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Sara’s Pub

Just Saturday night this weekend for the band. I hosted at jam on Thursday at Theatre Unchained here in Milwaukee. This was the last time for this one as the leader decided to end the jam for now. I hosted a jam in West Allis at Dopps on Friday and had a good time. The hours were moved a little earlier, but it was still a late night for me. The Gary McAdams Combo played at Merrill Houston’s on Friday. This is a 4-piece group with just Gary from Rainbow Bridge.


We were back at Sara’s Pub in Beloit on Saturday and had a decent crowd. Gotta say that it turned out better than I thought. We had a few people that made the trip just to see the band and we appreciate that. Also, a couple of birthdays helped to liven the place up. This was the first gig in the band for my new guitar. It was a little different for me but it made the night more fun. There are a few pictures on Facebook taken by Greg VanBlaricom. I drove back to Milwaukee after the gig.


We’re at a new place, QT’s, on River St. in downtown Janesville this Friday and Saturday from 9 – 1.

It’s back to Hammy’s on Sunday afternoon from 3 – 7. Stop out and say hello!

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Drunken Monkey

Slow nights this week. I started off on Thursday at the Theatre Unchained jam here in Milwaukee. Although we did have a few new jammers and a good time, it was not all that busy. I’m scheduled for next Thursday to finish off the month and then we’ll see what happens.

Rainbow Bridge had a couple of slow nights at the Drunken Monkey. The sound was good and the band played well, but not enough of a crowd to make it worthwhile. We really appreciate those who came out and stuck around. Saturday was better than Friday, but not at all what we’ve been used to. Rumor has it that it was slow around town, but still, a slow night makes for a long night. Gotta say thanks again to Alex Pope, the sound and light man at the Drunken Monkey. He does a great job mixing the band and we never worry about the sound when he’s behind the board.

We were off on Sunday but the Gary McAdams Band played at the Afton Pub to a good crowd. Steve Peck did the guitar work as I headed back to Milwaukee.
I had played a lot of gigs the last two weeks and needed a day off – but not to see the Packers lose! I stopped off at Guitar Center on the way back and saw a used, beat-up Les Paul that was in the style I’d been looking for. I wound up getting it and then wondered how to explain it to Holly! It is tax write-off….

We’re off on Friday, but I’m hosting another jam at Dopps in West Allis.

Rainbow Bridge returns to Sara’s Pub in Beloit on Saturday starting at 9:30. We’re off on Sunday so stop out Saturday at Sara’s and bring your dancing shoes!

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Kutters / St. Williams / Kutters 2 / Jam King

Crazy week with week-day gigs. We started on Thursday at Kutters for the Independent Disabilities Services benefit. There was a cover to get in which included drinks and food. We had a good crowd, although mostly older, like the Moose Club. I have to be careful when I say older as often that includes me! We played a lot of our standards and had a good time. Matt put his name in on a silent auction and won a signed Packer football. It was a little chilly so the doors were pulled down, which doesn’t help the sound, but it was okay.

We were off on Friday, however I hosted a jam here in Milwaukee at Dopps. Dopps runs from 10 – 2 so I had a late night, but a good time.

On Saturday, we were at a church festival at St. Williams in Janesville. Again, it was an older crowd and we started with our standards. The response was good and we moved into our ‘50s and ‘60s songs and ended up the night playing our newer songs. The only downside of the night was the unseasonably cold weather. We could see our breath! It was chilly and we appreciate all of those who stuck around. The response was so good that they talked to us about next year. On a side note, my back tire was just about flat when I pulled in. Fortunately, Matt has a portable air compressor that runs off a cigarette lighter and was able to pump the tire back up. I sure thank Matt for that!

We were off on Sunday. On Monday, I hosted another jam in Waukesha at the Lucky Rabbit. The regular guitarist had surgery and I got a call to fill in. It was a first for me and I had a great time. The other musicians were pros and it showed, which was a real treat for me. I may get called again depending on how long the recovery time is.

Rainbow Bridge was right back at Kutters on Tuesday for bike night and another fund-raiser for the Milton High School hockey team. This was open to the public with no cover charge. We had a good crowd of mixed ages and had a great night. And the weather cooperated this time so the doors were open. I headed back to Milwaukee after the gig. Thanks to Ken Fraser for stopping out and loaning me a history of the guitar book and an Elvis DVD – much appreciated.

I’m co-hosting another jam on Thursday here in Milwaukee at the Theatre Unchained. This is the same group I play with at Dopps.

Rainbow Bridge is back at the Drunken Monkey this Friday and Saturday starting at 9:30. The Gary McAdams Band is playing on Sunday afternoon at the Afton Pub. I had to pass on this one as I needed a weekend day at home after all this! Gary and Cyndi will be there.

Stop out this weekend and say hello!

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Cornfest / Wedding / Hammys

3 gigs and all different this weekend. We started at Cornfest in Darien on Friday. It was still raining when we showed to set up, but it let up before starting time. We had a decent crowd but the weather definitely kept people at home. And, the corn didn’t start till Saturday! Cornfest and no corn on Friday? They must have figured the band and the fireworks would be enough of a draw. A big thanks to Alex Pope, the soundman from the Drunken Monkey, for doing the sound for us. It was a big, boomy building, but Alex got us “dialed in” just fine. On our first break, Cyndi slipped in the mud and got herself quite dirty. She was also wearing Laura Farnsworth’s coat, which also got muddy. Not only was one side covered in mud, but she twisted her back in the fall. She wiped off what she could but played in pain the rest of the night. We had a good response and quite a few dancers. I hope they have us back.

We played a wedding at the Lake Lawn Lodge on Saturday. Although, there was also a DJ as part of the reception. Before the reception, cocktails were served about a block away at an outside bar. I borrowed Gary’s acoustic guitar and we sang “Brown Eyed Girl” and kind of pied piper’d the crowd through the grass over to the reception area. We were scheduled to play dinner music during the meal, but we were too distracting and were politely asked to stop. Once the meal was done, we played one set of music and then the DJ took over for the rest of the night, which was only about another set. The reception was outdoors in a huge decorated covered tent and couldn’t run all that late. They paid us well, although we did very little playing. However, we were there all day and ready to play the whole night. We received a lot of nice remarks for our “one set” so all said, everything went well.

We finished at Hammys on Sunday afternoon and had a good time. The weather cooperated and we played on the patio. Jerry Dabson sat in, as did “Sully”, the drummer for With a Bullet. It was not a jam, but on special occasion, we have other musicians sit in. We even played about 20 minutes over, probably in an effort to make up for Saturday! See pictures on Facebook.

We play this Thursday at Kutter’s from 5 – 8. On Saturday, we’ll be a the St. Williams Festival, not sure of the hours yet – see Facebook.
We’re right back at Kutters on Tuesday from 5:30 to 8:30. It’ll be a busy weekend for me as I’m hosting a jams on Friday and Monday here in Milwaukee.

Stop out and say hello!

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Watering Hole / Walworth County Fair

Friday night at the Watering Hole for Karen Brookin’s 60th birthday party. Doug and Deb go all out for parties and this was no exception – food, drink and they even had T-shirts made! We had a fun night thanks to the Brookins gang and all the rest that stopped out. Lucas sat-in on drums for a few, then played the piano on break. He did the “Charlie Brown” theme and there’s a video of Cyndi dancing; Bob was in on it too but I’m not sure he made it in the video. It was a fun night; a little rain while tearing down, but not that bad.

Rainbow Bridge was off on Saturday and Sunday.

It was Walworth County Fair weekend for Gary and the band. Gary was involved as a talent show judge at the start of the fair. The Gary McAdams Band, which includes Gary, Cyndi, Shawna Moore Schultz, Steve Dougherty, and myself played Saturday afternoon on the Pepsi stage. Cyndi and Gary then sang the National Anthem on the grandstand before the start of Little Big Town which was recorded and on Facebook.

Again, we were off Sunday. Holly and I took a bike ride to the Dells and had a fun time.

Gary, Cyndi, Steve Dougherty and I started things off on the Park stage on Monday morning with a patriotic / gospel format. We played all the military themes which was a lot of fun. Gary and Cyndi ended the show with the Star Spangled Banner.

The Gary McAdams Band played the next show on the same stage from noon to 1:30.

Rainbow Bridge finished off the day again on the Park Stage from 3 – 5. There are a few videos up on Facebook. The weather had rain predicted for most of the day. It was sprinkling when we set up in the morning, but the rain held off the rest of the afternoon. We went to eat after the show and the rain started up as we were leaving. Holly, Erin, my son, Corey, and girlfriend, Emma, Dawn Richter, and friend Kathy all joined us. There was quite the rainbow driving back to West Allis that Holly got pictures of. It was quite the fun weekend and we thank Gary for his contacts and getting us into the fair again this year.

We’re at the Darien Cornfest this Friday night. We have a wedding on Saturday and then we’re back at Hammy’s on Sunday afternoon from 3 – 7.

September marks the 38th anniversary of the start of Rainbow Bridge, which means we’re starting our 39th year! I’ve also been at Hal Leonard for 19 years and starting my 20th. I brought donuts!
We hope everybody had a great Labor Day weekend and we’ll see you this weekend!

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