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Drunkey Monkey / Gary McAdams Band / New Guitar

Rainbow Bridge was right back at the Drunken Monkey after our two week vacation. That’s a lot of time off for us, but everything fell back into place. We had good crowds both nights and thanks to all who stopped out.
Alex Pope had another commitment on Saturday so Michael Nehls (Sid) from the “No Static” band ran sound and lights for us. Jeff Paddock and Nick Hanson from the “Rocking Horse” band were in town – they were scheduled to play a set at the Hammys jam on Saturday afternoon. Bob played drums in that band for a while. Nanette’s sister, Diana Lucero from Las Vegas was also stopped out. We should have a “who came the farthest to see the band” prize. There was freezing rain setting in towards the end on Friday and most everybody left to avoid it. We all had slippery rides home afterward!

I was given a new guitar on vacation from a jazz guitarist friend in Florida that I wanted to play on Saturday, but the guitar strap connection was not right. I called up Matt on Sunday and he found one that would work. I played the guitar on Sunday at Boundaries (Marine Corp League) with the Gary McAdams Band. Thanks Matt!

Cyndi was filling in at the Hammys jam on Saturday afternoon with Jerry Dabson. Gary, Bob and I all stopped out and played. It was a good crowd and I wanted to hear “Rocking Horse”. All said, it was a good weekend for the band and it felt good to be out playing again.

Gary, Cyndi and I finished Sunday at Boundaries with the Gary McAdams Band. It was a good crowd and a nice time.

Rainbow Bridge will be at the Varsity Lanes in Milton on Wednesday before Thanksgiving from 8 – 12. Then it’s back to Sara’s Pub in Beloit on Saturday starting at 9:30. Happy Thanksgiving and stop out and say hello!

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Halloween Weekend – Drunken Monkey / Hammys

Halloween weekend and Bob and Dawn came through again. Check out pictures of the stage of the Drunken Monkey on Facebook. Bob and Dawn spent 5 hours setting this all up and it was fantastic! The break music was also theme based with songs like: Thriller, Spooky, Black Magic Woman, Hocus Pocus, Superstition, etc. We had a great Friday night due to the costume contest. Stacy Swanson won 1st prize as the Bride of Frankenstein – although Matt’s Frankenstein was top notch too. And of course, we did “The Monster Mash” all weekend. There’s a video clip from Friday’s performance on Facebook. Thanks to all who stopped out and made the night so much fun.

We opted not to dress up on Saturday night, but had still had quite a few costumes come through the door. Saturday was not as busy as Friday, but it was still a decent night. The funny story of the night was a friend of ours asked a guy dressed in drag to dance. Guess you have to be careful of the costumes! Alex Pope must have had another gig, but Jim and Dawn ran sound and lights for us and did a nice job.

We finished off the weekend at Hammys and had a good crowd all afternoon. I think the Packers being off helped a bit. Jerry Dabson sat-in for a few. It wasn’t a jam, but we always have Jerry up being the local icon that he is.

The band is now off for our official two week vacation. Bryan and Cyndi, Matt and Stacy, and Holly and I are all taking trips – don’t know about Gary and Bob. It’s going to feel weird to me to not play a guitar for a week as I play every day, but it’ll be okay.

We’re right back at the Drunken Monkey when we return on the 21st and 22nd. Stop out and say hello!

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