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Moose Club / Wedding

The Moose Club and a wedding for us this weekend. We had a good time at the Moose this Friday. It was a full house with dancing all night. We really try to play the right songs and keep the volume as low as possible, but it seems at least person will always complain. I like the way Gary handled the latest one when we were told it was too loud; “That’s strange – two people just told me we weren’t loud enough.” It’s true that you can’t please everybody. But again, it was a great night.

We had a wedding at the Pontiac Convention Center on Saturday. The was the old Skating Place that has been converted. It was our 1st reception there since the remodeling, and it turned out to be fun night. The crowd was younger overall so we came right out with our light rock dance songs. The workers there said that this was the first time they had ever seen a live band for a wedding – it’s always been a DJ. I guess there aren’t a lot of variety type bands around these days. Years ago, we’d play weddings all summer on Saturday nights, but DJs have taken over the business. I still think a live band is more fun to watch! Also, I have never seen a candy table at a wedding before, and it was hard to stay away from the malted milk balls! We did play “The Monster Mash” at the wedding and it went over well.

It’s Halloween weekend coming up at the Drunken Monkey. Should be fun. We’re back at Hammy’s on Sunday from 3 – 7.
The band will be taking our yearly vacation for the next two weekends after this one. Holly and I actually have a trip planned – something we haven’t done for a long time.
We’ll be returning to the Drunken Monkey when we’re back on the 21st and 22nd.

Stop out this Halloween weekend and we’ll see you there!

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Birthday Party Weekend

It was birthday party weekend for the Gary McAdams Band and Rainbow Bridge.  No gig on Friday, but Gary played at Merrill & Houston’s in Beloit with the Dave Potter Trio. He said it went well.

The Gary McAdams Band played Saturday afternoon at Boundaries, which is the former Marine Corp. League on S. Hwy 51. Bill Briscoe hired Gary for his 91st birthday party. It was good turnout and Bill had a great time. “You have to know when to back away from the table” is his key to long life – so he claims. The band played for most of the afternoon and then opened things up to a jam session at the end. Jerry Dabson, John Cammilleri, Jr. Moore, Steve and Teresa Doiel, Frank James, Pete Goiffon and Kaj Anderson all got up to play. It was a good time and we were finished around 6:00.

It was another birthday party for Jim (last name?) at the Janesville Country Club on Sunday afternoon with Rainbow Bridge. This was a 65th, which would be a youngster in Bill’s eyes! Jim is into barbershop singing, dancing and live music and it all showed that day. He hired a barbershop chorus to come in and sing a handful of tunes during the meal. This was about 20 people, not a typical quartet. This was followed by a professional dance couple who did their thing on the room’s dance floor. We finished off the rest of the afternoon and had a good time. Jim and his wife, who obviously study dance, have seen us many times at the Moose Club. The funny story of the day was not to play “Mustang Sally” as their daughter didn’t want to see her parents bumping and grinding on the dance floor. Of course, we played it after she left, and Jim and his wife gave us a good show.

Speaking of the Moose Club, we’re back there this Friday from 7 – 10:30. You have to be a member, or guest of a member to get in. We have a wedding on Saturday. We’re talking about adding some new tunes, which I’m looking forward to. And, we’ll be doing “The Monster Mash” featuring Matthew until Halloween season is over. And again, happy birthday to both Bill and Jim!

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Lucy’s Hideaway (Nina & Earl’s Bday) / Out in October Fundraiser

No Friday gig this week but I did a duo dinner music set with a bass player friend in Milwaukee at the Country Springs. We didn’t play long and got a nice meal. It’s a different kind of playing and it went over well.

Saturday had us back at Lucy’s Hideaway for Nina Spenle and Earl Young’s birthday. We appreciate that they both came out to spend it with us. There were treats to go around and lots of friends. We had a pretty good crowd most of the night, but it started to thin out towards the end. But to our surprise, a bachelorette party showed up and kept the dance floor full to the end of the night. We must have been the final stop! Being October, we started doing Matt’s version of the “Monster Mash”. It always goes over well and most people have said we should do it as a regular song. Lucy’s is a nice place to play; we appreciate them booking us and also all who stopped out to support the band. And again, happy birthday to Nina and Earl.

We played a fundraiser on the Janesville court house lawn on Sunday afternoon. It was during a Packer game, but Bob managed to run his IPod back through the monitors so we could hear it – just while setting up. Bob had a little trouble getting his drums to say level on the grass but we made it work. Theresa Carroll sat-in and sang “Bobbie McGee” with us – sounded good. We played from 1 – 4 and managed to get out just as the rain started coming in.

We’re off until a private party on Sunday. Gary is playing Friday at Merrill & Houston’s in Beloit. The Gary McAdams Band is playing a 91st birthday party on Saturday afternoon which Cyndi and I will be part of. I’m cohosting a blues jam in Waukesha tonight (Monday) at the Lucky Rabbit that I’m looking forward to.   Be sure to check Facebook and our website for upcoming gigs.

On a personal note, Holly and I are finally taking a vacation during the band’s off time in November. It’s been too long for us and we’re excited about getting away. Although no guitar for a week kind of scares me!

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QT’s Bar and Banquet / Hammys

Two nights at a new bar for us: QT’s Bar and Banquet in downtown Janesville. Jim, who use to own Tremors, bought this place and hired us. Brandi Whitt, who was a bartender at Tremors, is now working there – nice to see familiar faces. It was a classy room with a good size dance floor and the acoustics were pretty good. It was a little slow on Friday, but quite a bit busier on Saturday. A big thanks to Greg VanBlaricom, who came out both nights and took videos of the band that you can now see on our homepage. Ken Fraser was also out celebrating his birthday which was Sept. 29th. Speaking of birthdays, long-time followers Nina Spenle, and Earl Young both have birthdays in early October and we hope to see them out. We enjoyed playing this new club and hope it turns into a regular place for us. Again, we appreciate all who stopped out in support of the band and live music.

We finished on Sunday afternoon at Hammys and we’re back to playing inside. We had a great crowd all afternoon. As we’ve said, Hammys does a lot to support live music and we appreciate playing there. Gary was having a little trouble with his wireless microphone, so we had to do the Beatle thing and double up on the mic for a few songs. It felt good to finish off the weekend with a fun and responsive crowd and again, thanks to all who stopped out.

We’re back at Lucy’s Hideaway on Saturday from 9 – 1 and I believe we’ll be celebrating Nina’s and Earl’s birthdays.
On Sunday, we’re playing a fundraiser at the Courthouse Park from 3 – 7. Hope the weather is good! We’ll see you this weekend!

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