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Drunken Monkey / Moose Club / GMB @ Boundaries

The drive to the Drunken Monkey on Friday started out clear, but I hit the snow/ice mix around Delavan. It’s too bad as I’m sure the weather had something to do with the not-so-good turnout. Although, it wasn’t too bad for the first couple of sets; actually busier than I thought it would be. The highlight of the night was Michael Nehls (Sid) celebrating a birthday. We got him up to sing “Margaritaville” and “Toes” with us and it went over well. Musicians Teresa Swetland, John Dale, Russ Doiel and Steve Peck were also in the crowd. The place cleared out by the last set and we went home a little early.

I stopped out to Hammys on Saturday afternoon for the jam – didn’t play but ran into my dad and Gary. I had to head back home and get ready for the Moose Club that night. Gary was all set to go and wound up sitting-in on a few.

We played the Moose Club on Saturday which was a change for us. The Moose was having a pot-luck Christmas party and it was the regular 7 – 10 hours. We had a decent crowd, which was most of our regular Friday nighters. It was a fun gig and we had a good time. Cyndi was having a bad ear ache that really kicked in on the last set. She stopped at a pharmacy on the way home for some meds. I’m coming down with a cold and headed home for some needed rest afterward. One of Matt’s 3rd shift workers bailed out so Matt went back to work after we were done.

The Gary McAdams Band played at Boundaries at noon to game time on Sunday. Shawna is still taking care of Mark and did not play. Gary called bassist Pete Olig from Madison, who played with us once before at the Afton Pub. Pete’s a great player, singer and fun guy. We had a packed house from starting right up until game time. Friends of the band brought out treats which we all enjoyed a little too much! Jerry Dabson, Junior Moore, and Frank James all stopped out and played with the band.
Matt sat-in with Cary and Crud at Deano’s, so I’ll have to ask him how that went considering he only got about two hours sleep.

The band will not be playing over the Christmas holiday.

The Gary McAdams Band will be playing New Year’s Eve day at Boundaries from 1 – 5. After that, it’s out to the Countryside for New Year’s Eve and 2016.

We hope everyone has a great Christmas weekend and we’ll see you bringing in 2016 – our 40th year!

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Boundaries / Kunes Country Christmas Party

A couple of good gigs this weekend. Rainbow Bridge made its debut at Boundaries on Friday night and had a good crowd. Boundaries has a great (and busy) Friday fish fry and the plan was to start the band directly afterwards hoping that people would stick around – and they did. We had to carry equipment through the crowd, but there was not much else we could do. We were told the place usually clears out around 10:00 and we had quite a few people actually stay until the 1:00 quitting time. This was a mixture of our Moose Club and Hammys material as the age group was quite varied. Overall, it went well and I hope it’ll be more of a regular gig for us.

Saturday had us at the Lake Lawn Lodge for the Kunes Country Christmas party. Gary does I.T. contract work and Kunes is his largest client. We setup in the afternoon – before the people started showing up which is common for private parties. Bob and Dawn both drove as we used Bob’s PA system for this one. It was quite a wait from setup to playing time so we ate and just hung out. Matt had plenty of time to drive back home to get a different pair of shoes. This was a big event with food and drink in every banquet hall in the place; Gary estimated about 600 people. They wanted it rockin’ so we came out swinging at 9:30 and played straight through to quitting time. It was packed house with a full dance floor from start to finish. Towards the middle of the show, we had a few sit-in singers and drummers that ate up some of the time. All said, it was a great gig and the band was well received. It’s probably a good thing we had Sunday off as Saturday was a long day for all of us.

Rainbow Bridge is back at the Drunken Monkey this Friday at 9:30. On Saturday, we’ll be at the Moose Club from 7 – 10 which will be different for us as we usually play on Fridays.
The Gary McAdams Band is at Boundaries on Sunday from noon to 3:00.

On a side note, Shawna Schultz’s husband, Mark, is in a Las Vegas hospital with bleeding on the brain. Reports are that he’s doing better and will be home soon. Mark has run sound for us and played with both Gary and Rainbow Bridge. He’s a great guy and we’re all praying for a full and speedy recovery.

Holly’s birthday is Wednesday and she and I will be celebrating that night. We’ll be “age-tied” for about 6 weeks and then I’ll pull ahead!

Stop out this weekend and say hello!

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Sunday @ Hammys

Just the Sunday afternoon gig at Hammys for us this week. Cyndi went to her Prent Christmas party on Friday and Holly and I went to the Hal Leonard party on Saturday. Hammys was as busy as I’ve ever seen it. Good weather, no Packer game and a couple of birthdays made for a great crowd. Local Elvis tribute artist, Shawn Sharp was celebrating a birthday and we got him up to sing a couple. Susie Peterson, also having a birthday, was out with friends. Lucas Brookins was in the crowd and we had him up to play drums on a handful of songs. It’s not really a jam on Sunday, but we can let people sit in if we choose. Jerry Dabson, who we usually have join us, was out but left before we a chance to ask him up.

Hammys is a place where we just about always draw a good crowd. I get the feeling that there are many loyal patrons as we see a lot of regulars there. To a lot of people this place is their “Cheers” and they do support the bar. As we’ve said before, Hammys does a lot to support live music and we appreciate that!

We’re at Boundaries on Friday which will be a first for Rainbow Bridge. Judging by the Sundays, I’m assuming this might be an older crowd, but we’ll see. It’s a nice place and we’ve had good turnouts on Sundays when the Gary McAdams Band plays.

We’re playing a private Christmas party on Saturday that we’re looking forward to.
Thanks again to all who stopped out to Hammys – it was a lot of fun.

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