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Birthday / Jazz Gig / Hammys w/Shawna

Well the big 6-0 is here – first member of the band in the next generation. No gig on birthday Friday so Holly and I went out that night to our favorite pizza place. I had lunch with my coworkers earlier so it was a good day for food!

I played a real jazz gig at a private residence on Saturday that was a lot of fun – challenging, but fun. There were four other players and I met three of them at the gig! It was a night of reading charts and jazz soloing which brought back all my conservatory training.

My step-son, Chris, gave me 4 scratch offs on Friday and 3 of them were winners! I had been looking at a guitar amp and took the winnings as a sign that it was meant to be. I picked it up Saturday afternoon and used it both that night and Sunday.

Cyndi played a duo with Craig Curtis (from Nashville) at Off the Hook so I was not the only one moonlighting this weekend.

Matt is still not feeling well so Shawna Moore Schultz played with us at Hammys on Sunday afternoon. It was advertised as Rainbow Bridge but it looked like the Gary McAdams Band with Bob! We played as many RB songs as possible and had a great afternoon. Thanks to all that stopped out and for the birthday wishes too!

We’re off again this weekend, although the Gary McAdams Band is playing Sunday afternoon at Boundaries from 3 – 7.
I’ll be co-hosting the Lucky Chance jam in West Allis next Monday night.

Again, thanks for all the birthday wishes and we hope Matt is back next time.

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GMB @ Hammys / RB @ Countryview / Big B-Day Coming UP

Friday night at Hammys with the Gary McAdams Band was a good night. It was back to the regular lineup with Shawna Moore Schultz and Steve Dougherty. Laura Farnsworth was out and recorded a handful of videos that you can see on Facebook. Because this band is unrehearsed and most of my playing is improvised, I’m a little worried about something musically embarrassing getting posted, but everything has been ok – so far!

Matt was not feeling well this weekend so we had Denny Wayne fill in on bass at the Countryview. Denny did a great job, as usual, and we had a great night. There was still a crowd dancing to the jukebox after we were packed up! The new owners have done some great things to this place and we’re happy to be playing there. Denny’s other band, Two Left Feet, was playing down the hill at Lakeview. Denny told me, while on one of our breaks, that he ran down and played a song with them on drums. It’s funny because that’s something Matt would do! Lucas Brookins was out and also sat-in on drums for a few.

We’re off for a while now, although Cyndi is playing solo at Off the Hook on Thursday, the 19th.
Rainbow Bridge doesn’t play again until Hammys on Sunday, January 29th.

And, Friday the 27th is my 60th birthday so the next time we play, I’ll be in a new decade – yay…
I’ll probably try to get to a few more jams in our off time.

Stop out on the 29th at Hammys and wish the old guy a good one!

Go Pack!!

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New Year’s Eve / Moose Club / Drunken Monkey

New Year’s Eve at the Moose Club was a good night. We usually play 7 – 10 on Fridays, so playing till 12:30 seemed a little late for us. I remember many a New Year’s playing 9 – 2 as the bars can stay open later. Not much to say other than it was a cold night, but we had a good crowd. I’ve been told they’ve already booked us for next year. Thanks to all who stopped out and brought in 2017 with us.

Since Rainbow Bridge was playing back at the Moose the next Friday, we left most of our equipment there. I had a jam-hosting gig in Milwaukee on Monday so I packed up and headed back after we were finished.

It was another cold night on Friday and we had just played New Year’s, so we weren’t expecting much of a crowd back at the Moose on Friday, but I was wrong! We had a great night and made an effort to play some different songs to try to keep things fresh.

Our first Drunken Monkey gig of the year on Saturday also went well. We thought the cold and being right after the holiday would keep people in, but again we were wrong. We had one of the better nights we’ve had in a long time. Dawn Richter posted a couple of videos on Facebook. Speaking of Dawn – she cut a couple of fingers in a knife-blade kitchen accident and required stitches. You can see pictures on her Facebook page.

We were scheduled to play Hammys on Sunday but the Packer wild-card game bumped us out. Tommy Larson was scheduled at Hammys next Sunday and asked Matt, Bob, and I to play but those darn Packers won and bumped out another gig!

According to the website, the Gary McAdams Band is playing this Friday at Hammys from 8 – 12 and Rainbow Bridge is back at the Countryview on Saturday also 8 -12.

Gary informed us that drummer and owner of Sound Garden Studios, Kenny Koeppler, had a heart attack recently. Gary recorded his CD there and I’ve jammed with Kenny a number of times. We hope he has a full recovery.

Stop out this weekend and say hello!

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