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New Song / Lucy’s Hideaway / GMB @ Boundaries

We had a practice on Saturday afternoon and relearned “Who’s Bed Have Your Boots Been Under” by Shania Twain. It sounded good and we played it a couple of times Saturday night.

It was back to Lucy’s Hideaway for a one-nighter on Saturday. There was a “Remembrance Party” for Chris Yancey, a birthday, and a group of dancers that made for a busy night. The dance group took most of the chairs out of the room where we played, which was fine for dancing, but not for seating if you didn’t want to be in the bar area. We used Bob’s PA this time and had a good sound. A couple of Bud Light Girls were in the crowd with beers and beads. All said, it was a good night for us and the earlier hours helped as there a lot of people at the start, but it thinned out closer to quitting time.

Former drummer, Rick Mattelig, was in the crowd. We asked him to sit-in (suggested by Bob) but he said no. Guitarist, Dave Tomten, was also out. Dawn Richter has a video of “In Color” on Facebook. Again, thanks to all who stopped out and supported the band.

The Gary McAdams Band played at Boundaries at noon on Sunday due to the 3:25 Packer game. It was nice of them to change the hours rather than cancel the gig. We had a good crowd including Bob, who sat-in for a few.

Rainbow Bridge is off this coming weekend, although the Gary McAdams Band is playing Saturday night at the old Liberty Station in Milton. Gary’s close friend, Bruce Hahn, set this up.
I haven’t been in there in years – should be interesting.

Halloween is coming and Matt’s “Monster Mash” is a regular part of the show.

We’ll be back at the Drunken Monkey on Friday the 30th from 9:30 to 1:30
and then at the Countryside on Saturday the 31st from 8 – 12.
Stop out and say hello!

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Hammys / Nina & Earl birthdays

Just Friday night at Hammys, but we had a good night. Thanks right off the bat to Nina Spenle, who came out for her birthday. Nina has followed the band longer than anyone I can think of.
Earl Young would be the next and also had a birthday this past week. We appreciate Nina stopping out and for the mini-cookies! It felt good to have a bar crowd again. Our last Drunken Monkey gig had me a little bummed out. I know a few bands who just fizzled out because they couldn’t draw a crowd anymore and bar owners will tell you you’re only as good as the till. But we had a packed house right to the end with a lot of dancers. There’s a video of Matt doing “The Monster Mash” that has quite a few viewings. I headed home after the gig as this was it for me. Cyndi played on Saturday afternoon with Jerry Dabson so she left her equipment there. Bob has been running sound for other bands when we’re off and had a sound-gig this weekend.

Saturday was oil-changing and back step painting day for me. And we had a grand-daughter stay overnight. On Sunday, Holly and I took a bike ride – might be the last one of the season.

Rainbow Bridge back at Lucy’s Hideaway on Saturday from 8:30 – 12:30. We’ve talked about a practice beforehand – we’ll see.
The Gary McAdams Band plays Sunday at Boundaries starting at noon due to the game. Stop out and say hello. And be sure to wish Nina and Earl a happy birthday!

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Rockford Raddison / MDA Benefit in Whitewater

A little change of pace for us this past weekend. On Friday, we played at the Rockford Raddison for a dance club. We got this gig from people who saw us at the Moose. It was an older crowd, nicely dressed and early hours for us. We were done at 10:30. It was a good response and we received a lot of compliments. We started at 6:30 while food was being served. People got up to dance during the supper hour which we were told never happens. We also tried three new songs that all worked out. I guess as we get older, we’re appealing better to older crowds! The only bummer was leaving a PA cable behind. Gary said he’d be in the Rockford area and might see if it’s still there.

We played in Whitewater for a MDA benefit on Saturday from 7 – 11. This was a mixed group and we went over well. We had some friends drive from Jefferson which was nice. They had the usual raffles and silent auctions along with food and beverages. It was a fun time and again we were done early. I drove back to Milwaukee after the gig.

It’s a one-nighter this weekend as we’re at Hammys on Friday night from 8 – 12.
Long-time regulars Nina Spenle and Earl Young both have birthdays coming up this week.
Stop out to Hammys on Friday; say hello and check out the “Monster Mash” by Matthew!

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