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Benefit @ VFW / Rosati’s

We played a veteran’s benefit at the Janesville VFW on Saturday afternoon from 2 -3:30. I heard it wasn’t advertised enough, but we had a good time. The sound company brought in some good-sized speakers and we were concerned about being too loud as it was a small room. To our surprise, we were mixed very well and quiet enough. Everything went great and the set went fast. The bummer was that I left my guitar stand there and will probably have to get another one.
Matt’s 35th class reunion was held at Lakeview that day and he headed right over for that.

We were at Rosati’s on Saturday night. It was the first time there since the new ownership. Like Knutes in Orfordville, we had to wait for people to finish eating and tables to be cleared before we could set up.
We had a decent crowd but what really made the night was Matt’s classmates stopping out and filling the dance floor. Doug and Deb Brookins were out with Lucas, and he sat-in for a few. There’s a video up on Facebook.

Rainbow Bridge is at the Walworth Fair on Friday night at the Park Stage from 7 – 10. The Gary McAdams Band is there on Saturday, same stage and hours.
Rainbow Bridge finishes off the weekend on Sunday at Hammys from 3 – 7. I’m glad Monday is a holiday!
My Hal Leonard anniversary start date is the Tuesday after Labor Day. I’m starting my 21st year. Yes, time does go fast.
Stop out to the fair and Hammys this weekend. We’ll see you there!

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S.S.I. Company Picnic / Drunken Monkey / Lakeview

No gig on Friday but we made it up by playing twice on Saturday. We met up Saturday morning at the Rock County fairgrounds to play the S.S.I. company picnic. They went all out with a buffet, rides for the kids, antique cars and us!
The weather was perfect and everything went great. Bob set up his PA and we had a nice sound. There was quite a breeze that blew Gary’s guitar over during the last set. Fortunately there was no damage done. I headed back to dads afterwards for a quick nap before heading to the next gig.

I was told the Drunken Monkey had their house PA system all rewired so we were looking forward to fewer sound troubles this time. The sad part was that this time was even worse with us not being able to hear ourselves and speakers not working.
Plus, we’re mixed like other hard rock groups that play there and it’s often too loud for the people that follow us. David Ryder showed up during the first set and made every effort to help. It was a little too late as Cyndi and I both were losing our voices due to having no monitors to hear. Gary was even backing off to make sure he had something left for Sunday. We had a decent crowd for a while, but I think the sound troubles and volume lead to people leaving. We’re looking into just using our PA system from now on. Too bad because there’s plenty of seating and a good dance floor. The staff is friendly, they treat us good, and we’ve played there for many years now. Hopefully we can work something out that benefits everyone. Thanks to all who stopped out.

We had a great afternoon on Sunday at Lakeview. Beautiful day, good crowd and we sounded good again with Bob’s PA. I’d really like to thank Bob and Dawn Richter for the extra effort it takes to bring the PA system. It sure is worth it.
You can see pictures on Facebook.

We’re off on Friday but it Gary is playing at Merrill & Houston’s in Beloit from 7 – 10. Dave Potter has been the guitarist for these gigs.
Rainbow Bridge is at Rosati’s, in Newville on Saturday from 9 – 1. We’ve played there under different owners, but this will be a first for us. I hear the food is great.

On a personal note, Matt’s and my uncle, Art Arnold passed away this week. Luckily we both had a chance to say final goodbyes. I really feel sad for dad as Art was his only sibling.
Art was polio victim and lead an incredible life – see my post on Facebook. He’ll be greatly missed.

Anyway stop out this weekend and say hello. We’ll see you there!

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GMB in Beloit / Fill-in Gig at Real McCoys / Anchor Inn

Friday had the Gary McAdams Band in Beloit at Riverwest Park for a 2-hour show. Joel Patterson, steel guitar and 6-string guitarist from Chicago, sat-in with the band and gave us a big sound. Bob also helped with the soundmen to get things set just right. It was a good crowd and the weather held out. Gary borrowed a couple of amps to save Joel some time as he had another gig that night. I borrowed one of the Fender Twins, and even though it’s a great amp, I was not in my comfort zone. What is it about those Peaveys? The wind picked up and it looked like rain when we were tearing down but we managed to get everything packed.

We were off Saturday but I got a last minute call from the rock band “Jumping Parker” to play at Real McCoys in Delavan. I spent a little time on Thursday and all day Saturday working on songs to pull this off. The homework was worth it as the band sounded good. People were amazed that we had just met each other that night, although I have been at open jams with the drummer, Tony, before. It was fun and a big challenge for me. I actually felt better about my playing that night than I did on Friday. On a side note: one of the twenty dollar bills I was paid with turned out to be fake. Holly found on Monday morning when she tried to use it. I called the bar and the band leader just to put out the notice. The bar owners won’t be back until Wednesday. I’m probably just SOL, but we’ll see.

Rainbow Bridge finished off the weekend with perfect weather at the Anchor Inn on Sunday. Bob and Matt were both not feeling well but still put on a great show. There are many pictures and even some videos up on Facebook – thanks to all who posted them. Lucas Brookins, who had a half-page article in the Milton Courier on his piano tuning skills, sat-in on drums for a few songs and was good as always. Of course, we were celebrating Cyndi’s birthday on Monday. Bryan, their son, Dylan, Cyndi’s sister, Lisa, and many friends were out to wish her a good one.

We’re off on Friday but making it up with 2 gigs on Saturday: a company party from 11:30 – 3:30, and then the Drunken Monkey that night from 9:30 – 1:30.
We’re back at Lakeview on Sunday from 3 – 7 and hopefully the weather will cooperate. Stop out and wish a belated one to Cyndi if you missed us this Sunday.

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Recording GMB / Ooh-rah Benefit / Lakeland Campground / Boundaries

It was a trip to Madison on Friday night to record the Gary McAdams Band at Ken Koeppler’s studio, Sound Garden Studios. Gary’s friends from Texas, Brian Harlen and wife Irene, were also there as was Greg VanBlaricom. The recording went well; we did a half dozen songs, but I knew I could do better guitar parts – darn! We went out to eat afterwards at a Madison “artsy” type bar/restaurant and had trouble finding something on the menu that we knew. But it made for a good story on Sunday.

Rainbow Bridge played for the 8th annual Ooh-rah benefit in Shopiere on Saturday afternoon. We played only an hour and it was for a good cause. The Dave Potter Trio was on before us and Southbound afterward. Matt and I hung around and listened to Southbound’s complete set. We enjoyed them, and they played a half-dozen of our songs which was different to listen to.

We were at Lakeland Campground on Saturday night. Quite the humid night and all our fans were plugged in. It started a little slow at 8:00 but filled up quickly and we had a good crowd right up to 11:00. Cary Farmer was in the crowd and sang a couple with us. It was fun to play a campground again; brings back memories of our years at Blackhawk and Crazy Horse.

The Gary McAdams Band finished up the weekend on Sunday at Boundaries and had a good crowd. Brian Harlen, Gary’s friend from Texas, got up and sang “I’ve Been Everywhere” which names about a thousand cites in the song. I was amazed he could remember all of them. He also sang “Diggin’ Up Bones”. It was a fun afternoon and I headed home afterwards.

Rainbow Bridge is playing tonight (Tuesday) at Kutters for Bike Night from 6 – 9
The Gary McAdams Band plays Friday at The Riverfront Park in Beloit from 7 – 9. It looks like we’re off on Saturday.
Sunday has us at the Anchor Inn from 3 – 7 (weather permitting).

Cyndi has a birthday on Monday the 17th so we’ll be celebrating that this weekend. Stop out and say hello!

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Rock County Fair / Benefit / Hammys

Friday late afternoon at the Rock County Fair and it was a warm one. Alex Pope was going to run sound, but had something come up at the last minute. Bob, Dawn and Cyndi managed to load up Bob’s PA and it did the job. We played from 4 – 7 and only took one break. Former light man, Russ White, was in the crowd and we acknowledged him. The National Guard tent was right next to the band stage. They weren’t officially doing the pushup thing but I talked them into it. Don’t know how many I did as the recruiter was taking to me, but I did get a key ring!

We left our band sign at Lakeview last Sunday. I stopped by on Saturday morning and it was put in the back room. We thank Lakeview for saving it for us.

We played in Beloit on Saturday afternoon for a benefit. The Vogel brothers, who run sound at the Anchor Inn, were there. We listened to a set from “Mirror Image” before we went on. I enjoyed the cool dance tunes. We only played about an hour and a half, but it was a beautiful day and it went well. Since our Saturday night gig was cancelled, I decided to head home.

It was a drive back for Hammys on Sunday afternoon – another warm day and a good crowd. Thanks to all who stopped out. I tried to call songs we hadn’t done in a while which keeps it fresh for us. You never know what you’re going to hear!

The Gary McAdams Band is recording on Friday night in Madison which should be fun. Rainbow Bridge has two events on Saturday: The OOH-rah Fest in Shopiere from 2 – 4 (see the link on our home page) and then Lakeland Campground that night from 8 – 11.

The Gary McAdams Band is back at Boundaries on Sunday from 3 – 7 . Stop out and say hello!

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