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Moose / Drunken Monkey / Chris Yancey

I didn’t blog last week as Rainbow Bridge was off. However, the Gary McAdams Band had another recording session in Madison on Friday night. It went better than the first time and we got a lot more done. No gig last Saturday but the GMB was at Boundaries in Beloit. Steve Dougherty was out of town so Pat Betts filled in on drums. It was a good time.

Rainbow Bridge was at the Moose Club this past Friday night. We had a good crowd and a good time. We even pulled out another “cha-cha” (Never on Sunday) as someone told me last time that we didn’t play any. Of course we did, but another one on the list doesn’t hurt.

Chris Yancey past away this past week and a service was held Friday afternoon at the Pontiac Convention Center. The band was unable to make it, but Gary threw a group together and played a couple of sets. Chris was a good friend of the band and we were so sad to hear the news.

With national bands at “Sonic Boom” at the airport and Shotgun Jane down the street, it was really slow at the Drunken Monkey on Saturday. Although, the sound was better – just not enough people to notice. The Drunken Monkey took out all the standing tables and went with chairs. It really had a different look and we’ll see how people react. I was told too many band members were playing on tables so they took them out. We were probably the first guilty party on that one! We were hoping to get some overflow after sonic boom was over but it didn’t work out for us. Hopefully it’ll be better next time. Being Halloween season, Matt did his “Monster Mash” for the first time this year and little of it wound up on Facebook thanks to Dawn Richter.

We’re playing at the Rockford Radison on Friday for a dance club similar to the Moose.
I believe we got the gig from being seen at the Moose.
We’re in Whitewater Legion on Saturday from 7 – 11. Don’t know much about this one. Thanks to all who stopped out this past weekend!

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Church Festivals – Christ the King / St. Williams

Church festival weekend for us. We were off on Friday but played Saturday in Brookfield at the Christ the King church festival. I got this job from one of our choral editors who was looking for a band. The big disappointment was the cold weather. We had a small-medium sized crowd when we started, but just about everybody left after our first and only break. I brought an extra long-sleeve shirt that Matt wound up using. The band sounded good and we received a lot of nice remarks but it was just too cold to sit outside. They talked about having us back next year and maybe in August. I really appreciated the shorter drive! Holly and Erin were out and there are a couple of videos that Holly put up on Facebook.

It was another church festival on Sunday – this time at St. Williams in Janesville. It was a very pleasant day and we had a great crowd in spite of playing the same time as the first regular season Packer game! There was a TV off to the left of the stage and we were given updates on the score. Actually, the first time we played this festival, it was very cold out. The tent had space heaters up which helped. All said, both gigs went well.

I stopped off and visited Scotty Vogl before leaving town. Scotty and I hosted the Sunday Castaways (Off the Hook) and Sandtrap jams for a long time. Scotty has also done work on my guitars. His health is bad, but he seemed better that what I expected and was taking about continuing his cancer treatments. We all wish him the best.

We’re off this weekend, but the Gary McAdams Band is doing some recording on Friday and has a gig on Sunday at Boundaries in Beloit from 3 – 7 .
Stop out and say hello!

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Walworth County Fair / Hammys

Rainbow Bridge started off Labor Day weekend at the Walworth County Fair on Friday. It was a warm one, but we had a good crowd and good response. Gary was coming down with something and didn’t feel good all weekend but everything sounded fine. Cyndi was feeling it on Saturday and I hear she has a cold now. Again, the show went great. It’s a real treat to have sound guys that know what they’re doing. Sure takes the extra worry off of us. I drove back to West Allis after the gig.

The Gary McAdams Band played the same stage on Saturday night. We reversed the order of the front line-up so the personal would look a little different. This gig also went well with a good response. People flocked over after the Charlie Daniels Band finished so we played an extra half hour and finished at 10:00.

Rainbow Bridge finished up the weekend on Sunday at Hammys. It was too hot and humid to play outside so we set up inside – in the air conditioning! We had a good afternoon and I thought the band sounded really good that day. Jerry Dabson sat-in for a few and got a good response. All said, it was a great weekend and we thank all who stopped out.

Just thinking – back in the day we always closed the show at Laborfest which was a blast. After that ended, the Owl’s Club would book us all weekend, again on Monday afternoon and put out free brats. I guess nothing ever stays the same so enjoy it while you can!

Our Kutter’s gig on Saturday afternoon was cancelled, but we’re playing in the Milwaukee area for a church festival on Saturday. I got the gig from a lady at work who was looking for a band. It’ll be interesting if any of my Milwaukee friends show up. People always say, “Let me know if you’re ever playing around here.” We’ll see.
Holly and Erin might be out as they haven’t seen the band since Pat’s wedding.

We have another festival early on Sunday at St. Williams in  Janesville from 12 – 4. We played this last year and it was freezing out. The whole tent was filled with space heaters. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate for both gigs.

On a personal note, I started at Hal Leonard the day after Labor Day in 1995, now 20 years ago. Time flies and I still like what I do and the people I work with. You’ll never hear me complain about work. Stop out Sunday if you’re not making the trip to Brookfield.

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