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Moose Club / Countryside Inn / Hammys

Feast or famine. It was a three-gig weekend for Rainbow Bridge this time around. We started Friday at the Moose Club and had a good night. This is a members-only club but it’s easy to get in as a guest. We play our older, traditional country here as that’s what fits the room. But we do manage to slip in a few of the newer ones if they’re “light sounding” enough. I enjoy the change in style as it can be challenging to play and the band sounds good on these songs. Also, the Moose has a huge dance floor and we’re done at 10:00! We appreciate all who stop out.

Back to the Countryside Inn on Saturday and another good night. Bob forgot his hi-hat stand and Dawn ran back to get it. When it comes to setting up, we usually arrive with time to spare as you never what can happen, be forgotten or might not work. Once I had to reattach my amp plug on a gig as the power wouldn’t come on, but it was done in time. Again, thanks to Dawn for making the extra trip. Not much more to say other than again, thanks for stopping out and making it a fun night.

We finished up the weekend back at Hammys on Sunday afternoon. It’s almost always a good crowd on Sunday and this was no exception. Jerry Dabson sat-in for few and Shawna Schultz filled in some harmony on “The Rose”.

Oddly enough, we’re right back at Hammys next Sunday for our only gig next weekend. My company Christmas party is Saturday night in Milwaukee and Holly and I are going. I believe Cyndi’s company party is Friday.

We’ll see you next Sunday back at Hammys!

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Band Vacation / Fill-in Gig / GMB / Drunken Monkey

Two weeks off for the band vacation but I had a couple of gigs. The 1st Saturday in November I played with the rock band “Jumping Parker” at Real McCoys over in Delavan. It was fun but I had a lot of difficult guitar songs to learn. We played once before and actually had a practice, but I’m a little spoiled by how tight Rainbow Bridge is. It went okay; Holly, Erin, Matt and Stacy all stopped out. Cyndi and Bryan took their annual trip to Arizona.

The Sunday of the 2nd week was a Gary McAdams Band gig at Boundaries. Tom McCarty was the new bass player as both Shawna and Cyndi were gone. I was the only solo instrument so it was a fun challenge for me. Tom is also a good singer and we did some fun tunes.

Rainbow Bridge did two nights at the Drunken Monkey this past weekend as the Saturday night band had to cancel. As you know, the snow came down on Friday night and we had no idea how the night would go. We played it by ear and were ready to stop at any time, but there were enough people out to have us play all night – and we appreciate that! It felt really good to play again and I was surprised by how well things sounded and with very few mistakes. I did a fair amount of song reviewing which did help! Former member, Deb Smith, was home for the holiday and was out with her sister and Matt’s classmate, Fern Smith. We still do a few songs that we played when Deb was in the band. David Ryder handled sound and lights both nights and did a great job. We had a decent crowd on Saturday too and again played all night. Cyndi played the Hammys jam with Jerry Dabson on Saturday afternoon. I was going to go, but stayed at dad’s and shoveled snow most of the day.

Matt lost his razor over the two-week vacation and showed up with a beard. I’ve always said that I liked this look on him and we’ll see how long it lasts.

It’s too bad we’re not playing the Wednesday before Thanksgiving as this has been a tradition. The Varsity Lanes, which had been booking us, is now closed. But we have 3 one-nighters coming up this week: Friday at the Moose Club, Saturday at the Countryside Inn and then Hammys on Sunday afternoon.

Happy Thanksgiving and stop out and say hello!

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Drunken Monkey / Halloween @ The Countryside

Rainbow Bridge was off for a week, although the Gary McAdams Band played at the old Liberty Station, now Klig’s Union Depot, in Milton on Saturday. I hadn’t been in there in years and was surprised to see the new look and layout. It was a good night with a fill-in drummer that I can’t remember the name of – sorry. There were a few regulars out; even a few people in costume and it turned out to be a fun night.

Two gigs over Halloween weekend for Rainbow Bridge. We started on Friday at the Drunken Monkey and had a decent crowd. The last time we played there it was the slowest night I’d ever seen. I was glad to see it be a better night. We decided not to dress up on Friday – just Saturday. David Ryder handled the sound and lights and it was a good night on that end too. We’ve had troubles with the sound before but it sounded good on stage and off. We played our most recent song addition, “Who’s Bed Have Your Boots Been Under” and we remembered it! Of course, Matt did “The Monster Mash”.

Halloween night had us at the Countryside Inn and it was a fun night. There are pictures on Facebook us all of us in costume, along with audience members that were also dressed up. The band: Cyndi (60s Groovy Girl) Gary (Cool Cowboy) Bob (Reggae Man) Matt (Colonial Ghost with Stacy) and Me (Slash – Guitarist for Guns ‘N Roses). I thought Matt and Stacy had the best outfits but that’s just my opinion. Stacy took 3rd in the costume contest. Bob and Dawn brought out the PA system and Bob’s new lights that really made a difference. Being just a one-nighter, we (Bob and Dawn) didn’t set up the elaborate Halloween stage that we’ve used in the past, although the stage was decorated. It was also the owner’s (Rich Erdman) birthday and we sang happy birthday to him. Rich was our original drummer and there was talk of getting him up to play with us, but it didn’t pan out. We’re playing the Countryside on New Year’s Eve and there’s talk of having our 40th anniversary there.

Thanks to all who stopped out this weekend – we appreciate it!

We’re officially off now for two weeks as we do every November. Cyndi and Bryan usually head out to Arizona. I have a fill-in gig at the Real McCoys on Saturday with the rock band “Jumping Parker” that Holly and Erin are planning on coming out to. Gary has a Saturday gig at Boundaries. The Gary McAdams Band has a gig at Boundaries not this, but next Sunday afternoon, the 15th. Matt will probably be working double shifts and Bob will probably be doing some sound gigs. It looks like Cyndi is the only one making a vacation of it! – we’ll see.

The next Rainbow Bridge gig will be back at the Drunken Monkey on Friday, November 20th. Stop out and say hello!

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