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Moose Club / Lucy’s Hideaway / GMB Afton Pub / MORE DRUMS!!

Friday night back at the Moose Club. We get a good crowd here because we play the standards and we’re quiet. It’s a different kind of gig but enjoyable just the same. Bob actually bought another drum set which will be his practice kit, but he wanted to try it at least once on a gig. When Rick Mattelig left the band many years ago, he donated his practice set to the band.
Well, Rick started playing again and came for his set so Bob wanted to replace it with something he could leave.

We had a practice on Saturday afternoon and learned “All About that Bass” which is current pop tune. It sounded good at practice and we played it twice that night.
Saturday had us back at Lucy’s Hideaway. Since there was a good crowd already there, we opened up a little more lively from the start. You know it’s a party night if “Footloose” is in the 1st set! The fog outside was setting in and it was slower towards the end, but we had a pretty good crowd for most of the evening. As always, thanks to all who stopped out.

The Gary McAdams Band finished off the weekend at the Afton Pub. Shawna was out of the country so Gary had Pete Olig from Madison fill the spot. Pete did a great job on his upright bass and even sang a couple. It was a good crowd and again, a nice way to finish off the weekend.

We had a tentative New Year’s Eve booking that fell through leaving us without a gig. It’s been about 40 years of playing on New Year’s – it’s going to strange to have it off. Rainbow Bridge doesn’t play again until January 17th at the Drunken Monkey. Note that starting next year, we’ll just be doing Saturday nights at the Drunken Monkey. There are a couple of Gary McAdams Band gigs in-between our time off so watch Facebook for those. I have a Sunday jam in Milwaukee on Dec. 28th.
Christmas and New Year’s will be history the next time we play! We hope everybody has a great holiday season and we’ll see you in 2015!

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Janesville Armory / Hammys

Friday night had us at the Janesville Armory for a fundraiser. We needed to set up early so I took time off work and drove over. It was a first for the band and it was a pretty fancy event so we dressed formal. There were buffet lines and the room was filled with silent auctions. Dawn Richter took photos of the band (see Facebook) and you can see some of the prizes in front of us. To our surprise, Doug and Deb Brookins were there. The response was good, although they wanted us really quiet at first. There was no official dance floor, but a few a tables were moved and we had dancers most of the night. I was told that there hadn’t been dancing in the past and that the place cleared out early which was a complement to our variety and adjusting to the room. We also pulled out a handful of Christmas songs that went over well. I headed back to Milwaukee after the gig.

We were off on Saturday so Holly and I were able to attend the Hal Leonard Christmas party. Rainbow Bridge actually played this party back in 1997 or 1998. This was only the 2nd time Holly and I have been able to go as the band usually has a gig that night. It was fun but we were home early.

RB finished up the weekend at Hammys on Sunday and had a good time. We tried a couple of Beatle songs, “Hard Day’s Night” and “Can’t Buy Me Love”, that I’d been working on and both went well considering no rehearsal. We had a little fun and started a swing version of “Hotel California” that got a little carried away. It was Susie Peterson’s birthday and she brought treats for everybody. We faked a version of “Susie-Q” in her honor along with the birthday song.

We’re back at the Moose Club this Friday from 7 – 10:30. The Moose is a members only club unless you come in as a guest.
On Saturday, we’re back to Lucy’s Hideaway, which was the old Owl’s Club, on Hwy 26, north of Milton – starting at 8:30.
Stop out and say hello!

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Varsity Lanes / Sara’s Pub / More Drums!!

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving was a fun night at the Varsity Lanes in Milton. We had a good crowd and a good night. I broke a brake line in my car this week and had to drive *Holly’s* car to the gig, which meant reloading my equipment. Speaking of equipment, and he’s back at it again – Bob had another new drum set this week. Doug and Deb Brookins brought Lucas out to test drive them so Bob could listen. It all sounds good to me, and Bob was happy with the set but to vent the bass drum. Speaking of things breaking down – my PA mixer had the effects go out right after we had everything plugged in. Luckily, Gary has a spare and we switched over to his before starting time. Matt came down with a bad cold and was unable to sing Wednesday. He was still sick on Saturday. Cyndi was saying that she was starting to feel a little ill but she made it through the weekend just fine. Holly has been real sick since we returned from Florida. She says we need to move there to stay healthy! My classmate, Dan Reddy, left the Varsity early due to a bad cold – must be going around with the change in the weather. Thanks to all who stopped out and we hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

Saturday night had us at Sara’s Pub in Beloit. I still picture this place as a “younger” bar but we had a decent crowd of mixed ages and a lot of people who came out just to hear us. A couple of birthdays: Julie and Heather (who is a bartender there) made for a fun night. It’s a good sounding room and we enjoy playing there. I played my new Epiphone Les Paul Custom in Rainbow Bridge for the first time. It sounded and felt fine to me, but nothing will ever replace “Big Red”, my red Les Paul Deluxe. Again, thanks to all who stopped out. Dawn Richter took a few photos and put them up on Facebook.

We’re at the Janesville Armory this Friday from 7 – 11. It’s a formal fundraiser and they’re charging quite a bit to get in, but I believe it’s open to the public. We’re off on Saturday so Holly and I get to go to the Hal Leonard Christmas party. We played the party once around 1998 and have only been one other time (no playing) since. Should be fun. Sunday afternoon has us back at Hammys from 3 – 7. Stop out and say hello. Hopefully Matt will be feeling better by then!

One more thing – How ’bout them Packers!!

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