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Schullsburg / Moose / Lakeview

Thursday was a long drive to Schullsburg for their music in the park night. On the way over, Gary’s alternator went out, but he made it to the gig. Humphrey Transport took his vehicle and replaced the alternator before the band was finished with the gig! Can’t say thanks enough for that! Bob had his new PA for this job and it worked out fantastic. We had a great “sit-down and listen crowd” although a number of people got up to dance on the grass. It was just a two-hour gig with a raffle in-between and it went fast. I spent more time driving than playing. John Bredeson, a friend of the band who’s fighting brain cancer, was out and we’re sad to say that it was the last time. John has been coming to our gigs as much as possible and always requests “Who Says You Can’t Go Home”. We played it that night and took a group picture with John when we were done. I just heard today that John has passed away. So sorry to hear the news.

Back at the Moose on Friday and we had a good night. We try to play as softly as possible at the Moose and had no complaints this time. It’s a 7 – 10 gig so we’re done early. Hearing Gary and Cyndi doing “God Bless America” and The Star Spangled Banner” is worth the price of admission in my book. As you know, there was a mix-up on our New Year’s gig and they were very apologetic about it. The Moose is also looking in to having us once a month next year. I headed back to West Allis after the gig.

We were off on Saturday but back at Lakeview on Sunday afternoon. There was a light rain on the drive over so I was a little concerned. But the weather cooperated and we had a great afternoon. You can see pictures from Schullsburg and Lakeview on Facebook thanks to Dawn Richter. We also played our two new songs and both went over well. Matt and I traded guitars on the last song and I see a picture is up on Facebook.

It’s a real busy weekend coming up with the Rock County Fair on Friday, a benefit at Suds on Saturday afternoon, Whiskey Ranch that night, and finishing at Hammys on Sunday afternoon. If the National Guard has their tent up at the fair, I’ll do the pushup thing again. This started over ten years ago, and still something I look forward to. Plenty of chances to see the band this weekend so stop put and say hello!

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Drunken Monkey / Countryside Inn / Hammys / New Songs

Another busy weekend for Rainbow Bridge. Friday night started at the Drunken Monkey. Dave Ryder, from Voight Music and a former student, ran sound for us for the 1st time. I don’t recall the name of the guy running the lights – sorry. Both did a good job and I think we were a little quieter this time. Some soundmen are too use to mixing hard rock bands and sometimes give us the same treatment – which is wrong for what we do. With 4 singers and a lot of harmony, the vocals are what should stand out. It was a good night and we had a good time. Thanks to all who stopped out.

It was practice time on Saturday afternoon and we learned “Diamond Rings and Old Bar Stools” (Tim McGraw) and “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man” (Bob Seger). Quite the variety, and Gary does both really well. After practice, we headed out to the Countryside Inn to set up. It was another decent night with a mixed-age crowd. The new songs went over well and I thought the band sounded good – again, not too loud and with the vocals out front. The Countryside has a great stage, huge dance floor and we’ve been drawing a little better there. Hopefully, people are giving it another look.

We finished up on Sunday with a great crowd at Hammys. The weather was perfect and people were out. Check out pictures by Dawn Richter, Travis Hunter, and Laura Farnsworth on Facebook from the entire weekend and you can see what you missed! As always, we can’t say thank you enough to all the people who support what we do. We’re there to entertain you and everyone is appreciated.

I will say from our Moose Club type gigs to the Drunken Monkey, there’s a wide variety of music and quite the mix of ages that come to see us. Sometimes it’s hard figuring out what to play as we cater to who’s there and dancing. We try to mix it up and play something for everybody, but it’s not always easy! The variety is also challenging for the band as not every gig is the exact same songs and format, which helps to keep things fresh.

We’re playing in Schulsberg on Thursday for a city event from 7 – 9. It’s quite a ways, especially for me. There’ll be more driving time that playing time on this gig! Friday has us back at the Moose Club from 7 – 10. This a members only club, but you can get in as a guest of a member. We’re off on Saturday.
It’s the Lakeview on Sunday from 3 – 7 and hopefully the weather will cooperate.

On another note: Our New Year’s Gig at the Moose Club fell through and Cyndi rebooked us at the Countryside Inn. Hard to imagine 2016 and our 40th year – we need a big party! Stop out this weekend and say hello!

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Anchor Inn / Sugar River Machine Inc. / Cary Farmer Benefit / GMB @ Boundaries

Rainbow Bridge started the weekend at the Anchor Inn on Friday night. Even with just the side bar open and no food, it was still a good night. Maybe it’s just listening to a band on the water that has the appeal. The only issue is the bugs that come out when the sun goes down. It was a little better this time as we didn’t swallow any! We might try moving the lights farther away as that’s what draws them. The Anchor is going to be an amazing place when it’s finished – hopefully soon.

We played Sugar River Machine’s 20 year anniversary party  in South Beloit on Saturday afternoon and had a good time. David Klingenmeyer owns the business and we played his wedding (wife Diane) at Milton College back in 1981. It was informal with a lot of great food and drink and we were glad they had us for their party. It was raining throughout the afternoon but we were under a tent and got in and out okay. We packed up right away and headed straight to Off the Hook for Cary Farmer’s benefit. It was a good turnout with a lot of friends. Jason Bruner was running the sound and got up to sing with us. Former bass player, Denny Wayne, was also up for a few. Cary was there most of the day and probably against doctor’s orders. He was in pain but didn’t show it. Gotta say it was good to see him and the remark of the day was that we were glad it was a benefit and not a funeral.

The Gary McAdams Band finished off the weekend at Boundaries on Sunday. Regular drummer, Steve Dougherty, was out of town so Bob played the gig. It started a little slow but picked up quickly and turned out to be a good afternoon. You can see pictures off all the gigs on Facebook thanks to Dawn Richter.

Rainbow Bridge is at the Drunken Monkey on Friday, Country Side Inn on Saturday and Hammys on Sunday afternoon. Stop out and say hello!

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4th of July Weekend / GMB / Shilberg Park

4th of July weekend and a return to my all-time favorite gig. The weekend started off with the Gary McAdams Band playing in Evansville late Friday afternoon. It was the 1st time this band has been mic’d up with a full sound system, and we were spread out more than we’ve ever been. This was kind of an issue as being unrehearsed, we rely on a lot of on-stage cues which were harder to hear and see. But it went well and the people there enjoyed the band. Jamie Campbell and the Redneck Romeos followed us and we got to chat awhile during the set-up, tear-down phase.

Bob and Dawn really went all out for the 4th of July in Milton. As mentioned on Facebook, Bob provided a new PA system, which is larger than what we have been using, but doesn’t take up any more room – except in the vehicles! It gave us a bigger sound and there were a lot of compliments. I also liked the rope light that went around the band area, and the mosquito pails that were already lit. Check out Dawn’s pictures on Facebook. As you know, we did not play this event last year as someone decided to “try something different”. It felt good to be back and we were immediately booked again for next year! This is hometown for Cyndi, Matt and I and it’s great to see friends and family in the crowd.

Speaking of Matthew, his birthday is today, 7/6 and we celebrated that night. It makes me feel old to see my little brother racking up the big numbers! It was a great weekend and the weather could not have been better. We had Sunday off so Holly and I made a day of biking on Buttercup, again in perfect weather.

We’re at the Anchor Inn (for sure this time) on Friday from 7 – 11. We have a private party on Saturday afternoon from 2 – 6 and then will be heading out to “Off the Hook” for the Cary Farmer benefit. The Gary McAdams Band returns to Boundaries on Sunday from 3 – 7.

On a side note – a dear friend of mine, Robert Yelin, a long-time jazz guitarist, sent me a beautiful Gibson L5 archtop guitar as part of his will. He was still alive at the time but wanted me to have it now. This is actually the 3rd guitar he has given me, but this one is too beautiful for words. I’m seriously thinking about revisiting my jazz playing and maybe someday finding a jazz gig just to use it – maybe something to do in my retirement years.

Stop out this weekend and say happy birthday to Matthew if you missed us at the 4th.

Update: I just found today that Robert Yelin passed away on July 3rd. Words do not describe my sadness and the guitars mean more than ever now.

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