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Fab Four @ Hammys / Drunken Monkey / Full Band @ Hammys on Sunday

A little miss-information on my part and Matthew too. We both thought Gary was going to be back for our Wednesday gig at Hammys. I was surprised when I saw that Bob had set the mixer up in Gary’s spot and then Cyndi putting her piano almost center stage. “Didn’t you know that Gary was staying in Texas for Thanksgiving?” was the answer to my question. Considering our time off, I spent some time reviewing songs – mostly Gary’s, which is not a bad thing. We got through the night just fine to a packed house. Shawn Sharp was in the house and did a few Elvis tunes; Lucas Brookins also sat-in on drums. A special thanks to band mates Cyndi, Matt and Bob for stepping it up to play 4-piece.

I stayed over and we had the Arnold Thanksgiving at Dad’s at noon. Then it was drive to Milwaukee to eat again at Pat’s (Holly’s oldest) place. Friday night was off and I spent the night at home with Holly.

We were a little surprised on Saturday when we got the text that Gary was not going to be back in time for the Drunken Monkey gig. We pulled out all our danceable-rockers and got through the night again as a 4-piece. It was a decent crowd and plenty of dancers. It was fun to pull a few oldies out of the hat at both Hammys and the Drunken Monkey. We thank all who stopped out and hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving.

We were back at Hammys on Sunday and this time it was the full band. It felt good to do more of our regular songs again and we had a good afternoon.

We’re back at the Moose Club on Friday and then a private party on Saturday. Can’t believe it’s almost December!

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Lucky Chance Jam / Boundaries w / Jerry Dabson

No RB gigs but I had a few things come along. I co-hosted the Lucky Chance jam in West Allis this past Friday. I found out at the last minute that the other guitar player was sick. Luckily I live close and ran home to get a 2nd guitar amp. We started as a trio, which I actually enjoy, but had plenty of jammers once things got going. I really appreciate Craig Omick having me as the hosting guitar player. I’ll miss the next one as RB is playing.

Sunday was a Boundaries gig as the Gary McAdams Band without Gary! Gary was in Texas for his dad’s 80th birthday.  Cyndi was still on vacation in Arizona. Jerry Dabson ran the show and Steve Peck was the other guitarist. I thought there might be some “bumping heads” as Steve and I are both lead players, but the combination worked well. It was good to have Shawna on bass. Her husband, Mark, sat-in for a couple. I had a nice time and the band sounded good. Thanks to all who stopped out.

Rainbow Bridge is back in full force starting Wednesday at Hammys starting at 8:00.
We’re at the Drunken Monkey on Saturday at 9:30 and then right back at Hammy’s on Sunday afternoon from 3 – 7.

I had an adventure with a flat tire that I thought was fixed, and took Holly’s truck on Sunday. I had to transfer my equipment over, not the same gas mileage, but had a comfortable ride!
Gary, Cyndi and Matt are all safe and back in town and we’re looking forward to playing again. Stop out this weekend and say hello!

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Lucky Chance Jam / Star Rock / Vacations / Bob’s Mom Passing

A Saturday night in Delavan for the band at a new club – the Star Rock Bar in downtown. Actually, we placed this place as the Delavana Lounge many years ago. Nothing about it was the same except for the location! With Matt being on vacation, former member, Denny Wayne, filled in on bass and did a great job. Gary works in the area and had a lot of his friends show up which made for a fun night. We had a few of Gary’s friends join in on vocals for a few; not something we normally do, but the occasion made it okay. Lucas Brookins was also out and sat-in on drums for a couple. It was nice place and we hope it turns out to be a regular gig for us.

As mentioned earlier, I played a jam on Monday night and also co-hosted the Lucky Chance jam in West Allis on Friday. There’s a short blues tune video on Facebook. It was a good night and a chance to play with some of my Milwaukee friends. I’ll be back at the jam on the 18th.

Rainbow Bridge is officially on vacation with Matt and Cyndi out of town. The Gary McAdams Band is playing this Friday night at Hammys from 8 – 12. Not sure who’s all playing, but it’s always a good time.

As you may have heard, Bob’s mom passed away last week. Bob had been keeping quite busy with work, the band, and taking care of mom. We were all sad to hear of his loss and thoughts and prayers go out to Bob and family.

On a happier note, Cyndi and Bryan are celebrating their anniversary and we send congrats out to them.

Stop out to Hammys this Friday and say hello!

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Moose Club w/ Fab 4 / Monday Night Jam in Dundee

Just a Friday night at the Moose this weekend but it was a last minute surprise when Gary called and was tied up at work. I scrambled a few extra charts together just in case and we got though it just fine as a 4-piece. It was the usual good crowd with a lot of dancers. The real is key is the volume and the right danceable material and we had both. Thanks to all who stopped out.

I co-hosted a jam Monday night in Dundee with Craig Omick and Ronn Gilbert. It was different but felt good to play. My co-worker, Jim Schustedt and wife, Kay, drove down from Fond Du Lac. I’ll be co-hosting again in West Allis on Friday at the Lucky Chance jam with Craig.

Rainbow Bridge is playing in Delavan at the Star Rock Bar and Grill from 9 -1. With Matt out of town, Denny Wayne will be playing bass with us.
Should be a lot of fun. Stop out if you’re in the area!

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