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Rock County Fair / Anchor Inn / GMB @ the Afton Pub

A hot day at the Rock County Fair last Tuesday. We were on a different stage and closer to the food court this time. A big thanks to Alex Pope who offered to run sound for us. Another big thanks to Gloria and Suzie who brought us the ice slushy’s – really saved the day! And one more big thanks to Ken Fraser who posted a handful of videos of the performance. We had a good time although the heat kept most people away and undercover. The pavilion we played last year, although more in the back, is covered and we probably would have had a better crowd there. I really enjoy playing the fair – it’s the fun atmosphere and just good summertime stuff. I didn’t have time to find the National Guard tent but might at the State Fair. I did pushups at home just for the record!

No RB gig on Friday although Gary did play in Beloit.

We were back at the Anchor Inn on Saturday from 6 – 10 and had a good night. Lucas Brookins sat-in for a few and there’s a video of “Footloose” on line. The only Anchor complaint is the last set – the sun goes down and the bugs come out. It’s a nice venue to play and we probably have our best crowds there. Thanks to all who stopped out. See pictures on Facebook.

The Gary McAdams Band finished off Sunday at the Afton Pub. We started outside but the rain set in. There was enough time left to transfer everything inside and finish up the night. Former RB drummer, Tim Pogorelski played with us. Bass player, Shawna Schultz, filled in for Matt one night at the Elks Club, so technically, everyone on stage has played as Rainbow Bridge. Jr. Moore also got up and played a few.

We’re back at Mike’s Roadhouse in Beloit on Friday from 9 – 1. Saturday has us at a wedding, and then we finish off the weekend at Hammy’s on Sunday from 3 – 7. Stop out and say hello.
Also, Cyndi has a birthday coming up in August so we’ll keep you posted.

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Drunken Monkey / More Drums!!!

Two nights at the Drunken Monkey and not that busy of a weekend. We had a fair night on Friday and were hoping Saturday would make up for it, but Saturday was a little slow too. The band sounded good and we had a great time with the crowd that was there. And believe it or not, Bob had another drum set. Seems he has one he plans to sell to make up for this one. Thanks to Nanette and Gloria for the snacks on Saturday. I went down to Voight Music on Saturday afternoon, then it was back to dad’s for a haircut. Milton had a two-band show late Saturday afternoon in the park across from the First Community Bank. The Dave Potter Trio started at 6:00, and then my boss’s band, Altered Five, started around 7:00. It was fun to hang out and chat with all the musicians. I had to leave during Altered Five’s first set to make it to the Drunken Monkey but both bands sounded great. I should also mention that Altered Five’s guitarist, Jeff Schroedl, was a student of mine, as was Dave Wood, bass player in the Dave Potter Trio, and also soundman Dave Ryder. Dave Potter also played bass in Jeff Schroedl’s rock band Tambora many years ago. Small world…

Rainbow Bridge is right back at it for the Rock County Fair on Tuesday. I believe we play from 5 – 8 although the schedule says 4 – 7. I may even find the National Guard tent and do pushups if they’re still doing that.
I’m hosting a jam on Thursday here in Milwaukee. I had a jam on Friday but it got double booked and I let the other guitar player take it. Holly is happier now that I’ll have a night off.

Rainbow Bridge is back at the Anchor Inn on Saturday from 6 – 10. Bring the bug spray!

The Gary McAdams band plays Sunday at the Afton Pub I believe from 2 – 6. Gary is also playing Friday in Beloit at the Merrill & Houston Steak House.

Stop out and say hello!

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Lakeview in the Rain / Hammys

Quite the interesting weekend. Things started for me on Thursday cohosting the Theater Unchained jam in Milwaukee. On Friday, the Gary McAdams Band played in Milton at Bruce Hahn’s place for a fundraiser. It went well, and Jerry Dabson even sat-in on a few.

Rainbow Bridge played at Lakeview on Saturday. I was a little restless in the afternoon and went out early to catch a little of Cary and Crud. It was lightly sprinkling when we were setting up, but they asked us to still play outside. As you probably know, by the 2nd set it was pouring rain and the side tarps did little to keep the rain out. All of our equipment got wet and we tore down in the rain. The rainwater fogged up the finish on my guitar and I spent a few hours at home trying to buff it out, which actually caused a blister on my finger. It was too bad as the band sounded good and there was a good crowd. Live and learn.

We had a great afternoon at Hammys on Sunday. Some of my equipment settings were way off and I’m suspecting rain damage, but at least everything basically worked. But again, a great afternoon and great crowd. We were even asked to play a little over. Lucas Brookins sat-in on drums for a few. Holly and I were having work done on the house early the next morning so I had to get back to Milwaukee. At least we ended the weekend on a good note and thanks to all who stopped out. This is getting to be the norm – you can check out pics of the weekend on Facebook.

We’re back at the Drunken Monkey this Friday and Saturday. The Gary McAdams Band has a gig on Sunday at the South Beloit American Legion from 2 – 6. Rainbow Bridge is back at the Rock County Fair on Tuesday from 4 – 7.
I still do pushups so we’ll see about that at the National Guard tent. Stop out this weekend and say hello!

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4th of July Weekend / Matt’s Bday

4th of July weekend and our only local job was the Anchor Inn on Sunday. As you know, the people in charge of the Milton 4th of July wanted to try something different this year. Luckily, we were still able to get booked in Schullsburg. It thought this was a city festival, but it turned out to be a backyard private party. There was plenty of food and drink, and we had a great time. Two funny situations happened: the host decided to collapse the patio umbrella while we were playing and while I was under it. I had to stop playing and keep my mic stand from falling. My guitar was also knocked out of tune. The darn thing almost swallowed me whole! The 2nd was the lighting of these Chinese flying lanterns. At first they lit these things in the yard, quite a ways from the band. Someone decided to light one behind the band. It flew (still burning) right next to Bob’s head. Gary grabbed it, again still burning, and maneuvered it down the yard away from the band. And again, speaking of the umbrella, I had to reopen it to get the band song list out at the end of the night. Stacy Swanson and Dawn Richter took pictures and you can see them, and other weekend pictures on Facebook.

Holly’s oldest son, Pat, was married on the 5th in Milwaukee and we played the reception. Bob forget to pack a snare drum stand and he, Gary, and Cyndi went to a local music store after we set up. We had a nice time at the reception and the band was well received. Many of Holly’s friends and family had never heard the band before. Holly and I had a room at the hotel so it was nice not to have to drive after we were done. We had a some dancing throughout the night and finished early. We thought we we’re done, but then they requested “The Chicken Dance” for the kids. So we went back up and played it to a packed dance floor which included most of the adults.

Of course, Sunday was Matt’s birthday at the Anchor Inn. We had a good turnout as usual. It was overcast and looked like rain most of the day, but it stayed dry all afternoon. It was nice to be done before dark and not have to deal with the bugs.
Thanks to all who stopped out and again happy birthday to my little bro!

I’m hosting a jam in Milwaukee on Thursday, and the Gary McAdams Band is playing a private party on Friday.

Rainbow Bridge is back at Lakeview this Saturday from 6 – 10. We’ll be at Hammys on Sunday from 3 – 7. Stop out and wish Matthew a good one if you missed us over the 4th.
See you this weekend!

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Lucy’s Hideaway / Stacy’s Bday / 4th of July Weekend News

Just the one night at Lucy’s on Saturday. Although, I hosted a Thursday and a Friday night jam here in Milwaukee. The jams have their moments, but I do get to play with different people and my knowledge of tunes and jamming ability is always put to the test. I played all night on Friday without a break as different players came up and I played lead with all of them. My feet were a little sore at the end! Gary played in Beloit on Friday and a had a good night.

Saturday was Stacy Swanson’s birthday and we thank her for all the munchies! I found myself grazing a little too much, but everything was so good. It was a decent night at Lucy’s and we enjoy playing there. Thanks to all who stopped out.

Speaking of birthdays: Cyndi’s and my son, Corey, has a birthday on Tuesday. And Matt will celebrate his on the 6th at the Anchor Inn. This is the 1st year we will not be in Milton on the 4th of July since I can remember. Bummer, as it was always my favorite gig. Fortunately, we were able to get another booking in Schullsburg. Maybe that’ll start a new tradition.

Holly’s oldest son, Pat, is getting married on Saturday and we’ll be playing for the reception here in Milwaukee.

And one more time: Matt’s birthday is the 6th and we’ll be at the Anchor Inn from 3 – 7. Stop out and wish both Stacy and Matt a good one. Happy 4th of July and we’ll see you this weekend!

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