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Moose Club / Wedding Reception / Hammys / Bob’s Bday

A three-gig weekend, although two of them were at the Moose Club. We started off at the Moose for one of their regular Friday night dances. There was a slight miscommunication as to who was bringing the speaker stands as there were none when we arrived. Gary jumped in his truck, drove back to Clinton to get them, and made it back just before time. It’s a good thing we get to gigs on the early side to set up as you never know what might be missing or not function before starting time. We had a good crowd with a lot of dancers and appreciate everyone who stopped out. It’s odd to think that we’ve been playing the Moose since the ‘70s and now we’re old enough to where we really fit in! On a personal note- I played a “new-to-me” guitar amp that I picked up (cheaply) in Milwaukee and played it all weekend. I had taken it to the blues jams wasn’t sure if it would work in the band. I was really happy with the sound. Always nice when that happens!

We were able to leave our equipment as we played a wedding reception on Saturday afternoon for (not sure of the names) Rosa and Thomas (Toe-mas’), who are regular followers the band. We had a smaller, but appreciative crowd who stayed until 7:00. Since we were done early, we headed down to Beloit to hear “The Gary Band”. Cyndi has seen them multiple times and raves about how good they are. It was the first time for me and I really enjoyed them – Cyndi was right! Cyndi, Bryan and I then headed up to Hammys to listen to the “The Allen Groves Band” which featured our former drummer, Rick Mattelig. They had a good crowd and it was nice to see Rick again.

And speaking of Hammys, we finished off the weekend there on Sunday to a packed house all afternoon. We really like that the stage has now been carpeted. Matt surprised me during “Gimme Three Steps” when he stopped the band to see if I could play slide guitar with an over-sized flaming lighter. You can see the video along with Dawn Richter’s pictures on Facebook. The full house and dance floor made the afternoon go fast. We thank all who stopped out.

Rainbow Bridge is off this coming weekend, although the Gary McAdams Band is playing at Boundaries on Sunday from 3 – 7. And Bob’s birthday is coming up on March 2nd! The next band date is Friday, March 4th at Mike’s Roadhouse in Beloit. Bob will be older then, but stop out and wish him a good one!

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Fab 4 @ the Countryside

The return of the Fab 4 this Valentine’s Day weekend at the Countryside. Gary was out of town so Cyndi booked us as a 4 piece. I have mixed feelings on this as Gary does a lot of our signature songs, but we got through it just fine. It was a good crowd all night long. Bob’s monitor speakers really do the job as far as us being able to hear ourselves. I have a weaker voice these days and singing too hard causes it to go out. But I had no problem Saturday night. We did mostly Cyndi songs with Matt and me filling in. Denny Wayne sat-in for a few and added the missing harmony to a handful of songs. We also got Cary Farmer up , along with Denny, and played a few of our standard tunes. Cyndi did “Sweet Dreams” by Patsy Cline for the first time Saturday night. Again, it was a good night and we appreciate all who stopped out. I headed back to Milwaukee after we were done.

We’ve got a 3-nighter coming up this weekend starting at the Moose Club on Friday from 7 – 10. We get to leave our equipment as we have a wedding there on Saturday. We’ll be at Hammy’s on Sunday from 3 – 7. Stop out and say hello!

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Birthday Party / Wedding in Lake Geneva

We got a call on Sunday to play a birthday party on Tuesday at a private residence in Beloit. Rhonda Lee Magnuson was having a 50th party and it was a good time. It was a big place and we set up in the living room. Rhonda is a minister and there was no alcohol, but she wanted a loud party atmosphere. They moved the furniture and we had dancers all night long. We were also fed pizza, cake and ice cream and finished by 10:00. She also sings gospel and gave me one of her CDs. I listened to it on the way to our Saturday gig and was pleasantly surprised at how good and professional it sounded.

It was a wedding in Lake Geneva on Saturday for Laura Farnsworth’s daughter, Sarah, and John, husband to be. I was asked to play guitar at the service and wound up doing a little more background music than I had planned on, but it went well. The band set up early and then attended the wedding. It was a nice place and we were fed, which is always a nice bonus. The band played until 11:00 and we were well received. It was a long, but fun day and we appreciate being asked to play. Gary’s daughter, Miranda, also stopped in towards the end of the night.

Gary is out of town this weekend, but Cyndi booked the 4-piece version at the Countryside on Saturday night from 8 – 12. We should probably call this version “Cyndi & the Sensations” from our days at Club Belwah. Stop out and say hello!

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Lucy’s Hideaway / Nellie’s 80th / Birthday

No Friday gig for Rainbow Bridge, but the Gary McAdams Combo played at Merrill Houston’s in Beloit.

Rainbow Bridge played Saturday at Lucy’s Hideaway and had a good crowd. Both Gary and my PA heads are being fixed so we used Bob’s system for the night. Bob has a great sounding PA setup and we’re getting a little spoiled having it. Part of the problem is that it takes both Bob’s and Dawn Richter’s cars to haul the drums and the PA system so it’s a lot more work for them. There was a good crowd right from the start that hung around most of the night. Knowing that people usually leave on the breaks, we’re playing longer sets and taking fewer breaks as it makes a difference. That, and we play more of our songs. Also, I received a few more birthday cards and birthday shots which I thank everyone for. The Bday was fun and now it’s on to a big one next year.

And speaking of big birthdays – we played for Bryan Meyer’s mother’s (Nellie) 80th birthday on Sunday afternoon in Janesville. It was a good turnout with friends and family. Gary’s recently returned PA head was making noise in the monitor side (what we use to hear ourselves) so Bob rigged up a way we could get through the afternoon. We only played a couple of sets and everything went well. Cyndi’s dad,”Bud” Krachey was out and had a dance with Cyndi. We played a country swing number without her and she and Bud lit up the dance floor. While we were there, we got a message from someone in Beloit about playing a 50th birthday party on Tuesday at a private residence. I guess we’re on the birthday party tour! Hopefully the weather won’t be an issue.

We have a wedding on Saturday and that’ll do it for the upcoming weekend. It’ll be a 3-nighter the following weekend so we’ll enjoy the time off. Thanks again for all the birthday wishes on Facebook and in person.

On a personal note, Matt’s daughter, Sarah, is expecting a baby girl in spring and we congratulate her. Matt will officially become “Grandpa Matt”!

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