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Fab 4 @ the Countryside / New Stuff / Jerry Dabson Jam / Carroll Bolton R.I.P.

The 4-piece version of Rainbow Bridge played the Countryside Saturday night as Gary was in Texas. It wasn’t a real busy night, but not bad considering it was a holiday weekend. Cyndi, Matt and I all stepped up and did a few more songs, including Cyndi doing a great job of “Boot Scootin’ Boogie”. Bob went to a drum show last weekend and debuted another new set on Saturday night. I saw the name and knew he had a set like that, but didn’t realize that it was a new one. Matt noticed it right away when we were setting up. I played my new Fender Jazzmaster guitar in the band for the 1st time and enjoyed it. A big surprise of the evening was when one of my Milwaukee jam buddies, Tom Malta, showed up and sat-in for a few. I recorded guitar parts for one song on his CD. He was in the area and wanted to hear the band. We also had Tommy Larson up for a few and he did a nice job. We lacked some signature songs without Gary, but the night went fine and thanks to all who stopped out. I had a guy mention that he reads my blog and that was nice to hear. Sometimes I wonder who really sees this. I had the comments open for a while but got spammed big time and spent too much time deleting to make comments worthwhile.

Bob and I both got to leave our gear set up as we played the Jerry Dabson jam on Sunday. It went well and there were a few jammers. There were also a couple of guys celebrating a birthday that must have started early as these two were feeling no pain that afternoon. It was a little distracting to the band and to the dancers but there wasn’t any trouble.

Gary will be back with us on Friday at the Moose where we play from 7 – 10. A change of style on Saturday as we’ll be at the Drunken Monkey on Saturday starting at 9:30. Cyndi will be playing the Jerry Dabson jam at the Countryside on Sunday afternoon.

On a side note, Cyndi’s step-father, Carroll Bolton, passed away this week. He was a nice man, always easy to talk to, and devoted to Cyndi’s mom, Linda, who passed a few years ago. I’d like to think there’s a heaven where they’re together again. We hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and we’ll see you this weekend.

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Whiskey Ranch in Delavan / GMB

The Gary McAdams Band was busy with 3 gigs this weekend and a Rainbow Bridge Band gig on Saturday. The GMB started things off on Friday at Hammys and had a good night. I bought a new guitar Friday afternoon here in Milwaukee and played it that night. I’ll never keep up to Bob, but’s that’s okay. Cyndi was at Dylan’s graduation on Saturday afternoon so John Cammilleri filled in on keyboards at Kutter’s. Matt’s daughter, Tasha, also graduated from Blackhawk Tech and we’re all proud of Dylan and Tasha. The GMB finished the weekend off on Sunday at Boundaries with Joel Baer playing drums. It was a word-of-mouth recommendation as no one had met him before and he did a nice job. It was also Shawan’s birthday on Sunday.

Rainbow Bridge played the Whiskey Ranch in Delavan on Saturday. It was an all-day poker run with raffles and prizes so we had a good crowd. Matt’s daughters: Tasha, Sarah and Kami were all out celebrating Tasha’s graduation. Dawn Richter and Audra Hoops also made the drive over. Gary had quite a few of his Kunes Country friends stop in. The only downside was that Cyndi wasn’t feeling well and lost her voice midway through the show. We passed the vocals around with us guys and got through the night. Cyndi was a little better on Sunday but not at full strength. We enjoyed playing there as it was a fun place.

Gary heads back to Texas over Memorial weekend, but we took a job as the fab 4 on Saturday at the Countryside. Hopefully Cyndi will be better and we’ll have enough songs to get through the night. If not, Bob will play the longest “Wipeout” solo on record! I’ll be back at the Countryside on Sunday afternoon playing with Jerry Dabson.

On a side note – former member Cary Farmer was in a bad accident this week and is in the hospital in stable condition. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Stop out at the Countryside on Saturday on say hello! Happy Memorial Weekend to everyone!

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Mike’s Roadhouse / Countryside Inn / Jerry Dabson Jam

Friday night at Mike’s Roadhouse in Beloit was a good night. A little rain loading in, but not too bad. We’ve never drawn well in Beloit in my opinion, but we had a decent night. There were quite a few people who came just to see the band, including a couple from Madison, that we played the reception a few years back. We are starting to get a few more Beloit area regulars and we appreciate that. It feels like a transition time overall for us as we don’t draw a lot of the 21 – 30 crowd like we did in our younger years, but we are drawing more people in our general age group and the music selection shows that. I never dreamed we’d play a waltz at Mike’s, but it went over well and people danced – all you can ask for. Of course, we can still rock out if needed!

We returned to the Countryside Inn in Newville on Saturday and had a great night. We had no idea what to expect as it’s been a few years since we’ve played there. The place got a bad rap from previous events when they tried the hip-hop crowd, but it seems people are giving the place another chance as it was busy from start to finish. I heard that extra bartenders (namely Kelly and Rich) were called in to handle the overflow at the bar. The place has plenty of room, a great dance floor, and good food. Hopefully, things will work out and it’ll again be a regular place for us. I believe we already have return dates.

I was right back at the Countryside for the Jerry Dabson Sunday afternoon jam, which was nice as I was able to leave my equipment set up! Gary, Cyndi and Shawna all stopped out as well as the regular jammers. It was a nice afternoon crowd and a good time.

The Gary McAdams Band is busy this upcoming weekend with gigs at Hammy’s on Friday night, Kutters on Saturday afternoon, and Boundaries on Sunday afternoon.

Rainbow Bridge will be at the Whiskey Ranch in Delavan from 9:30 to 1:30 on Saturday night. This will be a first for us at this location. Hopefully, people who saw us at Cornfest will remember the band and stop out along with any regulars willing to make the trip.

And a happy birthday to Dawn Richter on Wednesday! (Yes, the same day as Matt’s and my dad as it seems I remind Dawn every year). Stop out this weekend and say hello!

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Suds / Jerry Dabson Jam

Friday night at Suds in Beloit for us this weekend and thanks to all the regulars who stopped out – much appreciated! It was a little slow at first but picked up nicely as the evening went on. Keyboardist John Cammilleri was out with his wife celebrating their 39th anniversary. They were married the same year the band started! Kaj Anderson also made an appearance. Soul to Soul was playing down the road at the Grand Avenue Pub and I’m assuming people were bar-hopping between the two. All said, it was a fun night and we enjoyed being back again. I headed back to West Allis after the gig.

The band was off for the rest of the weekend, although I once again played the Jerry Dabson jam at the Countryside on Sunday afternoon. It was a fun time, although it reminds me to keep working my country playing! Marty (don’t know his last name) brought out his ’61 Fender Jazzmaster guitar and let me play it for a set. I really liked it and appreciate him making the offer. He sat-in on the next set and played a few Ventures tunes that sounded really authentic. Gary was also out and sat-in for a few.

We’re back at Mike’s Roadhouse in Beloit on Friday night and then Rainbow Bridge returns to the Countryside Inn on Saturday. It’s been years since we’ve played there, and we’re looking forward to a fun night. Both jobs are listed as 8 – 12. And once again, I’ll be playing with Jerry Dabson jam on Sunday afternoon at the Countryside. Stop out this weekend and say hello!

On a side note: I saw a posting that the Varsity Lanes in Milton is closing. Very sad news as we’ve played there for years and it’s home town for Cyndi, Matt and I. It’s time for one more pizza before they close!

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