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Drunken Monkey

Two nights at the Drunken Monkey for Rainbow Bridge this weekend. Although I did host a jam in Milwaukee on Thursday at Theatre Unchained and we had one of our best nights. Friday was a little slow at the Monkey but it was fun. I was worried as we had two slow nights the last time we played there. Suzanne, owner of Hammys, Phil Trumpy, and Sully stopped over after their gig and said it was slow all over town. Fortunately things picked up on Saturday and we had a good night. I went to Madison on Saturday afternoon and received a text from Gary about Jerry Dabson having a party. It was too late for me but Gary stopped in. Seems they had a small band setup and did some playing. Also, on Saturday night, we all had black shirts on so we decided to take a band picture out on the patio. It should be up soon. Also thanks to Dawn Richter, who put pics up on Facebook. On another note – We played at Southside Rocks last Sunday and Gary accidently left his amp stand there. So on Friday, he went over to Bazingas and sure enough, someone had put in the back room. It’s not a cheap item and we’re glad it was recovered.

We’re at the Watering Hole this Friday starting at 8:30.

We’re off Saturday and Sunday, but  The Gary McAdams Band will be playing on a side stage at the Walworth County Fair on Saturday afternoon.  On Monday, also at the fair, Gary will be doing a gospel, patriotic type show in the morning that Cyndi and I will be involved with. , and then Rainbow Bridge will be playing in the park stage in the later afternoon. Stop out and say hello!

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Moose Club / South Side Rocks / Cyndi’s Bday

Two one-nighters made for a lot of driving this weekend. We started at the Moose Club on Friday and had a good crowd with a lot of dancers. As you know, we play as quietly as possible and play pretty much oldies at the Moose. We always get a good response, but I had one lady who gave me a hard time about the band. She was so out of line that I had to just walk away. I’m sure she thought I was being rude, but I couldn’t take her complaining any longer. I don’t understand why these people just can’t move to the back of the room or just not come out when we play. But all things said, it was a good night and I’m sure the Moose Club is aware that we draw a good crowd there. I drove back to Milwaukee afterwards.

We had a wedding change dates that left us with an open Saturday. This gave me a chance to catch up on some yard work and actually go swimming with Holly for the 1st time this year. Afterwards, we went out to eat along with friend, Erin, and rented a movie before calling it a night. It felt good to have a little break, and we were back playing Sunday. Gary took Dana to her 1st rodeo on Saturday, which is pretty cool.

Sunday was Cyndi’s birthday and it was a good turnout for “South Side Rocks” which was a Humane Society benefit at Bazingas. There are pictures and a few videos on Facebook. Frank and Company was playing when I arrived, and we followed them on the outside stage. It was nice to see friends and other musicians all afternoon long. We played from 4 – 6 with no break, and then Shotgun Jane closed out the night. I had a chance to hear them and even a little bit of Ruffcutz playing in the bar before it was time to head back. Cyndi got quite the birthday treatment and we hope she had a good one.

Rainbow Bridge started in September of 1976, so this next month is our official 38th anniversary. We wholeheartedly thank all those who have supported us all these years.

We’re back at the Drunken Monkey this Friday and Saturday from 9:30 – 1:30. Stop out and wish Cyndi a good one if you missed us this weekend. See you there!

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Afton VFW Benefit / Lakeview / Cyndi’s Bday next Sunday

Thursday and Friday hosting jams for me in Milwaukee – both went well and I made some new friends. Rainbow Bridge played Saturday afternoon at the Beloit VFW for a veteran’s benefit. There were multiple bands and we only played an hour. Former drummer, Rick Mattelig, was there and it was great to see him again. The weather was nice and we had a good time. We hope the benefit was successful and raised lots of money. Can’t do enough for our vets.

We returned to Lakeview on Sunday afternoon and had a great crowd. We’re assuming that with the Anchor Inn fire and Dockside (Finns) going out of business that Lakeview was the place to be. Cary Farmer was in the crowd and sat-in for a few. Chris Yancey and Dawn Richter both took a bunch of pictures that you can see on Facebook.

One strange story – I played Matt’s 1955 reissue Les Paul that day. Towards the end of the gig, Matt pointed out the color difference between the guitar strap and the lock holding it on. I looked down and noticed that the screw was about ¾ of the way out. Had it popped out, the guitar could have dropped on the cement patio. I grabbed a screwdriver and fixed it quickly so all was well. It was either Divine intervention or sheer luck that Matt pointed that out. I’m going with the intervention as I believe God didn’t want to see the guitar damaged!
All said, it was a great afternoon and a great crowd. Thanks to all who stopped out.

We’re back at the Moose Club this Friday from 7 – 10:30. The Saturday wedding was changed, so we’re off this Saturday.
On Sunday, we’re down at Bazingas for the “South Side Rocks” party. We’re playing from 4 – 6 and should be outside. There’ll be multiple bands all day – inside and out.

Also, Sunday is Cyndi’s birthday so be sure to stop out and wish her a good one! We’ll see you there!

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Mike’s Roadhouse / Wedding / Hammy’s

Another full weekend for the band. We started on Friday at Mike’s Roadhouse in Beloit. It was a long drive in a thunderstorm for me with slow traffic. Fortunately, I left early enough. Unfortunately, it was still raining hard while setting up and I got soaked.
My trusty Rainbow Bridge ball cap was in the suitcase and it covered my bad rain hair. We had one of our better nights at Mike’s. It wasn’t packed, but the crowd that was there stayed all night. People that came in later also stuck around. Thanks to Teresa Rowe-Jackson and friends for stopping out and putting up pictures on Facebook. Kaj Anderson was in the crowd and sat-in on a blues tune.

We played a wedding at the Thresheree outside of Milton on Saturday and had a great night. The weather was perfect and we were invited to eat!
It was a 7 – 11 gig and everything went fine. We don’t play weddings as often as we used to, but they can be fun.

We finished the weekend at Hammy’s on Sunday and had another fun afternoon. Gary had friends from Texas, Brian and Irene Harlan, who had never heard the band before. They were both nice people and a pleasure to meet. Brian took a video of Gary and Irene doing a polka, which you can find on Facebook. Travis Harpman took a few videos of the band and also put them on Facebook. We thank him for that. Jerry Dabson also sat-in for a few which is always a treat. Blue Olive guitarist, Dave Turner, was in the crowd along with Kaj and Mary Anderson.

We’re off on Friday, although I’m hosting a jam in Milwaukee. Rainbow Bridge has a benefit on Saturday at the Beloit VFW. Matt might have to work so we’re seeing what’s going to become of that.
We’re back at Lakeview on Sunday from 3 – 7. Hopefully the weather will cooperate this time!

On a sad note – very sorry to hear the news of the fire at the Anchor Inn. Looks like the building will be a total loss. The timing is terrible as the bar across the river is also closing. Hard to say if and when things will be up and running again. At least no one was hurt.

Holly and I are taking a day off and going to the State Fair tomorrow (Tuesday). My weekends have been tied up with the band, so we’re going to make a day of it. I’m really looking forward to a day off to spend with her.

Stop out this weekend and say hello!

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