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Garden Inn / Drunken Monkey / GMB @ Afton Pub / Bob’s Bday Coming Up

Another gig at the Garden Inn in Beloit. We’ve played here a few times now and it’s a different place to see the band. We play the “lighter side” of our tunes but still keep it danceable.
It’s a lounge type of room and the right place to see us if you’re not a beer bar type person. It was a cold night, but a decent crowd and we thank all who stopped out. We added a new song, “Shaky Ground” by Delbert McClinton that went over well. Everybody worked on their own parts and we played it for the first time that night. It’s a little risky to try new songs cold but it worked out fine.

Back at the Drunken Monkey on Saturday and had a good night. A couple of birthdays – Sandra Pack and Kimmy McKinney made for a fun night. Dawn Richter took a handful of pictures which you can see on Facebook. Quite a few pics of Bob, Matt, and I doing our 3-piece version of “La Grange” by ZZ Top. Billy Gibbons (guitarist in ZZ Top) is famous for his “pinch harmonics” that adds a high whistle sound to the note. I usually say before the last solo, “Can you make it whistle?” in reference to Billy’s technique. Now you know what the caption means! Our new song went over well on Saturday too. Cyndi was having a little bit of a rough night vocally so I called more of Gary, Matt’s and my songs to give her a break. It helps to have multiple singers in a situation like that. I don’t know what the bands with one lead singer do if that person is sick – probably cancel which is the very last resort!

The Gary McAdams Band finished off Sunday afternoon at the Afton Pub. It was a fun afternoon and a good crowd. Jr. Moore sat in for a few. Guitarists Steve Peck and Matthew Goodwin were also in the crowd. I drove back to Milwaukee after the gig.

We’re back at “Off the Hook” in Indianford this Friday. It’s our only gig of the weekend so stop out if you get the chance. Bob’s birthday is Monday, March 2nd so we’ll be celebrating that night. We’ll see you there!

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Moose Club / Taasbag / GMB @ Boundaries

Back at the Moose Club on a cold Friday night. It looked like things were going to be slow, but we had a good crowd. A lot of people come out to eat, which is in another room, and then come in afterwards. I like the new hours, 7 – 10 as it gets us done when most people are ready to leave, and we don’t have to come up the extra half hour of songs. As you know, we play older standards and really keep the volume down, but it’s what they want and we’ve been getting a good response.

We returned to Taasbag on Valentines Saturday and had a pretty good night. Of course, thanks to all who stopped out and see pictures on Facebook. This is a good sounding room and a fair amount of room to dance. It was busy earlier but thinned out by the 1:00 quitting time. Quite the difference from the Moose being done at 10:00! Again, there are pictures on Facebook.

The Gary McAdams Band finished off the weekend on Sunday at Boundaries in Beloit. It was a great turnout with a lot of dancers. As I’ve stated, I really enjoy the variety of music styles as it taps a different side of the playing. If it’s a good crowd, people are dancing, and the band sounds good, then it’s fun for me no matter the style of music. It’s safe to say that we all feel this way.

On a side note, I asked Dave Snow to take a look at my two alto saxophones this weekend. It would cost quite a bit to even get one playable again, and I’m debating on how much I’d use it to be worth it. Guess we’ll see. If you didn’t know, Gary was a trumpet player and Cyndi played the clarinet. Maybe we should toss in a Dixieland tune!

We’ve got a few new songs in the works that we should be adding soon. We may even try one or two on Friday if all goes well.

Rainbow Bridge will be back at the Garden Inn (former South Beloit Holiday Inn) on Friday from 8 – 12.
It’s back to the Drunken Monkey on Saturday from 9:30 – 1:30.
The Gary McAdams Band is back at the Afton Pub on Sunday from 3 – 7.
Stop out, stay warm, and say hello!

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Dopps Jam / Varsity Lanes / Hammys

Quite the surprise on Friday night at the Dopps jam in West Allis; I walked in the bar and Steve Peck and Captain Jack were sitting there. They brought guitars and amps and played a set at the jam. Both were very well received and it made my night. There was a good crowd, a lot of players and I had a good time. Gary was at Merrill & Houston’s in Beloit and also had a good night.

Rainbow Bridge returned to the Varsity Lanes in Milton on Saturday. It has been 8 – 12 in the past, but it was changed to 8:30 – 12:30. It was one of the best nights we’ve ever had there. The dance floor was filled right up to quitting time. Lucas Brookins was out and played a few on the drums. We had quite a few friends out and we appreciate the support. My cold was giving me trouble but I got through the night.

We finished up the weekend on Sunday at Hammys and had another packed house. Hammys is not a big place and there’s limited room to dance. Not having a stage, we often have people bumping into is. It happens often in situations like that. But I’d rather play to a crowded room than an empty one! It was a fun afternoon with a good crowd to the end. Former member, Cary Farmer, was in the crowd and we chatted for a while. Dawn Richter and Laura Farnsworth both put pictures of the weekend up on Facebook and we appreciate that.

We’ll be at the Moose Club on Friday the 13th; hope it’s good luck! Then it’s Taasbags on Saturday from 9 – 1.
The Gary McAdams Band will be at Boundaries (Marine Corp League) on Sunday from 3 – 7. Stop out and say hello!

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Mike’s Roadhouse / Hammys Jam

Just a Friday night gig for us this week at Mike’s Roadhouse in Beloit. There was some confusion as to starting time as it was 9 – 1 but got changed to 8 – 12.
Audra Hoops was celebrating a birthday and brought out snacks – which we always appreciate! Dawn Richter again put up pictures on Facebook, and we thank her for that. It wasn’t a real busy night, but the crowd stayed and danced. Kaj Anderson stopped in right as we were tearing down. Gary and I both had colds but that didn’t slow Gary down! I had to take it a little easy as my voice was a little rough. On another note, Matt got a great compliment for his solid bass playing that I overheard. Both Matt and Bob lay down a solid rhythm that drive the band. Having jammed with many other musicians, I don’t take either for granted. The songs always feel right and that’s why. As always, thanks to all who stopped out.

Before stopping at Hammys, I was in Voight’s (music store) spending Bob’s birthday gift certificate, and chatted with Phil Tyrrell for a while. I’ve admired his playing for a long time and we’ve become better friends over the years. Bob and I were both fill-ins for Jerry Dabson’s jam at Hammys on Saturday afternoon. It went well and quite a few jammers, including Gary. Again I’ll say that playing country guitar is a fun challenge. Dave Snow, who fixes and sells band instruments, stopped out with a sax for me to try out. I’m toying with getting back into it again – we’ll see. I appreciate him letting me take and try it.

I’ll be cohosting a jam here in Milwaukee on Friday night at Dopps. Gary will be at Merrill & Houston’s in Beloit.
On Saturday, Rainbow Bridge will be back at the Varsity Lanes in Milton from 8:30 – 12:30.
We’ll be at Hammys on Sunday from 3 – 7. Stop out and say hello!

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