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Grand Avenue Pub / 25th Wedding Anniversary / GMB @ Boundaries

Our first time at Grand Avenue Pub in Beloit on Friday and it went well. Bob and Dawn were there early as we used Bob’s PA. It’s easier for Bob to set up the PA when we’re out of the way – so I was told! It was a little older crowd than I thought it would be, but we played it about the same as the Drunken Monkey: light rock and newer country. We had quite a few dancers and a lot of compliments on the sound. The owners liked us and I hope this turns into a regular gig. We’ve never had a good draw in Beloit but maybe this will be the exception as it’s a popular live music club.

We played a 25th wedding anniversary at Kandu on Saturday night. We played the original wedding reception and it was nice of them to have us back. There was an Elvis impersonator an hour before our show. We stopped down early to eat and watch. It was a surprise to see “Elvis” tearing his equipment down as he was a balding, grey-haired, older man. I had mentioned to Matt earlier that you can put a wig and sunglasses on just about anybody and it seems I was right! He did put on an entertaining show.

The Gary McAdams Band finished up the weekend at Boundaries with Pete Olig on bass. We had a lot of fun and a good crowd. Craig Curtis, singer/guitarist from Nashville, was in town staying with Doug and Deb Brookins. Gary got him up to do a few tunes. Thanks to all who stopped out Friday and Sunday.

The Gary McAdams Band is at the Walworth County Fair this Friday from 6:30 – 10:00 with a girl bass player that we’ve never met – should be interesting!
Rainbow Bridge is at the Rock River Thresheree on Saturday from 7 – 11. I’m not sure what the event is, but check out our Facebook page.
We finish on Sunday back at Blackhawk Campgrounds in Milton from 7 – 10.

The Tuesday after Labor Day is my Hal Leonard hire anniversary and I’ll be starting my 22nd year. Time does fly!

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Bliss Communications Tuesday Night

I have never done a copy and paste, but this pretty much sums up our gig last Tuesday night. The only thing I’d add is that Bob set up his new back lighting. Now he has even more stuff to haul!


From our Facebook page:

We had a GREAT time and show tonight, with the Bliss Communications team, at the VERY impressive Bliss Communications Print Center., in Janesville, WI. Their annual corporate-wide fundraiser to benefit United Way Blackhawk Region. Great food/drink, fundraising opportunities to support a fantastic cause and Live Music from Rainbow Bridge Band.

Saw lots of our friends from the Bliss family of companies – WJVL Janesville, WCLO Janesville, Janesville Gazette, Bliss Communications Print Center. and others. Even had Mike Austin sit in on drums with us…while Ken Scott, Tim Beggs, Chet Daniels and everyone else cheered him on! Thanks so much to Skip Bliss, the Bliss family and all the many volunteers for having us, and for continuing to be stellar state-line corporate citizens. Plus, a VERY special thanks to our drummer (and Bliss team-member) Bob Hamann for going above and beyond…once again!

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Boardtrackers / Country Club / Hammys / Cyndi’s Bday

Rainbow Bridge played Tuesday night at Boardtrackers (the old Kutters) for a Vietnam Veterans benefit and had a good night. The only “snag” was Bob was hassled about the volume while setting up and we hadn’t played yet! He was also complaining about the house music, thinking it was Bob, and it wasn’t even us. Some people can just be rude. Anyway, no problems after that and again, it was a good night. Former bass and guitar player, Kath Johnson was out with her husband.

Cyndi had a birthday on Wednesday and we celebrated that. She had a Prime Quarter night on Friday that Holly and I were unable to attend.

Holly had her sinus procedure on Thursday and I took the day off to be with her. Her friend, Erin, stayed with her while I went to work on Friday. I was able to be home on Friday night as the band had off. Holly’s grandson, Chris Dixon Jr., stayed at the house and took care of Holly while I had to go play.

The Milton Courier did an interview with us at Blackhawk Campground that came out on Thursday. I haven’t seen the paper and would really appreciate a copy. I read the article on line. It was nice of them to do that for us and we appreciate it.

Rainbow Bridge had a class of 1956 reunion at the Janesville Country Club on Saturday from 6 – 9. We wound playing background music for almost the entire evening. I don’t recall ever playing so quiet, but it’s what they wanted and we pulled it off. It was nice to be done early on a Saturday.

We opened it back up at Hammys on Sunday afternoon and had a great time. There are pictures and videos on Facebook. We’re selling our 40th anniversary T-shirts at all our gigs now and sold a few more on Sunday.

We’re playing again this Tuesday at a private party for Bob’s co-workers.
On Friday, we’re at the Grand Avenue Pub in Beloit for the first time from 8:30 to 12:30.
Another private party on Saturday and then the Gary McAdams Band finishes off the weekend at Boundaries on Sunday afternoon from 3 – 7.
I don’t know if Shawna will be playing as her grandson, Crosby, has taken a turn for the worse.

On a happier note, stop out this weekend and wish Cyndi a good one if you missed her and be sure to get a 40th T-shirt!

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Moose Club / Benefit / Blackhawk Campground / Taste of Janesville / Cyndi’s Birthday

Another busy summer weekend for the band. We started on Friday at the Moose Club and had a good night. Steve Peck had previously borrowed Gary’s mixer and we were glad to see him walk in with mixer in hand. As mentioned before, I really enjoy the variety of music we play, with the Moose Club being on the “standards” side.

We played a veteran’s benefit at the Rock in Beloit on Saturday afternoon. Sound was provided and we only had to play an hour – which went by pretty fast. The Ruffcutz band was on before us and it was nice to hear them for a few tunes. It was a warm afternoon and all of our floor fans were on! We don’t play a lot of benefits but are always happy to help out veteran’s groups.

We were back at Blackhawk Campgrounds on Saturday night. We had played there for many years and then new owners went with “something different.” I can’t recall the last time we played Blackhawk, but it’s been a while. Now new owners have decided to have us back and we had a fun night. Thanks to Dawn Richter, Lucas Brookins and Greg VanBlaricom for the extra help. I hope this will be a regular gig for us as it was good to be back.

We were the closing band at a “Taste of Janesville” on Sunday night at Riverside Park. The Gary Band and No Static played before us. I arrived in time to hear No Static and really enjoyed them. Again, sound was provided by Voight Music with David Ryder behind the board. Dave did a nice job as we received a lot of compliments on the sound. We played a couple of hours with a break in-between and had a good time. Thanks to all who stopped out for this and all our gigs this weekend.

We’re right back in action this Tuesday at Boardtrackers in Janesville for Vietnam Vets Bike Night from 6 – 9.

Wednesday, the 17th is Cyndi’s birthday! so we’ll be celebrating that all weekend. We had some “happy birthday singers” at the Riverside Park gig.

No gig Friday. We have a private party on Saturday at the Janesville Country Club and then we’re at Hammys on Sunday from 3 – 7.
Stop out, wish Cyndi a happy Bday and be sure to get a Rainbow Bridge 40th anniversary T-shirt!

On a personal note: Holly is having surgery on Thursday to open her breathing passages. This will involve actually breaking her nose and will be painful afterward. She’s really worried and we’re doing all we can to keep her calm. Hopefully, her friend, Erin, can stay with her while I have to play.

Stop out Tuesday if you can and then we’ll see you at Hammys on Sunday!

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GMB @ Hammys / Wedding / Anchor Inn / New T-shirts & Drum Riser!

The Gary McAdams Band started the weekend off at Hammys on Friday. Shawna’s grandson, Crosby, had a medical set-back and she wanted to be with family. Blues bassist, Dave Wood, filled in on bass and Sully was on the drums. We had a good night and pulled out some different tunes to get through the night. It was a good time and I believe Gary sold a few more of his CDs. Also, Gary’s friends, Brian and Irene Harlan from Texas, were in town this weekend.

Rainbow Bridge played a wedding at the Janesville VFW on Saturday for a friend’s reception. Cyndi’s and my son, Corey, was in the wedding and played bass with us on “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”. It was an early one for us playing 6 – 10, but it was a fun night and nice to be done early.

We were back at the Anchor Inn for the 1st time this year on Sunday afternoon. Bob debuted a new drum riser that Lucas Brookins built for him. It was a very professional job and the band looks better with Bob and the drums more noticeable. Lucas also sat-in for a handful of songs on the 2nd set. And speaking of new, the 40th anniversary Rainbow Bridge T-shirts are now available for only $15.00! Thanks to Greg and Dawn for helping with the sales on Sunday. We had a good crowd, including a lot of Cyndi’s family, and a good time – thanks to all who stopped out.

Another busy weekend coming up with Friday at the Moose Club from 7 – 10.
We have two events on Saturday: The Oo-Rah Fundraiser – The Rock, Beloit from 2 – 3, then at Blackhawk Campground, Milton that night from 7 – 10.
We haven’t played Blackhawk in years and are looking forward to being back.

We’re at Taste of Janesville at Riverside Park on Sunday from 6:30 to 8:30.

Then it’s Vietnam Vets Bike Night at Boardtrackers on Tuesday from 6 – 9.
Cyndi’s Bday is the 17th so we’ll be celebrating soon!

Stop out, say hello and be sure to get a Rainbow Bridge 40th Anniversary T-shirt!

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GMB in Beloit / Rock County Fair / Lakeview

The Gary McAdams Band started the weekend on Friday with a 2-hour concert at the Harry Moore Pavilion-Riverside Park in Beloit. It was raining on the drive over and still raining when I arrived. It looked like the event was going to be called off but the rain stopped just in time for us to set up and play. There is a video of “Summertime” on Facebook. The band was instructed to dress in black shirts as we took a picture at the event. Also, Gary’s new CD is out and on sale for $10.00. He’s already sold a handful. The CD is mainly the band but has a lot of area musicians as guest artists. Bob ran sound for the band and did a great job – lots of compliments.

Rainbow Bridge was back at the Rock County Fair on Saturday afternoon. Once again, we were in the pavilion behind the grandstand. There was a fashion show that ended close to our starting time so we were just a little late getting underway. Thanks to Greg VanBlaricom and Dawn Richter for the setup and teardown help. This is actually a better place to play as there is covered seating which guarantees a crowd. This is the first year I didn’t do pushups at the Army National Guard tent. They stopped doing that and I’m too old to climb the rock wall! Gary had to head to Chicago but the rest of us hung around a while afterwards to just enjoy the fair.

A little mix-up on Sunday as another band was setting up at Lakeview. Bob had most of the PA carried in when he heard a bass drum coming from the new pontoon stage by the lakefront. Seems we and the other band had already made a few schedule changes and someone got the signals crossed. Since this was our only gig there, the owner had us play. He was nice enough to partially compensate the band for their trouble. The new stage was definitely “crowd centered” and allowed more patron seating room, but it was more work to get to, a little smaller and we had to deal with sand getting on the equipment. Hopefully, these issues will be addressed in the future. But we made everything work and had a great afternoon. Again, you can see pictures and a video on Facebook.

The Gary McAdams Band is at Hammys on Friday 8 – 12.
Rainbow Bridge has a wedding at the VFW on Saturday and then we’re at the Anchor Inn on Sunday from 3 – 7.
It’s August which is birthday month for Cyndi. Stop out this weekend and say hello. And pick up a copy of Gary’s CD if you get the chance.

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