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Kutters / Video Award / GMB @ Hammys / Drunken Monkey

The week started with “Bike Night” at Kutters Harley Davidson on Tuesday and we had good weather and good crowd. We try to keep the volume down as it is big open pavilion and got a few nice remarks about not being too loud. It’s a fun gig with one of the bigger crowds we play to – just too bad it’s a weekday which means a drive over and back for me!

Our “Who Put the Rock in Rock County” video won an award along with other local bands and a presentation was held at Bazingas on Thursday night. I was unable to attend but the rest of the band went and had a good time. Matt told me that the guitar player in “Rock Star” thanked me for his first guitar lessons which was a nice gesture. Guitarists in some of the other bands also had Matt as a teacher. I really wanted to go but already driving over and back on Tuesday was enough for me.

The Gary McAdams Band played at Hammys on Friday night and had a nice crowd. We were told that due to noise complaints (from previous bands) windows and doors now needed to be closed. Good thing we all had our fans – the plug-in kind!

I headed down to Hammy’s again on Saturday for the afternoon jam session and wound up playing most of the day with Phil Trumpy, Chainsaw Curtis and Danny Grayless. It was a lot of fun. I headed over to the Drunken Monkey afterward and set my gear up for the evening show.

Rainbow Bridge returned to the Drunken Monkey on Saturday and had a good night. Dawn Richter put up a lot of pictures and Travis Hartman Hunter put up a couple of videos which we appreciate. See what you missed?

Strange day on Sunday as the Anchor Inn job was cancelled. Bob, Matt, Gary and I all found after the fact and showed up to an empty Anchor Inn. Bob had already set up a few of his drums but stopped when things seemed too questionable. Stacy Swanson was going to have a birthday party there that afternoon but the threat (and there was) of rain closed things up.

The 4th of July weekend is coming up and I’m really looking forward to returning to Milton’s festival in Shilberg Park after being off last year. The GMB is playing in Evansville on Friday and Rainbow Bridge is in Milton on Saturday from 7:30 to 11:00. Speaking of birthdays – Cyndi’s and my son, Corey, turns 28 on the 2nd and Matthew turns 53 on the 6th. Stop out on Saturday and wish Matthew a good “Herbie the Love Bug” birthday – look it up and you’ll see what I mean! Happy 4th of July and we’ll see you this weekend!

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Lucas Brookins Graduation / GMB @ the S. Beloit American Legion

Lucas Brookins had his graduation party on Saturday afternoon at the Meyer Farm Market. Cyndi and friends put a lot of effort into getting things ready and it worked out great. There was plenty of food, refreshment, dessert and of course, live music by the band. Lucas sat-in on drums for a few including “Waltz Across Texas” which was a little different for him. Bob gave Lucas a new cymbal for his drum set as a graduation gift. Lucas’s mom, Carmin, also sang “The Rose” with us and it sounded good. The weather held out; we all had our fans going, and it was a great party. You can see pictures from Dawn Richter on Facebook. We finished at 7:00 and I headed back to dads and called it a night.

The Gary McAdams Band played at the South Beloit American Legion on Sunday afternoon for a fund raiser. Bob brought his new PA system to give it a try and he dialed it in as we were playing. It’s bigger than our usual set-up and something we might use for larger venues – maybe even the 4th of July. We thank him for taking the time and for letting the GMB use it.

We’re right back at it on Tuesday at Kutters for Bike Night from 5 – 9. The Gary McAdams Band has a gig at Hammy’s on Friday night. Rainbow Bridge is at the Drunken Monkey on Saturday night and then at the Anchor Inn on Sunday from 3 – 7. I haven’t been by the Anchor since the fire and am curious to see how it will work out. We hope all the fathers had a good day on Sunday and stop this week and say hello!

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Whiskey Ranch / Boundaries / Gary’s Birthday

A one-nighter and a 10:00 start for us at the Whiskey Ranch in downtown Janesville. Main Street was completely torn up and I had to go around the block and come in the back way. There is a parking structure in the back but I’m thinking, “Who’s gonna be here when there’s no street?” Much to my surprise, we had a busy night and thanks to all who stopped out. We had a guy, (forgot his name) running sound and lights for us that night. We had compliments on the sound and the lights looked great, but one of Bob’s drums had a low-end ring that the sound guy couldn’t seem to fix which was a little frustrating. I tried my new practice amp on the 1st set and had a lot of trouble. I couldn’t hear it and what I heard didn’t sound right, which meant I made more mistakes than usual as my concentration was too divided. I went back to my regular amp on break and all was well. Dancing was a little hit-and-miss but we received numerous positive comments so people were listening! Seems there was a fight outside at the end of the night as the alley was filled with squad cars. On another note-I forgot to grab my wallet before leaving Milwaukee. Gary and Bob were both kind enough to front me a little spending money if we were charged for drinks. It’s a little scary not having your driver’s license or any ID for that matter. All said, it was a good night. You can see Dawn Richter’s pictures from the gig on Facebook – thanks Dawn.

Speaking of Gary; he had a birthday on the 10th that we kind of missed. Although another year older, he’s still the youngest band member. Stop out and wish Gary a good one next time.

The Gary McAdams Band finished out the weekend on Sunday at Boundaries and had a god crowd. Bob stopped out and played a few as did Shawna’s husband, Mark. It was a good time and a nice way to finish off the weekend.

Holly and I both took Monday off work to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary. We took a trip over to Spring Green, went through the House on the Rock, and then out for supper.
It was a fun day just hanging out together. We don’t see a lot of each other with my playing schedule. Most women wouldn’t tolerate it but Holly knows what makes me tick and I love her for that.

It’s another Friday off for us. Saturday has us at a graduation party at Meyer’s Market.
The Gary McAdams Band plays at a benefit at the South Beloit American Legion on Sunday from 1 – 5 and open to the public. Bob has purchased a new PA system and will be trying it out on Sunday. I’m guessing the drums won’t ring…
Rainbow Bridge plays at Kutters for Bike Night on Tuesday from 5 – 9. Stop out and say hello and again, happy birthday to Gary.

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Doug & Deb’s Party / Willowdale / Hammys

Cyndi, Bob and I played Saturday afternoon at a patio party at Doug and Deb Brookins house. They took out their pool and replaced it with a concrete patio and it sure looked nice. The weather was beautiful and we had a great time. It was also fun to play a handful of different songs too. Bob played his cajon, which is a percussion unit you sit on and tap the face for different drum sounds. I stopped at Voight Music earlier and tried out a small cube style guitar amp that worked well for this gig, but I wound up getting a different one. Bryan Meyer, who had a birthday this week, taped a couple of songs and put them up on Facebook. Again, it was a great party and we’re glad they asked us to play.

It was a quick pack-up, and then right off to the Willowdale for Rainbow Bridge that evening. Bob recalls us playing there on Sundays in the 2000’s, but I only remember playing there in the early ‘80s. Either way, it’s been a long time. There was a stage that wasn’t there before and we fit okay. It was a decent night and thanks to all who stopped out. We had a birthday and Tena Grams and Steve Rolon announced their engagement. All said, it was a fun night and I hope they have us back.

We were outside at Hammys on Sunday. We weren’t sure as there was rain predicted, but the weather was fine. It was a great crowd and a fun time. Dawn Richter put pictures on Facebook of all the gigs this weekend and we thank her for that. Our friend, Travis Harpman Hunter, also put up pictures plus a couple of videos at Hammys. We had another engagement announcement that afternoon as well. Doug was out with his graduating son, Lucas, and we had Lucas sit-in on drums for a few. Lucas was also very helpful carrying our equipment on Saturday afternoon – wanted to mention that. It was a great weekend all around and I got to spend Friday night at home as we were off.

Speaking of off on Friday – same thing this week as were back at the Whiskey Ranch in Janesville on Saturday starting at 10:00. It’s a late one but they have a late-dinner food crowd and we start after that.

The Gary McAdams Band return to Boundaries on Sunday from 3 – 7 which is always fun. Rainbow Bridge is working on some new tunes but it’s hard getting everyone together. Maybe we’ll try a few on stage with no rehearsal – sometimes it works!

Stop out this weekend and say hello.

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Moose Club / Drunken Monkey

A real good turnout at the Moose Club on Friday. It’s a members only situation but you can get in as a guest which a few of our regulars do. Michael Nehls from the “No Static” band was in the house and we got him up to sing “Margaritaville” with us. He did a great job and was happy to sit in. The Moose has a great dance floor and it’s fun to watch people who know how dance use it. They’re talking about have us there more often and that’s fine with us as it’s nice being done at 10:00!

I ran into Webmaster Greg and Gary at Voight Music on Saturday afternoon. Greg was looking at mixers and we old guitar players were both looking at lighter guitar amps! I often tell people getting older means the equipment is getting heavier and the nights are getting longer.

We were back at the Drunken Monkey on Saturday and had a good night. It was slow at the start and towards the end, but the place was full the majority of the time. Dawn Richter took a handful of pictures that you can see on Facebook and we appreciate that. I got pulled over on the way home and was let go with a warning; 38 in a 25 is easy to do when it’s a double lane and you’re going downhill. I’m usually more careful driving at bar time.

Cyndi played the Jerry Dabson jam on Sunday at the Countryside and I’m assuming that went well.

No Friday gig for us this week. Saturday has us at the Willowdale. We played there back in the early ‘80s and I haven’t been in there since then. Should be interesting. We’re back at Hammys on Sunday afternoon from 3 – 7. I’m guessing we could be outside.

Stop out and say hello!

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