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Countryside Inn / New Posters

Just the one night at the Countryside Inn but it was a good one. Anchor Inn was having their grand opening on Saturday night so we were competing with that. It’s not a bad thing as it brought people out to the area. I’m sure there were those who went to see us being the Anchor was too packed – and we had a few stop out to see us on the way. I arrived earlier than expected so I treated myself to the Countryside’s bacon cheeseburger. Gotta say that these are amazingly good! Again, we had a good night and thanks to all who stopped out. Randy and Rhonda Magnuson were out and posted a few more pictures on Facebook. They brought out their drummer friend, Dan, and we chatted during a break. Seems we have a lot of mutual friends. Speaking of pictures, our new 40th anniversary posters are out. Thanks again to Laura Farnsworth for taking the photo!

We’re off this coming Friday and Saturday, but are right back at the Countryside on Sunday afternoon from 3 -7. A lot of places are running Sunday afternoons and Rich wants to get in on that. Jerry Dabson had his jam there for a while, but that ran its course. We’re not adverting this gig as jam.
I believe people want to come out and dance and they know that we’ll play to who’s there. It’s the only gig for the weekend and we’re hoping for a good turnout.

Again, thanks for all the support and we hope everyone had a good Easter weekend. Stop out Sunday at the Countryside and say hello!

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Drunken Monkey / Hammys / Pictures

Saturday night had us back at the Drunken Monkey. Laura Farnsworth was there to take new band pictures so all the guys wore black shirts. Hopefully there’ll be one shot where we all look presentable! And thanks to Laura for taking the photos.
Maybe because it was a Saturday, but we had a lot better night this time than in the past. David Ryder was running sound and doing his best but there was some equipment failure that caused a few problems. Overall it just felt good to have a decent crowd again!

Ona personal note – I was stopped for speeding in Walworth county (Interstate 43) on the way over. I was just keeping up with traffic but I’m the one he stopped. Rather than a $200.00 fine, I was written up for no seat belt (I had it on) which is a $10.00 fine. I’ve been good about my “no more than 5 miles over” rule for a long time. Guess it was a reminder!

There was a benefit at Hammys on Sunday afternoon so we arrived to an already packed house. It was a great afternoon with a full house from start to finish. We pulled out a few songs we hadn’t done in a while and I gotta admit that I missed a few things. It’s back to the basement for review time!

Dawn Richter and Laura both posted pictures and videos that you can see on Facebook. I believe that Matt posted a few as well. We thank all who stopped out this weekend.

We have some new tunes in the works and will hopefully be adding them soon. Sometimes it good we play multiple nights as we can’t play all our songs in one or even two evenings. It’s hard to keep songs on the list if they don’t get played enough.

It looks like just Saturday night at the Countryside Inn next Saturday from 8 -12. Stop out and say hello!

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GMB @ Hammys – Boundaries / RB @ Taasbag

The Gary McAdams Band played Friday at Hammys with Rodney (Sully) on drums and Pete Olig on bass. It turned out to be a fun night with a good crowd. Gary recently purchased another mixer that he used that night. Bob made some very practical modifications to it and was there to help set it up. Tommy Larson and Captain Jack both sat-in for a few songs. Cyndi was playing the Jerry Dabson jam at Hammys on Saturday afternoon and was able to leave her equipment set up. With a Saturday afternoon off, I decided to stop down for the jam. I walked in the door and Gary was onstage. I was asked to play and did a few with the band – hung around for a while and then headed back to dad’s to get ready for the night’s gig.

Rainbow Bridge played Taasbag on Saturday night and had a decent crowd. We thank all who stopped out and danced the night away with us. Cyndi’s voice was getting a little rough towards the end so Gary and I finished off the night. We found out on Friday that the Kicks section had us listed at Taasbag on Friday! At least Taasbag had us on their sign for Saturday.

The Gary McAdams Band finished off the weekend on Sunday at Boundaries, again with Sully, but Shawna was back on bass. It was a good crowd and Cyndi’s voice was better. The only bummer was the rain during set-up and tearing down. Good thing I brought my raincoat! And for some reason – now every time I hear a bell, it means time to drink.

I also wanted to mention that Rhonda Lee Magnuson posted a handful of videos that you can see on Facebook.

Rainbow Bridge is off this Friday, but Saturday night has us back at the Drunken Monkey and then we’re at Hammy’s on Sunday afternoon from 3 – 7.
Stop out and say hello!

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GMB / Rainbow Bridge @ Mike’s Roadhouse / Bob’s Birthday

The Gary McAdams Band played last Sunday afternoon at Boundaries as Rainbow Bridge was off for the weekend. As usual, it was a good crowd and a nice time.

Rainbow Bridge played at Mike’s Roadhouse on Friday night – our only gig for the weekend. Gary hurt his back earlier in the day but made it through the night. And Bob bought another drum set! This one is acrylic and sounded good to me.
Bob’s birthday was March 2nd, so this was a present to himself! We had an okay crowd an dancers all night. Musicians Kaj Anderson and Teresa Swetland were out for a while and we thank everyone who stopped out. The snow started just about the time we had everything in, but it wasn’t all that bad. I drove straight back to West Allis after we were done.

Bob had his Prime Quarter party on Sunday with a good turnout. Unfortunately, Holly and I didn’t make it this year, but we wish Bob a happy birthday.

The Gary McAdams Band is playing this Friday at Hammys from 8-12 and then back at Boundaries on Sunday from 3 – 7.
Rainbow Bridge is playing on Saturday at Taasbag in Janesville from 9 – 1. Stop out and wish Bob a good one if you missed us last weekend.

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