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Drunken Monkey / Jerry Dabson Jam / GMB @ the Afton Pub

Another busy weekend for the old man. Rainbow Bridge started things off at the Drunken Monkey on Friday. It was a typical Friday, not super busy, but okay.
Saturday started a little slow, but picked up and we had a good night. As always, thanks to all who stopped out. The funny story of the night was Matt forgetting to close his car after bringing his equipment in. His dome light stayed on and his battery was dead at the end of the night. Fortunately, jumper cables got him out of the way and going again.

I played the Hammy’s jam with Jerry Dabson on Saturday afternoon. We played outside, and it did rain. Good thing the band is covered! Playing with another lead guitarist can be messy sometimes, but I have to say that playing with Steve Baker is a treat. Steve is a good guitar player, and a great harmonica player. He also communicates well on stage, and we never butted heads. Gary stopped out and did a few with us.

The Gary McAdams Band finished off the weekend at the Afton Pub. We had a decent crowd and a great time. Thanks to Dave Hernandez and John Cammilleri for stopping out and sitting in. Thanks also to Nina Spenle for stopping out. It was a challenge that I enjoyed playing in country bands this weekend – keeps me on my toes!

Next week Saturday, the band is back at Lucy’s Hideaway (Owl’s Club) starting at 8:30. I’m hosting jams Thursday and Friday here in Milwaukee. Gary is playing Friday at Merrill & Houston’s in Beloit.

Stop out Saturday at Lucy’s and say hello. Matt’s birthday will be coming up July 6th – just a reminder. We’ll see you this weekend!

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Anchor Inn / Tallman House

A great night at the Anchor Inn on Friday the 13th and thanks to all who stopped out. The weather was just right, although once again, the bugs came out at nightfall. It seems Gary only swallowed one instead of three like last time!
It’s so convenient having full-time and lights now at the Anchor, although there were mixed comments on the overall sound of the band. Everyone has their opinion as to what is good, but understanding the words is top priority. We’re still working with the sound company as to what we’re used to, which may be different than other bands. Still, it’s sure nice not to have setup and tear down all that equipment!

We were at the Tallman House in Janesville on Saturday afternoon for a benefit. They had us on a covered trailer overlooking the park which worked out great for us. It wasn’t super busy, but a good turnout. They liked the song selection and overall volume of the band and even put us down for next year. We were also fed, which is always a bonus. Thanks to Gloria and Nannette for stopping out. It was nice to be done at 8:00 on a Saturday and I headed back to Milwaukee. You can see pics from both gigs on Facebook.

No gig on Sunday but it was Father’s Day and also Holly and my 12th anniversary. We spent most of the day out on the bike, “Buttercup” and got in before the rain.

Rainbow Bridge is back at the Drunken Monkey (Tremors) this Friday and Saturday. The Gary McAdams Band returns to the Afton Pub on Sunday from 2 – 6. Stop out and say hello. We’ll see you this weekend.

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Moose Club / GMB @ the Varsity / Gary’s Bday / Lakeview

Two gigs for the band with a GMB gig in between. We had a great night at the Moose Club on Friday. Again, the band knows enough standards to pull this off. The right songs at the right the volume is the key – that goes for pretty much every gig! Gary’s opening of “God Bless America” and the Gary and Cyndi duet of the “Star Spangled Banner” really put the night over the top. The Moose has booked us regularly and it’s nice to be done at 10:30! I’m pretty comfortable now with the words the “Wagon Wheel” and we did that one as our new song all weekend.

Gary’s birthday is officially Tuesday the 10th, but we celebrated with a Gary McAdams Band gig at the Varsity Lanes in Milton on Saturday. The band: Gary, Cyndi, myself, Shawna Moore Schultz and Steve Dougherty. Bob and Dawn were out and helped out with the lights. Bob also bought Gary a new mic stand as he was having trouble with his old one. It was quite of night of players and friends of Gary. Gary decided to turn the 2nd half of the night into a jam session and everyone had a turn at playing. See Facebook for more details as all the players are listed. Bruce Hahn offered a “substantial tip” for us to play past our 12:00 quitting time. We were all having fun and decided to take Bruce up on his offer and play longer. All said, it was a nice night and I think Gary had a good time.

We finished off the weekend on Sunday afternoon at Lakeview. The weather was nice and we had a good crowd all afternoon. Cary Famer was in the crowd and did a few with us. Lucas Brookins also sat in on drums for a couple. Again, see pictures on Facebook. I regret not taking pictures on Saturday, especially with so many friends out. Lesson learned!

We’re right back at the Anchor Inn this Friday from 6 – 10 . This time it’s bug spray! We have a gig at the Tallman House on Saturday from 4 – 8. I have to say that I don’t know much about this one. Check Facebook and our website for more details.

On a side note; Matt’s youngest daughter, Meghann, graduated high school this year. It’s funny to think that Cyndi and I were about Meghann’s age when we started the band.
Holly and I have our 12 year anniversary on the 15th. It’s a Sunday and we’re not playing, so I shouldn’t be in trouble this year. Over the past years we were at Porkfest on our anniversary. I kept telling her that I’d take her out for a great pork sandwich – didn’t go over that well.

Stop out and wish Gary a good one if you missed us this past weekend.

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Anchor Inn / MORE NEW DRUMS!!! / Off the Hook / Hammys / Gary’s Bday

Another 4 gig weekend for me which was a little rough as I caught a cold from over-doing it last weekend. Thursday was the Theatre Unchained jam in Milwaukee. They’re going to start rotating guitar players so I’ll only be doing this one as needed.

Rainbow Bridge started on Friday at the Anchor Inn with a beautiful night. This was also the debut of Bob’s new hand-made drums from Finland, “Kumu” I believe is the brand. Bob is also officially endorsed by this company now. Lucas Brookins sat-in for a few so Bob got to hear how they sounded. Bob also bought a new hand cart and now can set up and tear down faster than anybody! Another major addition was the Vogel brothers running sound. This makes playing there so much easier as now the PA and lights are part of the house system. The only issue at the Anchor is at nightfall when the bugs come out. Gary said he swallowed 3 bugs singing “Unchained Melody.” Again, it was a great night with a lot of friends out. Thanks to all who stopped.

We were at “Off the Hook” on Saturday, which was the old Castaways in Indianford. It’s been completely remodeled and looks very nice inside. We had bachelorette bus party show up in the 1st set and really livened the place up. Gary got the bride to be up on stage and had her gang singing along. We really enjoyed playing there and hope to be back.

We finished off the weekend at Hammys on Sunday afternoon. It didn’t look like rain so we played out on the patio. We did wind up with a few sprinkles, but everything was okay. Jerry Dabson sat-in for a few which is always a treat. Thanks to Mike Nehls for taping a few songs and putting them on Facebook: “Leather and Lace”, “Dreams”,  “Dance the Night Away” and “In Color”.
There are pictures of all 3 gigs on Facebook – be sure to check them out.

Rainbow Bridge will be at the Moose Club on Friday from 7 – 10:30. This is a “members only” club unless you come in as a guest of a member. We’ll be at Lakeview on Sunday from 3 – 7. This is off of Hwy 59 north of Milton.

The Gary McAdams Band will be at the Varsity Lanes in Milton on Saturday from 8 – 12. I believe it’s Gary’s birthday weekend so be sure to stop out and wish him a good one. “Seventeen has turned…..FIFTY ONE?”

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