GMB in Beloit / Rock County Fair / Lakeview

The Gary McAdams Band started the weekend on Friday with a 2-hour concert at the Harry Moore Pavilion-Riverside Park in Beloit. It was raining on the drive over and still raining when I arrived. It looked like the event was going to be called off but the rain stopped just in time for us to set up and play. There is a video of “Summertime” on Facebook. The band was instructed to dress in black shirts as we took a picture at the event. Also, Gary’s new CD is out and on sale for $10.00. He’s already sold a handful. The CD is mainly the band but has a lot of area musicians as guest artists. Bob ran sound for the band and did a great job – lots of compliments.

Rainbow Bridge was back at the Rock County Fair on Saturday afternoon. Once again, we were in the pavilion behind the grandstand. There was a fashion show that ended close to our starting time so we were just a little late getting underway. Thanks to Greg VanBlaricom and Dawn Richter for the setup and teardown help. This is actually a better place to play as there is covered seating which guarantees a crowd. This is the first year I didn’t do pushups at the Army National Guard tent. They stopped doing that and I’m too old to climb the rock wall! Gary had to head to Chicago but the rest of us hung around a while afterwards to just enjoy the fair.

A little mix-up on Sunday as another band was setting up at Lakeview. Bob had most of the PA carried in when he heard a bass drum coming from the new pontoon stage by the lakefront. Seems we and the other band had already made a few schedule changes and someone got the signals crossed. Since this was our only gig there, the owner had us play. He was nice enough to partially compensate the band for their trouble. The new stage was definitely “crowd centered” and allowed more patron seating room, but it was more work to get to, a little smaller and we had to deal with sand getting on the equipment. Hopefully, these issues will be addressed in the future. But we made everything work and had a great afternoon. Again, you can see pictures and a video on Facebook.

The Gary McAdams Band is at Hammys on Friday 8 – 12.
Rainbow Bridge has a wedding at the VFW on Saturday and then we’re at the Anchor Inn on Sunday from 3 – 7.
It’s August which is birthday month for Cyndi. Stop out this weekend and say hello. And pick up a copy of Gary’s CD if you get the chance.

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