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Greenhouse Bar & Grill / Lucy’s Hideaway / My Birthday

A Friday night for us at the Greenhouse Bar and Grill in Beloit. We had a good crowd all night long and thanks to all who stopped out. We like this place as it fits our variety style of music, and is a classy kind of room. I missed the text on the earlier starting time and was the last to arrive, which is unusual for me! There was still plenty of time to set up. Gary Phillips gave me a large poster of a Les Paul, with an insert picture of Les Paul himself – maybe it was a birthday gift, but I was honored just the same. I met a guy named John, who had played guitar in bands before, and we spent a break discussing band stories – I enjoyed that. Jay Stahl, the bass player from Ruffcutz, was out and we got him up to play a few near the end of the night. Tom Furan, the soundman from Wildheart, was also out and posted some pictures, as did Dawn Richter. I hope this will be a regular place for us as again, the variety goes over and it’s a good sounding room.

We arrived to an already packed house at Lucy’s on Saturday. There was a 21st and a 50th birthday party going on. We were actually celebrating my birthday, which is on Tuesday, but I really didn’t want to announce it as these others came to party and it was more of their night than mine. I did receive a few cards and a tipped a few birthday shots. Nothing got out of hand, but I did have to make more bathroom trips than usual! Shawna Shultz was in the crowd towards the end and got up and did a few with us. Again, there are pictures on Facebook. Gotta say that this place really has become popular since the new takeover and we look forward to playing there. Also, our new song, “All About that Bass” is going over great. I wish we had 4 or 5 more just like it as it packs the dance floor. On another note, my recently “repaired” mixer again did not work and we had to change out mixers before we started. I was a little upset before starting time but it all went away once we started playing.

We’ll be at Mike’s Roadhouse this Friday from 9 – 1 for a one-nighter so stop out! I’ll be older and wiser than the last time we played! That’s it for the weekend, but I’ll be playing with Jerry Dabson at the Hammy’s jam on Saturday afternoon. Stop out and say hello and thanks for the birthday wishes!

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Green House Bar & Grill / Drunken Monkey / Birthday Coming Up

A Wednesday night gig for us in Beloit at the Garden Hotel, which is the former Ramada Inn. It was a grand opening and we played in the lounge – the Green House Bar and Grill from 7 – 10. We had a good turnout; people were touring the open house and the plan was to have them settle in the bar afterwards. The lounge setting reminded me a little of our road days as we played mainly hotel lounges. We had a real mixed crowd and the management was impressed with our variety of material. The RuffCutz band stopped out after their practice to say hello. And thanks to all the regulars who stopped out. We’re back again this Friday, the 23rd. I made a note that we should have dressed a little better being a classy place, but at least all of our blue jeans matched!

We were at the Drunken Monkey just on Saturday. The Monkey is not running us Friday and Saturday starting this year. It was our only weekend gig, so it was drive over and back for me. Our newest song, “All About That Bass” was a big hit and we played it twice. I had learned a couple of Beatle songs but my voice was not up to par and we only did “Hard Day’s Night”. Former member Jason Brunner was running sound and got up and did a few with us. There were also new house PA speakers and the sound was very good from what I was told. Jim and Dawn were also there helping with the sound and lights – nice people and fun to work with. Matt’s daughter, Tasha, was out celebrating a birthday along with a few other people. All said, it was a good night. See pictures from Dawn Richter on Facebook; there are quite a few!

We’re back in Beloit this Friday at the Garden Hotel from 9 – 1. Saturday has us back at Lucy’s Hideaway (former Owl’s Club) starting at 8:30.

Couple of notable dates for me coming up: I had my first guitar lesson on January 21st, 1966, which means I’ve had a guitar in my hands for 49 years now – I should be so much better!

And the 27th is my birthday! The platinum 57, born in ’57 birthday will be over as it’ll be 58 now. Holly is celebrating the 57 platinum this year. Stop out this weekend and wish the senior member of the band a good one and we’ll see you there!

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