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Moose Club / Josh Zweiful Benefit / Drunken Monkey / Hammys

Right back in action after the 40th reunion starting at the Moose Club on Friday. Of course the big news was Matt’s daughter, Tasha, having a baby boy – Jakob Matthew Arnold. So it was grandpa Matt and great-uncle Jeff taking the stage at the Moose. We had a good crowd and plenty of dancers. Bob was not feeling well, but he made it through all the gigs.

We played in Broadhead at Mini Haha campground for a Josh Zweiful benefit on Saturday afternoon from 4 – 7. It was a good time but not quite the turnout that was hoped for. Still, the owner asked for a card and maybe we’ll get booked there in the future. There was also a band with Russ Doiel after us and hopefully things picked up.

We headed straight to the Drunken Monkey afterwards to set up for the Saturday night gig. There was a 50th birthday party in progress so we had a good crowd at the start that stuck around most of the night.

The weekend finished off at Hammys on Sunday afternoon after the Packer game. I was surprised to see Gary in a Packer shirt! We were inside and it was a good thing as there was quite the downpour right after we got the equipment in. It was a full house all afternoon and we appreciate all who stopped out. I think we all agreed that 4 gigs on 3-day weekend was rough on us, but all the jobs went well. I guess we’re all getting older!

We’re in Rockford this Friday for a private dance party. We played this last year and it was a lot of fun.
Saturday has us back at Sneakers. We haven’t played there in quite a while and are hoping for a good turnout.
The Gary McAdams Band finishes off the weekend at Boundaries on Sunday from 3 – 7. Shawna and family are still mourning the loss of her grandson, Crosby, and I don’t think she’ll will be playing. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family.

Stop out this Saturday and wish a good one to “Grandpa” Matt!

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40th Anniversary @ Boundaries

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Boardtracker / St. Williams Festival

We started on Saturday afternoon at Boardtracker for a fundraiser. The weather was perfect but not quite the turnout that was hoped for. I was told there were a lot of afternoon events going on, but still, we were hired to draw a crowd. We did have a decent number of people and it was a great time. Laura Farnsworth put a couple videos up on Facebook.

After the gig, Matt, Cyndi and I headed back to my dad’s house for rehearsal with Kath Johnson and Rick Mattelig for the upcoming anniversary party. This was the band for about 10 years, through the late ‘80s and 90’s ending in 1998. We reviewed a handful of tunes, had a great time just playing together again and reminisced
about fun times. Cyndi took a video of our practice and posted it on Facebook.

We were back at the St. Williams church festival on Sunday afternoon. I believe this is our 3rd year in a row. In spite of the Packer game, we had great weather and a great crowd. There was a TV in the tent and we were kept in the loop as to the score. Kath came out with her mom, Pat, and joined us for a few songs which again, you can see a video of on Facebook.

Well, this is it – our only gig this coming weekend is the 40th anniversary on Sunday at Boundaries starting at 2:00. It’ll be fun to see what past members – and just how many people show up. We’re looking forward to a great time and will try to get everyone up to play. Please stop out and join us!

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GMB @ Walworth Fair / “The Bowl” / Blackhawk Campground

The weekend started on Friday with the Gary McAdams Band at the Walworth County fair. Shawna is still tending to her grandson so Gary called Karen Hein to play bass with us. Karen and husband, Jim, have recently moved back to the area from Texas and we’d never met! Gary had given her a list of songs and the job went great. I had a couple of equipment failures with my amp blowing fuses. I just happened to bring along a spare – thank God! Then the volume pedal on my effects unit didn’t work. This is what I use to make the steel guitar sounds so that was missed. But as stated, the gig went great. Karen did an amazing job and there’s a video on Facebook thanks to Laura Farnsworth.

Saturday was an odd one at the Threseree. Seems we were in “The Bowl” which is more in the middle of the park. We’ve always played the main pavilion and assumed the same. There were bleachers to the sides of us and an “uneven” stage across the road that people sat on. There was no bar, the vendors closed at 6:00, and it was a hike to the bathrooms but we had a decent crowd. I’m not really sure why they even had us play but it turned out to be a good night. See pictures on Facebook.

Sunday was rockin’ at Blackhawk campgrounds. We had one of the most responsive crowds we’ve had in a long time – and it felt good. Thanks to Greg VanBlaricom, Dawn Richter and Lucas Brookins for all the extra help. Lucas sat-in on the drums for a couple. Again, there are pictures on Facebook.

On a personal note, the day after Labor Day is the anniversary of my hire date at Hal Leonard – 21 years now and I still enjoy what I do.
I also purchased a new effects pedal and might be able to figure out how to use it before the next gig!

No gig this Friday.

On Saturday we’re at Boardtracker (Kutters) from 2 – 5.

Sunday has us back at the St. Williams Festival in Janesville from 12:30 – 4:30.

And don’t forget the big 40th anniversary is coming up on Sunday, the 18th at Boundaries!

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