 3 – 5 with no break. Bob ran sound with help from Dawn Richter. It was a hot day and the little yellow fans were all over the stage. Speaking of which, GMB drummer, Steve Dougherty, gave Gary a new fan for his birthday! We had a good time and thank them for having us. And, Rainbow Bridge is playing there next Saturday! Gotta say that I forgot how heavy a Les Paul can be on the shoulder for 2 hours.

Another busy weekend coming up:
Friday – RB at June Days in Orfordville 7 – 9
Saturday – Cyndi & Gary will be at the Walworth County Dairy Breakfast 6:30 – 9:30 (Dang that’s early!)
RB will at the Delavan Concert in the Park 7 – 9
And the GMB will be at Boundaries on Sunday 3 – 7

Stop out and say hello!

On a personal note: Holly and I are celebrating 15 years on Thursday and planning on taking the bike up to the Dells. We’ve had quite a few rough spots, but we’re still together and doing fine now. She puts up with a lot and I love her more now than ever.

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