Moose Club / Hammys

A split weekend with gigs on Friday and Sunday which means extra driving for me. It was back to the Moose Club on Friday and a typical night for us – decent crowd and plenty of dancers. I came down with a cold and took Friday off of work, but felt okay by gig time. I’m surprised how well drinking honey on breaks helps the voice – got me through Friday and Sunday! I enjoy the “old-time” version of the band that does this gig – the change in songs and styles, the quiet volume and we’re done at 10:00! Every time we do “Your Mamma Don’t Dance” I chuckle on the line that says, “The old folks say that you gotta end your day by ten.” Nina was out of the hospital and showed up at the Moose. We were glad to see her doing better. I drove back to West Allis after the gig.

A nice warm afternoon made for our first outdoor Sunday gig at Hammys. We had a great crowd all afternoon and the bikes were out! Thanks to all who stopped out and supported us. I was having issues hearing my amp during the first set and made a switch on break. I only mention that because I had a few friends who wanted to chat but swapping amps, getting a drink, and hitting the boy’s room takes up the whole break! Hopefully people understand that our break time is limited. It felt good to have a responsive crowd, again with plenty of dancers; sure makes the time go fast. See Dawn Richter’s pictures on Facebook.

No gig on Friday but I’ll be doing some recording on Gary’s CD in Madison.

Rainbow Bridge returns to the Drunken Monkey on Saturday from 9:30 – 1:30.
The Gary McAdams Band is back at Boundaries on Sunday from 3 – 7.

Bob can’t make it but we’re going to try and get a practice in before the DM gig on Saturday. Not going to give away what we’re doing but this one is more involved than some of the others we do. We’ll see how it goes. Stop out this weekend and say hello!

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