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Lucky Chance Jam / Hammys with Sully on Drums

Interesting weekend with Gary and Bob out of town. Once again I co-hosted the Lucky Chance jam in West Allis on Friday. This is an every-other Friday jam. It was a good turnout with quite a few jammers. Knowing the “dog eat dog” world of the Milwaukee jam scene, I’m wondering just how long it’ll be before some other jam host tries to steal the gig! RB is off on the Fridays in November so I’ll be co-hosting next month too.

No gig on Saturday so I headed to the Washington Pub afternoon jam in West Bend. Turns out it was a one-year party and the place was full. Luckily, I was asked up to play fairly soon. I hung around afterwards to see some other players and then headed home.

We played as Rainbow Bridge with Sully on drums at Hammys on Sunday afternoon. We like to thank Jr. Moore for the use of his PA mixer! We put Cyndi center-stage and had a good turnout. Thanks to all who stopped out. There are a photos of this and the Friday jam on Facebook. I also see Dawn has put up videos of Gary’s gig in Texas.

Rainbow Bridge is back in full swing next Friday at the Moose Club and that’s it for the weekend. We always take vacation the start of November.

On a side note, my phone completely died and I lost all my contact #s. Please private message me your number to be put back in!

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GMB @ Hammys / RB in Whitewater

The Gary McAdams Band played Friday night at Hammys and it was good to have Shawna back. It was a fun night and you can see videos from Laura Farnsworth on Facebook. Gary borrowed Jr. Moore’s mixer to do the gig, which turned out to be a good thing as we have permission to use it next Sunday at Hammys when both Gary and Bob will be gone.

Rainbow Bridge played an MD benefit in Whitewater on Saturday. We played this last year and they had us back. On a side note: Gary is heading back to do a gig in Texas next weekend and Bob and Dawn are going to run sound. Gary transferred the equipment over to another vehicle but forgot to load the mixer. Fortunately, Gary always arrives early and had enough time to run back and get it without any change to our starting time. We had a decent mixed crowd and played quite a variety of music. I heard talk of having us back again next year. On another note, Matt won 2 drawings that night: one was a party wagon that included a TV, booze, snacks, and the wagon itself! He also won an autographed picture of John Travolta. Again, we appreciate being asked back and are happy to support a worthy cause.

I’m playing the Lucky Chance jam in West Allis again this Friday. It was fun last time and we’re hoping for a good turnout.
The band is off on Saturday.
With Gary and Bob in Texas – Cyndi, Matt, myself and Sully (on drums) will be playing Hammys on
Sunday from 3 – 7. It should be a lot of fun doing something different.

On a personal note: my knee and ankle are both still swollen from my fall last Saturday, but it’s getting better. I had my knee x-rayed and nothing was broken.

Stop out Sunday at Hammys and say hello. Safe travels to Gary, Bob and Dawn!

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Lucky Chance Jam / Lucy’s / Bum Leg

I did a co-hosting jam in Milwaukee on Friday at the Lucky Chance with Craig Omick jam band. We had a great crowd and quite a few jammers. There are pictures on Facebook. It was really different to being playing about 5 minutes away! This is an every two week jam and I’ll play when available. I really appreciate being asked to play.

I was trimming branches and grape vines on the adjacent property on Saturday morning. There’s an incline to get at the branches and I slipped (on some grapes) walking down. I got up after a few minutes and although it hurt, I was able to finish and even mow the yard. As the day went on, my knee started to swell and got a lot more painful. By Saturday night, I had limited movement in my leg. I had it checked on Monday morning and it’s possible there’s a tear, or I just gave it a good twisting. Pills and ice for now. Thanks for all the concerns on Facebook.

Rainbow Bridge played Lucy’s Hideaway on Saturday night to a good crowd. We used Bob’s PA as Gary’s is out of commission. Speaking of Bob – another drum set made its debut that night. It’s a new DW set that has a vintage look and sound. After setting up, I realized that I left my mic stand at the jam in West Allis. Luckily I was early and headed to our practice headquarters and got another one. That’s what happens when you don’t do the “idiot check” as we say in the band – where you give it one last look to make sure you didn’t miss something! The stand was ready and waiting on Sunday when I picked it up. Thanks to all who stopped out Saturday. No gig on Sunday so I headed back home after Lucy’s.

The Gary McAdams Band is at Hammys on Friday from 8 – 12.

RB is playing in Whitewater on Saturday for an MD benefit.

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Rockford Dance Club / Hammy’s Jam / Sneakers / GMB @ Boundaries

We played for a private dance club in Rockford on Friday. We played the year before and they had us back, which is always good. It was a challenge to play that quiet and the right material, but we pulled it off. The funny moment of the night was when Matt looked at me and said, “Does Gary like ice cream drinks, because there’s a grasshopper on his stand.” I looked over at Gary’s band stool and there was a giant bug sitting on it!

I co-hosted the Hammy’s jam on Saturday afternoon with Sully, John Dade, and Rob Hoium. I had never played a gig with John or Rob before, so it was an interesting jam. We had a good time and things went well. Chainsaw Curtis, Captain Jack and Tommy Larson all did a handful of tunes. I had a cold all weekend so my vocals were a little limited. I was happy to be asked, and again, had a good time.

Saturday night had Rainbow Bridge back at Sneakers and we had a good crowd all night long. The hassle with Sneakers is leaving access to two doors behind the band. This makes for a careful “maze” of a set-up to allow a path. But again, good crowd, dancers, and a good time.

The last gig of the weekend was the Gary McAdams Band at Boundaries with Pete Olig filling in for Shawna. The mixer went out while we were setting up which is a major problem! Gary called Dave Potter and made arrangements to borrow his mixer. Cyndi plugged a mic into her amp and was able to sing. We pulled off enough songs for Gary to get back with Dave’s mixer and no major stop in the show! When everything settled back down, we had a great time and again with a great crowd. Cliff’s brother, Kevin Fredrickson, sat-in for a few. Laura Farnsworth put videos on Facebook. I had a cold all weekend and it took its toll on Monday as I called in a sick day.

I’m co-hosting a jam here in Milwaukee on Friday which should be interesting. It’ll be fun to jam with my Milwaukee friends again.
Rainbow Bridge is at Lucy’s Hideaway on Saturday and we’re off on Sunday. Stop out Saturday and say hello!

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