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Shullsburg / Moose Club / Drunken Monkey / Hammys

A busy weekend for the band. We played the “Concert in the Park’ in Shullsburg on Thursday. This was about a 150 mile drive for me! Thanks to Bob and Dawn for both driving to get the drums and the PA system there. It was a hot night with storms on the way. We played one hour and then the people in charge called it quits due to the weather. Usually, the ones in charge want us to keep playing and we have to make the call to stop. I was glad they were looking out for us! We even had members of the crowd help to tear our equipment down.

It made no sense to drive back to West Allis so I took the day off and stayed in town to play the Moose Club Friday. We had a good night except for one complainer about the volume – seems there’s always one! Thanks to new members Doug and Deb Brookins who were out with Richard and Deanna Morris. Overall, we had a good night and good crowd. Doug put up a few pictures on Facebook. I drove back home afterward to spend some time with Holly.

It was back to Janesville on Saturday for the Drunken Monkey and it was a slow night. The band sounded good and we played well, but it was not the best turnout. Thanks to all who did stop out.

A hot Sunday afternoon had us inside at Hammys. It was a good turnout which helped make up for Saturday night! Rhonda Magnuson put up a few videos that you can see on Facebook. Cyndi brought down coolers of Meyer’s sweet corn and was making sales on breaks. Other bands sell CDs and T-shirts – we sell corn! Jerry Dabson was out and sat-in for a few. All said, it was fun afternoon and a good way to end the weekend.

Also, check out last Thursday’s Kicks section in the Janesville Gazette that did a feature article on Gary. It was nice to give him some recognition.

The Gary McAdams Band is playing a 2-hour concert at the Harry Moore Pavilion-Riverside Park in Beloit on Friday from 7 – 9.

Rainbow Bridge is back at the Rock County Fair on Saturday afternoon and then at Lakeview on Sunday afternoon from 3 – 7. Stop out and say hello!

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Tobacco Days / GMB @ Boundaries

No Friday gig this week. Holly and friend, Erin, went to see local Milwaukee favorite, Cherry Pie at a church festival. I went to a local jam session and played a set. It was a nice time and I met a few more musicians.

Rainbow Bridge played “Tobacco Days” in Edgerton on Saturday afternoon. The politically correct name was changed to “Heritage Days” but it’s “Tobacco Days” to anyone in the area. It was a nice stage with sound provided and the weather was perfect. The sound guys did a nice job and we had a lot of nice comments. My reverb went out in my amp and I was forced to create my sounds with my effects pedal. It through me off a bit but everything worked out. There was a band from Chicago that followed us. Matt and I hung out and watched a set – Gary was somewhere in the crowd too. We played this gig years ago, usually with Dan Reilly and the Barn Swallows following us. It was nice to be back.

The Gary McAdams Band finished off the weekend at Boundaries on Sunday. Pat Betts was the guest drummer for the day. It was a good crowd and a nice time as usual. Matt Goodwin and Dave Hernandez both sat-in for few. Gary had friends from Texas visiting, Keith and Penny Meredith, who were there all afternoon.

It’s a busy weekend coming up. We start on Thursday in Schullsburg for a concert in the park. We’re at the Moose Club on Friday, Drunken Monkey on Saturday and finish at Hammys on Sunday afternoon. I sure hope the voices hold out!

We’d like to send a get well out to Nina Spenle who has been having health troubles lately. We hope she’s better and out and about soon. Stop out this weekend and say hello!

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GMB @ Moose Club and Boxcars

No Rainbow Bridge gigs this weekend but the Gary McAdams Band did a couple. We started on Friday at the Moose. While Gary does a pull a few RB tunes, he has enough of own band material to showcase a difference between the two bands. Also, Shawna Moore does a lot of non-Rainbow Bridge songs which also help. Pat Betts was the guest drummer for the evening. It was good night with a good crowd. I headed back to Milwaukee after the gig.

I see on Facebook that Bob did some sound jobs for the Rou Ga Rou band. There’s a video of them at Lucy’s on Saturday with Bob playing drums and Gary singing.

The GMB played on the patio at Boxcars on Sunday with (owner) Tim Pogorelski on the drums. Jerry Dabson, Raquel Nortier, and Michael Nels (Sid) all sat-in for a few. The Jerry Dabson songs were filmed by Greg VanBlaricom (and Laura Farnsworth) and put up on Facebook and You Tube. It was perfect weather, a good crowd and just a fun afternoon. I spent a break chatting with Kaj Anderson, who I hadn’t seen in a while. It was jump on 43 and back to Milwaukee when we were done.

Rainbow Bridge is playing Tobacco Days this Saturday afternoon in Edgerton from 2:30 – 6:30.
The GMB returns to Boundaries on Sunday from 3 – 7. Stop out and say hello!

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Boundaries / Lakeland Campground / 4th of July / Matt’s Bday

No Friday gig this weekend. Having the night off, Holly and I met Cyndi, Bryan and a bunch of friends at the Stagecoach restaurant in honor of Corey’s 29th birthday. We had a nice time and drove back after we were done.

Noon on Saturday had us at Boundaries for a Vets for Vets benefit. It started out a little slow but we had a good crowd later in the afternoon. There was a military presentation program after we finished that we stayed for. It was very moving and really makes you appreciate what these people do. Shawn Sharpe was on after us, but I didn’t stick around.

Back at Lakeland campground on Sunday night and had a great time. We set up in the opposite corner as there were wasp nests above our usual spot! Cary Farmer was in the crowd and sat-in for a few. When I got home, I noticed my guitar case was not zipped up and a few items were missing. I wound up going back out to Lakeland only to find my missing guitar picks. Fortunately, the other missing items: my slide and capo, both fell out in the car.

A big day for the 4th of July. Bob was running sound at the park for the afternoon band, Straight Shooter, and was there at 7:30 A.M. setting things up. We met at Cyndi’s around 10:30 to set up on the float that Bryan Meyer had put together. We figured everything out and got it all wired up to go. Bob actually bought a cocktail style drum set just to use for the parade – and it worked perfectly!
The parade was a blast and a huge success – there are videos on Facebook. Can’t say thank you enough to Bryan Meyer, Bob, Dawn Richter, and Lucas Brookins for all the beyond the call of duty effort to make this work. I think this was one of most fun things we have ever done. Bob had us mixed just right and we had compliments on the sound going through the parade. We also ran into former members Jim Millard and Jim Peterson, who were both in the parade.

We finished the night at the Milton park. There was new set-up this year with a tent and a stage. We were quite use to the old set-up but this worked out just fine. The first band, Straight Shooter, took their equipment off from the front and we loaded up from the back. Lucas Brookins also sat-in for a few. We had a great crowd and thanks to all who stopped out.

Of course, it was Matt’s 54th birthday on the 6th and we celebrated that. Little brothers are not supposed to age!

The band is off this coming weekend but the Gary McAdams Band is playing the Moose Club on Friday and then at Boxcars in Clinton on Sunday afternoon.
Again, happy birthday to Matthew and thanks for 40 years of supporting Rainbow Bridge!

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