Fab 4 @ the Countryside / New Stuff / Jerry Dabson Jam / Carroll Bolton R.I.P.

The 4-piece version of Rainbow Bridge played the Countryside Saturday night as Gary was in Texas. It wasn’t a real busy night, but not bad considering it was a holiday weekend. Cyndi, Matt and I all stepped up and did a few more songs, including Cyndi doing a great job of “Boot Scootin’ Boogie”. Bob went to a drum show last weekend and debuted another new set on Saturday night. I saw the name and knew he had a set like that, but didn’t realize that it was a new one. Matt noticed it right away when we were setting up. I played my new Fender Jazzmaster guitar in the band for the 1st time and enjoyed it. A big surprise of the evening was when one of my Milwaukee jam buddies, Tom Malta, showed up and sat-in for a few. I recorded guitar parts for one song on his CD. He was in the area and wanted to hear the band. We also had Tommy Larson up for a few and he did a nice job. We lacked some signature songs without Gary, but the night went fine and thanks to all who stopped out. I had a guy mention that he reads my blog and that was nice to hear. Sometimes I wonder who really sees this. I had the comments open for a while but got spammed big time and spent too much time deleting to make comments worthwhile.

Bob and I both got to leave our gear set up as we played the Jerry Dabson jam on Sunday. It went well and there were a few jammers. There were also a couple of guys celebrating a birthday that must have started early as these two were feeling no pain that afternoon. It was a little distracting to the band and to the dancers but there wasn’t any trouble.

Gary will be back with us on Friday at the Moose where we play from 7 – 10. A change of style on Saturday as we’ll be at the Drunken Monkey on Saturday starting at 9:30. Cyndi will be playing the Jerry Dabson jam at the Countryside on Sunday afternoon.

On a side note, Cyndi’s step-father, Carroll Bolton, passed away this week. He was a nice man, always easy to talk to, and devoted to Cyndi’s mom, Linda, who passed a few years ago. I’d like to think there’s a heaven where they’re together again. We hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and we’ll see you this weekend.

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