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GMB / Drunken Monkey

Two gigs for the Gary McAdams Band this weekend: Friday at Hammys and Sunday at Boundaries. Shawna Moore Schultz was sick on Friday so Dave Wood, bass player from the Dave Potter trio, filled in. Dave was a former guitar student of mine from many years ago at Voight Music. Don’t know about his guitar playing, but he is a solid bass player. It was a fun night with a decent crowd.

Saturday had Rainbow Bridge back at the Drunken Monkey. We had some sound issues in the 1st set, but once everything was dialed in, it was great. It was a little slow at the very start but picked up quickly and was full for the 1st three hours. By the last set, it had pretty much cleared out – very strange night. See pictures from Dawn Richter on Facebook. Bob ordered a custom snare drum that came in this week. It looked very sharp and had his initials B H set in it! It was also fun to throw in the new songs and all went over well.

The GMB finished the weekend at Boundaries with Shawna back in the lineup. Frank James got up for a few which is a real treat. He’s such a nice guy with a lot of talent. All said, it was a good crowd and a good time.

Rainbow Bridge is off for the next two weekends, however the GMB will be back at Boundaries on Sunday afternoon from 3 – 7. I’ll be cohosting the Dopps jam here in West Allis on Friday April 3rd.

It looks like we’re back at Off the Hook on Friday April 10th and then at Hammy’s on Sunday afternoon. We had a wedding cancel on the Saturday. See Facebook and our web page for more details. Thanks, and we’ll see you in April!

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Lucy’s Hideaway

Just a one-nighter at Lucy’s Hideaway this Saturday. The place was packed when we arrived as a lot of people eat there. Most stuck around for the band and we had a good night. The last set was a little slow as I believe people want to be more “in town” at bar time and you can’t blame them. It was fun to play the new songs again too – but now it’s even more to remember! Thanks to all who stopped out. I headed right back to West Allis afterward. Good thing mileage is a tax deduction! The Gary McAdams Band gig on Sunday was cancelled as there was an activity already scheduled.

Rainbow Bridge will be back at the Drunken Monkey on Saturday starting at 9:30. Stop out and say hello!
The Gary McAdams Band plays this Friday night at Hammys and again on Sunday afternoon at Boundaries.

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Dopps Jam / Whiskey Ranch / Hammys

Friday for me started at the Dopps jam here in West Allis. It went well and there were jammers right up to quitting time. I hung around and chatted with Craig (who runs the jam) for a while afterwards. Turned out to be a late night by the time I got home.

Rainbow Bridge had a practice on Saturday afternoon and learned “Up Around the Bend” by Creedence and “Wheel in the Sky” by Journey. We also went through a couple of country standards that we played on Sunday at Hammys.

Saturday night had us at the Whiskey Ranch, which was the old Quotes bar in downtown Janesville. We heard rumors about a very small stage, so we arrived early to figure out what to do.
Turns out they add a stage extension when the bands play. It was tight, but we’ve played that stage before. It was a 10:00 start and we were all set up well before 9:00.
It was a packed house right from the start and stayed that way most of the night. It was a little thinned out by 2:00 but a good night with one of biggest crowds we’ve had in a while.
Thanks to all the regulars who stopped out and you can see pictures on Facebook. We were thinking that the night would have been better with 9 – 1 hours rather than 10 – 2. We’re even too old to be out that late! Of course, losing the hour due to daylight savings time made for an early morning. All said, it was a fun night and I hope they have us back.

We finished the weekend on Sunday at Hammys to a full house all afternoon. All the new songs went over well. Jerry Dabson was in the crowd and sat-in for a few. We forgot our “tip jar” and people were asking, so Jerry went out to his car and brought in his – complete with a duck design. We had a good time and the warmer weather sure helped. A few guys even rode their motorcycles! Again, thanks to all who stopped and you can see pictures on Facebook.

We’re off next Friday but are back in action at Lucy’s Hideaway on Saturday from 8:30 – 12:30.
Stop out and say hello!

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Off the Hook / Bob’s Bday @ Prime Quarter

Just Friday night at “Off the Hook” in Indinaford this week. Not a great turnout, but thanks to Nina and Arden, Doug and Deb Brookins, Richard and Deanna Morris, Cary and Dawn Farmer, Crud and his wife, Stacy Swanson, and a special thanks to Ed and Jean Schroedl (my boss’s parents) for stopping out. There were others I recognized ( friends of Gary) but I don’t recall the names. I don’t like naming names because I’ll probably forget someone and then hear about it! The band sounded good and we had some dancing. There was a small bar fight which was broken up right away – always hate to see that. It’s a nice place and usually busier in the warmer weather, but again, it was a good night. I drove back to Milwaukee afterwards.

Bob’s birthday is today (Monday) and we had quite a gang at the Prime Quarter on Sunday. See pictures on Facebook.
Bob has been doing this for a number of years and Holly and I drive over to be there. It was nice as the whole band was there.
I like it when we can get together socially and just hang out. Holly really enjoyed it too.

I’m cohosting the Dopps jam here in West Allis on Friday, which should be fun.
Rainbow Bridge will be at the Whiskey Ranch , which is the old Quotes in downtown Janesville, on Saturday from 10 – 2.
It’ll be our 1st time there since the change.
We finish off the weekend at Hammys on Sunday from 3 – 7. Stop out and wish Bob a good one if you missed us this past weekend. We’ll see you this weekend!

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