Merrill & Houston’s w/ Gary / Fab 4 at Tasbagg

Friday night gig at Merrill & Houston’s with the Gary McAdams combo which featured Gary, Pat Betts, Pete Olig and myself. This was a fun and challenging gig for me being the only solo instrument. Pat and Pete are top-notch players, so this was a real treat. Here’s Gary’s write-up on Facebook:
Thanks! Always so good to see so many Fans, Friends & Fellow Musicians in the crowd! A special thanks to Bonnie Beck and her friend for stopping out and for the CR request. 😉 Also to Jay & Bobbie Stahl for celebrating their 38th anniversary with us. As well as many other folks. Great to have Teresa Swetland sit in for a couple and wow everyone, as well as David Keith Stewart play some guitar with us. And as always, a unique pleasure to share a stage and ART with Pete Olig, Pat Betts & Jeffrey Arnold. Thanks SO much to Jayme Braatz, Billy Braatz & all the team at Merrill & Houston’s Steak Joint for all they do.
Gary was feeling a little under the weather on Friday, but sounded fine all night. There’s a video of “Stormy Monday” on Facebook.



Gary’s sickness got worse and he called in sick for our Rainbow Bridge gig at Tasbagg on Saturday. We had a good night with the 4 of us as everybody stepped up a notch, especially Cyndi, who did most of the vocals. Thanks to all who stopped out! A little confusion on the starting time, which turned out to be 9:00, but we were all there and early! No Sunday gig so I headed home afterward.
I’m playing tonight (Monday) at the Lucky Chance jam in West Allis. This will be our last one as the bar decided to end it. We’ve been getting good crowds and I enjoy getting to play with Milwaukee players. We’re looking for another venue.
Rainbow Bridge is off this weekend.
The Gary McAdams Band is at Hammys on Friday from 8 -12 with John Cammilleri as Cyndi is playing at the Northleaf Winery in Milton from 7 – 10.
I’m playing a fill-in type gig on Saturday at the Lake Church Pub & Grill in Belgium, Wi with the band, “Outlaw Legends” from 8 – 12. Again, this will be a challenge as it’s a 3-piece, but I’m looking forward to it.


Again, thanks to all who support the band. We have some new songs in the works that I hope we can get to soon!

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