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Moose Club / Jerry Dabson Jams

Just Friday night at the Moose Club for Rainbow Bridge. Again, we had a full house and a good response. It’s hard to top Gary’s “God Bless America” at the start and Cyndi and Gary doing the National Anthem before the 9:00 break. It was a good night and thanks to all who stopped out. We finished at 10:00 and heard that an old friend, Bernie Thompson was doing a solo gig at Hammys. Cyndi and I stopped out and got talked into doing a couple. Cyndi sang “Landslide” and “Girl Crush” which both wound up on Facebook. It was nice to see Bernie again.

Cyndi and I played the Jerry Dabson jam at Hammys on Saturday afternoon. It went well and I’m glad that Jerry and Steve Baker stuck to their easier songs. Steve, who is Jerry’s regular guitarist, moved to bass but still plays a harmonica with a neck holder. He’s a good guitarist and bass player, but he’s an incredible harp player. It’s amazing to see him play bass and play an amazing harp solo at the same time. Gary also stopped out and sat-in for a few.

With a Saturday night off, I stopped out at the Drunken Monkey and caught a set of Soul to Soul. One of their guitar players was on vacation so the band played as a power trio. They sounded good; I headed back to dad’s for the night.

I played again with Jerry at the Countryside Inn on Sunday. Jerry’s amazing lead player, Dan Smith was back in the line-up on Sunday. I can play country guitar, but Dan is a country guitar player. Both Cyndi and Gary stopped out and we did quite a few songs. It turned out better than I expected with a few jammers: Nick Hanson, Watertown Jack, Rick Winger and Gary and Cyndi. I haven’t been in the Countryside since we stopped playing there, which has been a few years now. I’ll be back with Jerry next Sunday and I believe Rainbow Bridge has some upcoming dates too. Amazing what time can do.

We’ll be back at Suds O’Hanahans in Beloit this Friday from 8 – 12. And again, I’ll be with Jerry Dabson at the Countryside on Sunday afternoon.
Stop out and say hello!

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Drunken Monkey / GMB @ Boundaries

Just Friday night at the Drunken Monkey. Things started a little slow, got real busy and thinned out at the end. But it was good night. The house monitor system (what we use to hear ourselves) was again having some problems but it was due to the equipment, not Brandon who was running sound. Sure hope I got that name right as it was his birthday and he had a  birthday Corvette in the parking lot. Speaking of cars – Gary’s truck wouldn’t start at the end of night. We tried to jump it but no go. Gary called Dana, who picked him up and gave him a ride home. The truck was towed on Saturday. We were off on Saturday night. I drove back and did some needed yardwork!

The Gary McAdams Band played at Boundaries on Sunday afternoon. Cyndi was busy with a church event so Cliff Frederiksen was the special guest on guitar. Cliff has been a southern Wisconsin staple in the jazz world for many years. I’m glad that over the years I’ve had the chance to know him better and consider him a good friend. Junior Moore also sat-in on a few. All said, it was a good day – except for tearing down in the rain!

Rainbow Bridge is at the Moose Club this Friday from 7 – 10.
I’ll be playing with Jerry Dabson at Hammy’s on Saturday afternoon and again on Sunday afternoon at the Countryside. I believe Cyndi might be playing too – we’ll see.
Time to brush up on more country guitar!

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Off the Hook (Doug & Deb’s Anniversary Party) / Hammys

Friday night at “Off the Hook” was quite a party. Doug and Deb Brookins had their 10th anniversary party there and the place was filled with friends and food. Someone brought a variety of gourmet cupcakes and I couldn’t resist! Doug and Deb’s friends from Nashville, husband and wife team “Stone Silo” were scheduled to play before us, but an illness forced them to cancel.
Lucas Brookins sat in on the drums and former member, Cary Farmer also got up and did a few. I always enjoy it when former members play. I have fond memories of all the combinations we’ve had and it brings back a good feeling. We also had quite a few regulars that stopped and we appreciate that. Without a rehearsal, we tried a new slow song, “Girl Crush” that went over well. Cyndi does a fantastic job and I noticed a lot of people (mostly women) singing along. Our wedding cancelled on Saturday so I headed back home after the gig.

Back at Hammys on Sunday afternoon and one of better crowds we’ve ever had. I thought we might be outside, but not yet. Couple of “out of town” surprises: Nannette’s sister, Diana Lucero and old neighborhood friend, Fern Smith were in town. Gary and I were talking about the wide variety we play at Hammys and it all seems to work – thank goodness! It’s nothing to go from “Satin Sheets” to Guns and Roses in the same set. It was still packed when we finished around 7:00 and we thank all who stopped out.

Rainbow Bridge returns to the Drunken Monkey on Friday night from 9:30 – 1:30. Looks like another Saturday off.
The Gary McAdams Band will be at Boundaries on Sunday afternoon from 3 – 7. Stop out and say hello!

On a side note – Matt and I are going to see guitarist Robben Ford in Milwaukee on Wednesday night. I’m really looking forward to that and even more glad that Matt was able to go.
The Arnold brothers loose in Beer Town – lookout!

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