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Fab 4 @ the Countryside – Last Gig

A Saturday night at the Countryside with the Fab 4 as Gary was in Texas. We had a really good night and thanks to all who stopped out. We were a little worried about the material and the voices holding out, but couldn’t have asked for a better night. Everybody stepped up and we had a great time. I pulled out “Can’t You See” which was a new one for us. Cyndi took over “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” and Matt took care of “Sweet Home Alabama”. We were tentatively booked on Sunday but there were issues with the hours and Rich decided not to run Sunday music. I packed for the weekend but headed home after the gig.

The Countryside is closing so this was our last gig there – unless new owners come in and decide to book us back. This is real bummer as this was the location of our 40th anniversary party.
I’m not sure where we are with that now. See our Facebook page and website for updates.

Being home on Sunday, Holly and I went to a local festival and saw “The Toys” which is popular Milwaukee band. We don’t go out to hear bands very often, so it was fun and real change of pace. I knew one of the guitar players and had a chance to say hello on one of their breaks.

The band is off this upcoming weekend although the Gary McAdams Band is playing Hammys on Friday night from 8 – 12.

We hope everybody had a great Memorial Day weekend!

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Moose Club / Hammys

Good weekend for the band. We started at the Moose Club on Friday and had a good night. We pretty much play classic country at the Moose and we’re just as “at home” playing that style as much as anything we do. I have always said that I enjoy the variety in what we do. We play quietly and finish at 10:00 which means I can get back to West Allis before sunrise!

No gig on Saturday, but Cyndi played with Duane Worden at Doug and Deb Brookin’s backyard party. They were followed by the Gary Band. This was gig we did for a number of years but things change and these guys are great. Duane Brewer, from JTV, was having a retirement party at Voight Music with bands playing all afternoon. Gary stopped down but didn’t get a chance to sit in. Seems there were more players than time allowed, but these things happen. Bob and Lucas Brookins went to the Chicago drum show, where Bob got a matching snare drum for his Kumu set. Since we weren’t playing, I stayed home, did yard work and spent time with Holly.

It was another trip to Janesville on Sunday afternoon for Hammys. The weather was perfect and we had a great afternoon. Good thing Bob lives close as he had to run home and retrieve forgotten items. Having that many drum sets and keeping track of what goes with what would be a little confusing. We had Jerry Dabson and Lucas Brookins sit-in for a few. Again, not a jam session, but it’s our choice to let people play. One issue at Hammys is having roaring Harleys sounding in the parking lot while you’re trying to play. But that’s Hammys!

Memorial weekend is coming up and Gary is heading back to Texas. We’re playing at the Countryside as a 4-piece on Saturday and Sunday. I almost think we should revive the “Cyndi & The Sensations” name for this as Gary does most of the male vocals and it won’t be the same without him. It is challenge, but we’ve done it before. I’m just hoping the vocals hold out – we’re getting older!

Saturday is from 8 – 12 and then Sunday from 3 – 7. There was talk of playing later on Sunday, but Matt works early Monday morning, so I think the afternoon time stands.
It’ll be nice not having to tear down or set up twice! Stop out and say hello!

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GMB / Rainbow @ Countryside

Friday started at Hammys with the Gary McAdams Band. Pete Olig was on bass and Sully was on drums, along with Cyndi, Gary and myself. It’s always interesting doing these gigs as I never know who I’ll be playing with. It was a decent night and we had some fun with a few “off the cuff” songs. Gary pulled out “Rock n’ Roll” by Led Zeppelin, which I’ve only jammed on. Pete did a nice job on “Back in the U.S.S.R.” that we all just happened to know. Jerry Dabson, Steve Peck and Shawn Sharp all sat-in which also made the night more fun.

I went back down to Hammys for the Saturday afternoon jam and played a set with Steve Carrell, Captain Jack, Jim Butler and Greg Logue. Phil Trumpy also came up when I was on stage along with a few other drummers. It was totally different material and just fun to play with these guys. But it’s an 8:00 start with a 6:30 set up at the Countryside so I didn’t have a lot of time to get back and get ready.

Rainbow Bridge was back at the Countryside Saturday night and had a good crowd. I had to do a lot of reviewing to remember our new song, “How Long” as we hadn’t played it in a week. Bob had his Kumu drum set out that night as he is sponsored by them. Bob has been playing other sets but wanted enough pictures of the Kumu set as he has contact with the Kumu rep who asks about the drums. Odd story of the night: I was getting impatient about the break time and was on stage waiting for the band to return. No one seemed to notice my wanting to get things started so I reached over and turned off the break music. Little did I know that I also turned off the main speakers and we didn’t catch it until a few songs in. Two lessons – when break time is over, get back on stage and don’t mess with a PA system you don’t understand! As always, thanks to all who stopped out.

The weekend finished up at Boundaries again with the Gary McAdams Band. This time Shawna and Steve Dougherty were both back. We had a good crowd and a nice time. Although this band has never rehearsed, I was noticing how much tighter things were sounding just from playing together fairly regularly. Playing straight country lead is a challenge for me but I enjoy it and it just makes you a better musician.

Rainbow Bridge is at the Moose Club on Friday from 7 – 10 and back at Hammys on Sunday from 3 – 7.  No Saturday gig, but Cyndi is playing with Duane Worden at Doug and Deb Brookin’s backyard party in the afternoon. There’s also a retirement party at Voight Music for Duane Brewer who did the filming of our “Who Put the Rock in Rock County” mini-documentary. Stop out this weekend and say hello!

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GMC @ Merrill & Houston’s / RB @ the Countryside

Holly and I spent Monday through Thursday in the Dells so there was no guitar playing for me! The only playing I did was stopping into local Dells music store Mojo Music where I tried out a few axes. The owner had heard of the band and we chatted for a just a few minutes as he was giving afternoon lessons. Holly and I had a great time – just felt good to get away for a while.

First time for me with the Gary McAdams Combo at Merrill & Houston’s on Friday night. Gary usually uses guitarists Dave Potter or Cliff Fredrickson for this gig. It was a challenge to keep it quiet and be the only solo instrument, but I enjoyed it. Pat Betts was also filling in on drums for Steve Dougherty. It was a 7 – 10 gig so I drove home afterwards. Dave Potter was playing down the street, and under any other circumstance I would have stopped over, but I needed to get started on the drive home.

Rainbow Bridge played Saturday at the Countryside Inn. There was a surprise 50th party for Londa that gave us a built-in crowd for the night. Londa and friend, Maggie, were both former member members of the Pink Houses Band so we got them up to join us on a couple of John Mellencamp songs. It was a fun night with a good crowd and we thank all who stopped out.

The band is off this weekend but the Gary McAdams Band is playing the Moose Club on Friday for the 1st time. I’m hoping people won’t be too confused with the look of the band.
I believe we’re setting up in a reverse stage order just to give a different look. It’s the only gig of the weekend so it’ll be another drive over and back for me.

Rainbow Bridge will be back at the Countryside Inn on Saturday May 14th. Stop out and say hello!

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