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Moose / Lucy’s / Hammys / New Songs

3 gigs for the band this weekend plus a Saturday practice. It was really busy for Cyndi, who played solo at the Red Zone on Thursday. We started at the Moose on Friday and had a good turnout. Last weekend at Countryview, we had a request for “Country Roads”. Gary knew the words and we pulled it off. We played it again at the Moose, so I guess we learned a new song!

We practiced Saturday afternoon and brought back “Your Love” by the Outfield and “Stuck in the Middle with You” by Steeler’s Wheel. Cyndi sings both of the songs, and they went over well both Saturday and Sunday. On the jokester side: Bob has said in the past that he would never play in a band with “clamp on” floodlights. I happen to own two and set them up to shine on his drums at practice. He didn’t notice them until I turned them on – the facial expression was priceless. We played at Lucy’s that night and had a good crowd. Bob had another incident when the band banner tape let go and the band sign fell on Bob’s head. You can see a picture on Facebook, and I guess we need stronger tape! Lucas Brookins was celebrating a birthday and sat-in for a few.

We finished off at Hammys on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and had a great crowd. I’ve been told it got a little loud which we feel bad about. It is a small room and we played some high-energy songs which are going to be louder. Gary always takes a listen out front when he’s not singing, and we ask people on break, especially musicians, if everything is balanced. It’s something we care about and don’t mind being told if it’s getting out of hand. But again, all said, it was a great crowd and a fun afternoon. Thanks to all who stopped out this weekend.

The band is off again this weekend, although the Gary McAdams Band is at Boxcars on Sunday afternoon with Tim Pogorelski on drums. This is the “reschedule” for the Sunday that was cancelled recently.

Bob has birthday coming up on March 2nd. Maybe we’ll get him some tape, floodlights, or a helmet!

Stop out Sunday at Boxcars for the GMB and we’ll see you there.

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GMB @ Hammys / Countryview w/ Matt

The Gary McAdams Band started off the weekend at Hammys with the regular line-up. We had a little trouble with the mixer at the start but fortunately Gary had a spare. The bad news is that one giving us trouble was borrowed from Junior Moore. Gary and I both have the same mixer and have had trouble with both. Mine was sent back to the company it’s pushing two years now – I’m not happy. But it was a good night and good crowd. Tommy Larson and Phil Trumpy sat-in for a few. Cary Farmer was in the crowd but did not play, although he helped with the sound.

I had a Voight birthday gift certificate from Bob that I took care of on Saturday afternoon. Going to a music store is always a fun thing to do – I thanked Bob for the new strings that night.

Rainbow Bridge returned to the Countryview on Saturday and Matt was back with the band. Between off time and fill-ins, we hadn’t played a lot of our songs in a while. I did some reviewing, but have a lot more to do! We had a great crowd and a fun night. Jim, a friend of mine from the Sandtrap days, was out celebrating a 50th birthday party. Lucas Brookins, who, along with Dawn Richter helping with the PA, sat-in on drums for a few. This place seems to be doing really well with the new owners and we’re happy about that!

The Gary McAdams was scheduled to play Sunday at Boxcars but owner/drummer, Tim Pogorelski, took a last minute trip down south and didn’t make it back in time.
A little disappointing, but I headed back to West Allis after Sunday brunch at dad’s and got to spend the day at home.

Cyndi will be at “Off the Hook” on Thursday.

Rainbow Bridge has 3-day weekend starting at the Moose Club on Friday.
We’re at Lucy’s (Owl’s Club) on Saturday and then finish off the weekend at Hammys on Sunday.

I see we’re also running a “clearance sale” on our 40th anniversary t-shirts. Now’s the time to get one!
We’ll see you this weekend!

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