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Moose Club / Lucy’s Hideaway / Hammy’s

A lot more to recall after another full weekend. We were back at the Moose Club on Friday. Again, this is a good gig for us as it’s early, a good turnout, and we keep our “standards” fresh. I purposely called songs we usually do later a little sooner in the night. The thinking was those who usually leave early will think we did a bunch of new songs! It’s rumored the Moose is having financial trouble and it’s hard to say how long the gig will last, but we’ll see. All said, it was a good night.

I stopped down to Voight Music on Saturday afternoon and then headed down to the Hammys jam. I stayed a set but didn’t sit in. It was just nice to get out and hear people play.

We returned to Lucy’s Hideaway on Saturday. Doug and Deb Brookins were out with friends and Lucas joined us for a few on drums. There are videos on Facebook. It’s too bad that some of the videos look like an empty room with no one on the dance floor – everyone is at the bar! We had a decent night and thanks to all who stopped out, including my son, Corey, who I hadn’t seen in a while. I also want to send a shout to my friend and classmate, Dan Reddy, who turned 60 last week. There was short downpour as we were tearing down but luckily it stopped before we loaded out.

It was actually too hot to play outside on Sunday at Hammys, so we set up inside in the air conditioning. It was a good turnout and Dawn Richter put a handful of videos up on Facebook. Jerry Dabson was out and sat-in for few. We had a really nice afternoon with an appreciative crowd – great way to finish the weekend.

We’re off this coming Friday. Cyndi, Bryan, Holly and I are looking into taking Corey out for his 29th birthday which is Saturday. The band has a benefit on Saturday for the Vietnam Vets fundraiser at Boundaries in Beloit from noon to 3. No gig Saturday night.

On Sunday, we’re back at Lakeland Campground, north of Milton on Hwy 59, from 8 – 11.
Then it’s my favorite gig of the year, back at Milton’s 4th of July from 7 – 11. We’re looking into being in the 4th of July parade this year in celebrating our 40th year. There’s a band before us at the park and Bob is running sound for them. We’re trying to figure how this is going to work as Bob has to be in three places at once! Also, Matt has a birthday on the 6th so we’ll also be celebrating that.

We’re looking forward to a great 4th of July weekend. Stop out and wish Matthew a good one!

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June Days / MDA Tub Run / GMB @ Boundaries

Back at June Days in Orfordville on Friday. It’s been a long time since we’ve played this gig and it was good to be back. We had quite a few regulars who made the trip and we appreciate that! It was very comfortable night and a decent crowd. There weren’t a lot of dancers but it seems they liked us and already talked to us about next year. The odd moment of the night was at quitting time. I was told 11:00, which is very common for city festivals, and we worked out the sets to be done at 11:00. After starting to pack up, we were told that quitting time was 11:30, so we got back up and even played over about ten minutes just to be sure!

This was a crazy weekend for Gary, who was playing the Walworth Dairy Breakfast with Steve Doiel the next morning at 6:00 A.M. Local country legend, Jerry Dabson, recently had an artery burst in his eye and his left him legally blind. This was sad news and we wish him all the best. Jerry, who was hosting the Hammys Saturday afternoon jam, asked Gary to fill in for him. The “hard to believe” story is that Jerry actually showed up and played – got to admire that! So the MDA Tub Run at the Thresheree on Saturday night was Gary’s third gig of the day.

We had beautiful weather on Saturday for our 1st time at the Tub Run. Cyndi rode on the back of Laura Farnsworth’s Harley in the run and flew our banner. Sound and lights were provided by the Vogel brothers so it was an easy set-up for us. We had a good crowd, a lot of bikes, and a good time. Gary held out but it was a good thing we quit when we did. Again, it was a great time and we hope to be back. Check out pictures from Dawn Richter on Facebook.

The Gary McAdams Band finished the weekend on Father’s Day Sunday at Boundaries to a good crowd. Jr. Moore and Tommy Larson both sat-in for a few. Laura Farnsworth put up a few videos on Facebook that I shared. It’s a fun gig and a change of pace that I really enjoy.

It’s a 3-gig weekend for the band coming up: Friday at the Moose Club, Saturday at Lucy’s, and Hammy’s on Sunday afternoon. Stop out and say hello!

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Beloit Country Club / Dairy Breakfast / Drunken Monkey / Anchor Inn / Gary’s Bday

A 4-gig weekend that started at the Beloit Country Club on Friday. This was a 35th anniversary and we played the original wedding reception back in 1981! A few member changes but we’re still around. We played “Color My World” for their first wedding dance and brought it back Friday night. This was also our first time back at the Beloit Country Club since it was rebuilt and it sure is a nice place. We played on the 3rd floor which meant elevator trips to set up and tear down. We were done at 10:00 which was a good thing because of what was coming up on Saturday.

We played the Rock County Dairy Breakfast on Saturday morning and started at 8:00 A. M. A big thanks to Bob who made 2 trips to get the PA and his drums there. It was a big turnout and we had a good time. They had a few scheduled games that took up some of the time. Local DJ, Mike Austin, played drums on a couple of songs. The story of the day was Gary having a flat tire at the end of the gig. Matt and I both have portable air compressors and we were able to get enough air in for him to drive. There was a local service station that had a booth at the event and was able to plug Gary’s tire before he left! He said they even refused payment. Again, probably the earliest we’ve ever played but we appreciate them having us. It was back to dad’s for a nap afterwards!

Saturday night had us back at the Drunken Monkey. We had a decent night and thanks to all who stopped out.

We finished the weekend on Sunday with beautiful weather at the Anchor Inn. The was the first time back for us after the rebuilding. In the past, the bar provided sound but not this year. Once again major credit to Bob and Dawn for bring the PA. Bob used his laptop mixer as there was no way to run back and forth from the stage to turn knobs. Lucas Brookins was in the crowd and played drums for a sound-check so Bob could set levels out front. Seems Bob did his usual good job as we had compliments on the sound.

This weekend was also Gary’s “fifty three damn years old” birthday and thanks to all who wished him a good one.

We’ll be at Orfordville’s “June Days” this coming Friday from 8:00 to 11:30.
On Saturday, we’ll be at Thresheree Park for the Tub Run from 7 – 11. It seems Cyndi will be riding with Laura Farnsworth on Laura’s Harley for part of the run.
The Gary McAdams Band finishes off the weekend at Boundaries on Sunday from 3 – 7.

Since the Countryside is going out of business, we’re looking for a new place to hold our 40th anniversary party. Cyndi has been talking to Boundaries but it would mean changing to date to Sunday the 18th. See our website and Facebook page for updates.

On a personal note, Holly and I are celebrating our 14th anniversary on Wednesday.

We’ll see you next weekend!

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GMB @ Hammys / Gary Bday

No RB gig this week but the Gary McAdams Band played Hammys on Friday. Gary had been in Texas over the Memorial holiday and was back in town. It was the regular line-up with Steve Dougherty and Shawna Moore Schultz. We weren’t Shawna was going to play as her grandson, Crosby, is the hospital with a brain tumor. It’s my understanding that there has been one operation but more to follow. Shawna and husband, Mark, have been by his side as much as possible. Shawna felt getting out to play would be good therapy, and take her mind off the situation for a while. It was a fun night and a good crowd. Jerry Dabson sat-in for a few. That was it for the weekend so I drove home after we were done.

I went to a Saturday afternoon jam in West Bend just for something to do, and Holly didn’t mind! There are pictures and a couple of videos that were posted. It’s rare that I’m in the Milwaukee area on a Saturday, but it was a good time and just something different.

Rainbow Bridge has 4 shows this coming weekend. We start with a private anniversary party on Friday, then have to be “up and at ‘em” for the Rock County Dairy Breakfast on Saturday. We start at 8:00 AM!! It’ll be the “Rock County Coffee Breakfast” for us!
We play the Drunken Monkey that evening from 9:30 – 1:30 with hopefully a nap in-between. We finish with our ‘first time of the year’ back at the Anchor Inn on Sunday from 3 – 7.

Gary has a birthday on the 10th so it’ll be “Fifty three damn years old” now in “Cherry Bomb.” Hope I got that right.
Stop out and say hello!

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