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Drunken Monkey / GMB @ Boundaries / New Songs / Birthday

Another no gig Friday but it was nice to be home. Holly and I went out for burgers and rented a movie.

We had a practice late Saturday afternoon and brought back “Silver Spring” by Fleetwood Mac. We also put together “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton and “Sweet Dreams” by Patsy Cline. It was down to the Drunken Monkey after that for the night’s gig. We had a decent crowd for a long first set, which included two of our new songs, but things died down after that. Matt and I switched guitars on “Takin’ Care of Business” and Kami (Matt’s daughter) put up a Facebook video of my “off the cuff” bass solo. The point of the song is to showcase Matt’s guitar playing! We appreciate all who stuck around.

Boundaries double-booked the Gary McAdams Band and Jr. Moore’s All-Stars on Sunday. Usually bands will argue it out as to who booked first and one band stays home. I don’t know who came up with it, but the best solution was to have both bands play, alternate sets and promote it as a double-band showcase. Everything worked out as it was great crowd and all the musicians were happy. Major credit to Bob Hamann for supplying the PA and the drum kit. Also thanks to Dawn Richter for helping out. There were also a number of musicians in the crowd checking things out. All said, it was a fun afternoon and everyone had a good time.

On a sad note, Scotty Vogl passed away on Saturday. Scotty and I hosted the Castaway and Sandtrap jams for a number of years. Scotty (The Neck Doctor) was quite handy at guitar repair and did a lot of work for me. He was good friend and I’ll miss him.

The big 59 birthday is Wednesday and I’ll be going to lunch with my fellow guitar editors.
Holly has off on Wednesdays and is planning on joining us. We may go out again that night – we’ll see. Thanks for the cards and wishes I’ve already received.

Another Friday night off, but it’s back to Lucy’s Hideaway on Saturday from 8:30 – 12:30.
We have a private party on Sunday. Stop out Saturday and wish the old man of the band a good one.
We’ll see you there!

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Last Weekend / Moose / Hammys

Back after a week off. No Rainbow Bridge gigs last weekend, but the Gary McAdams Band played last Friday at Hammys with Sully on drums. It was a good turnout and a good time. Hammys put in a stage that was just about enough room for the five of us. I’ve also heard they’re going to carpet it, which would help with the look and sound. There was some trouble with the PA mixer toward the end of the night. I have one just like it that was sent back to the factory for repair. We made it through but had to count on Bob’s PA for the next weekend.

I played at Shank Hall in Milwaukee on Saturday with the Dave Miller Band. It’s a blues band and I played the whole show with them. It was not a good turnout, but I had a good time and thought the band sounded good.

Rainbow Bridge played at the Moose on Friday and was a fun night – good crowd and lots of dancers. I caught a cold this past week and took a sick day at work on Friday. The show goes on but the cold took my voice out. The rest of the band carried the vocals for the night. It’s a good thing we have multiple singers and did not have to cancel. As I mentioned before, we used Bob’s PA system for the first time at the Moose and it sounded great. I headed back to Milwaukee after the gig.

No gig on Saturday which worked out fine as Holly and I got to watch the Packer game together. We all know how that turned out! Gary and Cyndi sang the national anthem at Boxcars on Saturday and there’s a video on Facebook.

We finished off the weekend at Hammys on Sunday. Even with the sub-zero temperature, we had a great crowd. We used Bob’s PA again for the gig. Jerry Dabson got up and did a few with us. We had a fun afternoon and my voice was better this time. It’s amazing what chugging honey will do!  Matt’s daughters, Angela and Tasha were out celebrating Tasha’s recent birthday. Speaking of birthdays – mine rolls around on the 27th and the number keeps getting bigger!

No Friday gig this week, but RB returns to the Drunken Monkey on Saturday 9:30 – 1:30.

Due to a double booking, The Gary McAdams Band will play at Boundaries on Sunday along with Jr.’s All-Stars from 2 – 7. We’re going to alternate sets with both bands. Hopefully I’ll be over this cold by then. Stop out and say hello!

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New Year’s Eve Gigs

A couple of New Year’s gigs which is a first. The Gary McAdams Band was asked to play at Boundaries in the afternoon from 1 – 5. Drummer Steve Dougherty couldn’t make it so Pat Betts, who has played before, filled in. It was a good crowd all afternoon. Steve Carrel, Junior Moore and Jerry Dabson all sat-in and played a few. The big surprise was to see Mark Schultz in the crowd. It was the first time I have seen him since his health scare in Las Vegas. I went over to say hello and happy new year when the thought that we might have lost him hit me and I was too choked up for words. I hope he knew how happy everyone was to see him. All said, it was a fun afternoon and we called New Year’s at 5:00 thinking that in Spain it was 2016!

A quick pack up and then right out to the Countryside. Kudos to Bob and Dawn who had the PA and lights all ready to go. Part of the deal was a food item from the menu. Bob and I both had burgers that were really good. No complaints on the Countryside food! We had a great night with a good turnout – thanks to all who stopped out and brought in the new year with us.

Being 2016 now means that Rainbow Bridge is in its 40th year and we’re planning a party – stay tuned!
For me January means another birthday and the anniversary of my first guitar lesson in 1966. Hard to believe it was 50 years ago.

Rainbow Bridge is off for a while but the Gary McAdams Band is playing this Friday at Hammys from 8 – 12.
I’ll be filling in for a handful of songs with a Milwaukee blues band this Saturday at Shank Hall – the same place Matt and I saw Robben Ford.

We hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year!

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